About Us

Who are we?

Healthnews is an online site that educates people on myriad health topics and guides readers through informational chaos providing the most up-to-date, science-led, fact-based medical information in a language that is easy to understand.


The editorial team works relentlessly to cover the latest news on health, health policy, and medical science. We dive deep into health policy issues and offer independent journalism that does not shy away from controversial topics. We interview experts from top universities and healthcare institutions and quote peer-reviewed studies in our articles. We carefully follow Healthnews Editorial Guidelines.

Healthnews Research Team

We prioritize accuracy in our content, and our dedicated research team works diligently to verify and ensure it, fostering trust among our readers and encourageing their return to our website for reliable information.

Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors consists of medical advisors (PhDs and MDs) and other field experts, who provide guidance, consultation, and thorough revisions for Healthnews articles.

Healthnews Content Team

The content team strives to ensure that Healthnews covers a broad spectrum of topics aimed at enhancing people's well-being, both within the United States and on a global scale.


Our network of contributors brings together both experts from diverse health-related fields and professional health writers. They tackle complex topics using the knowledge gained from their clinical practice and the latest research.

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