Kimberly Drake

Kimberly Drake

Kimberly Drake is a staff journalist for Healthnews, covering breaking medical news and all aspects of health and wellness. She attended the University of Wisconsin River Falls and co-owned an award-winning family newspaper for over 25 years. Kimberly is also a member of the American Association of Healthcare Journalists and has nearly 10 years of experience as a newspaper columnist, feature writer, and reporter.

Before joining Healthnews, Kimberly wrote a weekly health column and freelanced for several health-related media outlets, including Healthline, Medical News Today, GoodRX, and PsychCentral.

She is deeply interested in autism, nutrition, food safety, psychology, and investigative journalism and is knowledgeable about neurodevelopmental disorders, autoimmune conditions, and alternative medicine.

Some of her most notable interviews recently were with Golden Globe-winning producer Scott Steindorff for an autism feature story and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. regarding his view on fluoride.

Beyond her journalistic endeavors, Kimberly serves as Vice President of the governance board for Lakeland STAR School/Academy and Rising STAR Transition Center — two charter schools for autistic and diverse learners. She is also part of a consortium of healthcare leaders in her community working to create support systems for autistic children and adults.

Kimberly's dedication to health is not just professional, but personal. When she's not at her desk covering the ever-changing world of health and wellness, she enjoys running, biking, and resistance training, which are integral parts of her daily life. Her love for indoor and outdoor gardening also keeps her active and connected to nature.

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