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Is Mascara Bad for Your Eyelashes? Here Is What You Need to Know

Getting the perfect makeup look can sometimes be challenging. But one thing that always completes your makeup perfectly is having your eyelashes done. And nothing makes your eyelashes look more gorgeous than mascara. It helps to enhance the appearance of the eyelashes and make your eyes pop. But is mascara bad for your eyelashes? Read on to find out if mascara can ruin your eyelashes.

Is mascara bad for your eyelashes?

Mascara is an integral part of any makeup routine. This makeup product can be a blessing for those who aren't so blessed with thick lashes. However, wearing your mascara every day may cause damage to your delicate lashes. Let's delve into the why.

How can mascara ruin your eyelashes?

Just like every product comes with its benefits and drawbacks, mascara also has some. Let's take you through some side effects of mascara.

  • It can make your eyelashes fall out. One study found that using mascara for a long time may make your eyelashes fall out more. This happens even more often if you use waterproof mascara and take it off with just water.
  • It can dry out your eyelashes. Some mascaras may have a formula that can dry out your hair follicles, which can further make them weak.
  • It can cause irritation. Some mascaras contain ingredients such as fragrances or preservatives that can irritate the delicate eye area.
  • It may lead to eye infections. Sometimes, mascara wands can introduce bacteria into your product, which can lead to eye infections. Also, if you share mascara with somebody else, you are at an increased risk of getting an eye infection.

Is it bad to wear mascara every day?

Using mascara every day is a common beauty practice. However, using mascara excessively can have the opposite effect on your lashes. Applying mascara every day for extended periods of time is associated with increased lash loss. Therefore, it's important to choose mascaras with natural components and be sure to limit the frequency of use.

How to give your eyelashes a break from mascara?

Taking a break every once in a while could be beneficial for your lashes. So, take a 5–7-day mascara break every few weeks. This gives your eyelashes time to recover from any potential strain or stress associated with daily application. This may also give you time for your natural lashes to grow and stay healthy.

Tips for wearing mascara without damaging your eyelashes

As mentioned above, wearing mascara every day can take its toll on your eyelashes. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help minimize the damage and keep your eyelashes looking their best.

1. Choose the right mascara

When you're buying your mascara, always make sure that you go for a gentle, high-quality, and ophthalmologically tested mascara in order to prevent potential side effects. Also, avoid buying mascaras that come with aluminum powder and parabens, which are damaging chemicals.

2. Replace your mascara every three months

Mascara usually has a shelf life of at least three months. After that, the mascara starts to dry out and become less effective. In addition, it's a breeding ground for bacteria, so it's essential to replace it on a regular basis to avoid infection. More than that, dried-out mascara may cause clumps and flakes, so be sure to replace it every three months after buying.

3. Apply your mascara correctly

Applying mascara might be a little intimidating. However, the wrong application techniques can smudge the mascara. When you're applying mascara, be very gentle. Tugging at your eyelashes will make them more likely to break. Just take your time to coat your lashes from the base to the tip. Be careful not to pull too hard on your eyelashes when applying.

4. Avoid rubbing

Many of us can admit to this habit. Rubbing your eyes can be a huge relief to tired eyes. The issue is this can be really damaging to your lashes. The skin around the eyes is usually the most delicate and can be more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. Also, rubbing can transfer bacteria from your hands to the eye and may cause infections. For this reason, it's important not to rub your eyes.

5. Remove mascara gently

The eye area is very delicate, and those hairs deserve gentle care. If your eyelashes are falling out, it's likely that you're simply too aggressive when removing mascara. Instead, remove your mascara gently with a cotton ball soaked in makeup remover. This will loosen the mascara on your eyelashes and make it easy to remove mascara.

6. Moisturize eyelashes

Just like your hair needs moisturizing, your eyelashes need regular moisturizing to stay healthy and strong. Apply castor oil or look for an eyelash moisturizer that contains nourishing ingredients like glycerin or vitamin E. Make sure you apply it every night after removing your makeup.

Alternatives for mascara

If you don't want to use mascara or want to take a break from using one, here are some alternatives for mascara you can try:

  • Lash extensions. If you're looking for an easy way to get long and full eyelashes without having to put on mascara every single day, consider trying lash extensions. Lash extensions can last between 4 and 6 weeks before needing to be replaced. While lash extensions are convenient, they do come with potential risks, such as eye infections, allergic reactions to the glue, and even lash loss.
  • Lash tinting. Lash tinting can be good for those with long lashes. Plus, you won't even need to apply mascara anymore. You just have to curl your eyelashes and run out the door. But it's best to go to a reputable salon to get a lash tint.
  • Lash lamination. A lash lamination is essentially a perm for your natural eyelashes. It's a relatively low-maintenance technique that lifts and curls eyelashes to make them look longer. For people looking to save a bit of time off of their morning routines, this may be a good treatment to consider.

It's important to note that dyes and tints used in lash lamination and lash tints are not FDA-approved and may cause serious eye injuries.

So the question is, is mascara bad for your eyelashes? Well, there are pros and cons to applying mascara. Mascaras add a more dramatic flair to your look and help define your eyes. But applying mascara every day or not removing it properly can cause damage. It's important to be gentle when removing your makeup to prevent any damage. Also, go for gentle mascaras without harsh ingredients and avoid rubbing your eyes. Remember, healthy lashes are beautiful lashes, so consider embracing your natural beauty and taking breaks from mascara to let them recover and grow stronger.


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