“Anime” Appearance Among Popular Surgical Requests

As plastic surgery’s popularity grows and the procedures improve, surgeries to change into one’s favorite character have also grown in popularity. Using their faces as a canvas, fans of anime can undergo cosmetic surgery to turn into their favorite characters.

Key takeaways:

What is anime?


Anime is a version of animation that started in Japan. The version the world is most familiar with was developed in 1956. At the turn of the century, anime grew in popularity around the world. Characterized by a simple animation style, complex plots, and specific features for their characters, anime is almost instantly recognizable.

What physical characteristics do anime characters have?

Characters in anime films have a certain look about them. For example, most characters have oversized eyes. Often, characters also have small noses, mouths, and slender chins. It is these defining characteristics that those who undergo anime surgery are trying to obtain.

What is anime surgery?

Those undergoing anime surgery want to look like their favorite anime character. To do so, they must have specific cosmetic surgeries done. Depending on which character they’ve chosen, and their current features will determine how extensive those surgeries need to be.

What parts of your body can you change with anime surgery?

With anime characters being known specifically for their facial features, those are the things people who want anime surgery focus on. Changing the eyes, nose, lips, and jaw can give you the anime look you are searching for. Though plastic surgery can alter your body to look more like your favorite anime character, there are still limitations.

It’s best to discuss which procedures you need and how much they can change your current features with your plastic surgeon.



This procedure is for removing excess skin and reshaping the eyelids.

Can be done on both the upper and lower eyelid.

This operation often involves removing or repositioning fat around the eyes.

Ptosis repair

Ptosis is also known as a droopy eyelid.

This procedure shortens the eyelid muscles.


This is a newer cosmetic surgical procedure for reconstructing the shape of the eyes.

This procedure tightens the muscles in the corners of the eye.


Epicanthoplasty — changes the inner aspect of the upper eyelid to produce larger, clearer eyes.

Lateral Canthoplasty — changes the outer aspect of the lower eyelid by giving eyes a more almond shape.

Lower eyelid — lowering both the inner and outer parts of the lower eyelid can make your eyes appear bigger.


Cosmetic surgery for refashioning the size and shape of your nose.

Anime characters have small noses.


Most cosmetic lip surgeries make lips look fuller.

Anime characters often have smaller lips.

With 2D animation and the styling of anime, the lips can look different from moment to moment.


Jaw reduction

This procedure narrows the jawbone to make your face look thinner and smaller.

Anime characters have small, narrow jaws.

This type of surgery is also known as mandibular angle reduction.

What are the risks of anime surgery?

The risks of undergoing anime surgery depend on the procedure(s). All surgery carries some risk — asymmetry, blood clots, fat embolism, hematoma, infection, and scarring. Let’s take a look at specific concerns.

Eyelid surgery

Risks include blurry vision and ectropion, a condition where the lower eyelid droops and turns outwards. This can lead to irritation, redness, watery eyes, and infection.


“Nose jobs” always carry the risk of making it difficult to breathe through your nose. There is also a risk of developing a hole in the septum, the cartilage that separates the two sides of your nose.


Surgery on the lips carries a risk of nerve damage and lumps.

Jaw reduction surgery

Jaw reduction surgery to make your jawline smaller and narrower runs the risk of nerve damage and damage to the blood vessels or jaw muscles.

Always make sure you discuss the risks with your plastic surgeon. You need to be aware of possible negative results to make a wise decision on how to proceed. If you do not feel comfortable with any part of a procedure or with the plastic surgeon, do not go through with the surgery. These surgeries can be life-altering and should not be done on the spur of the moment.

Recovery from anime surgery

The recovery period from cosmetic surgery depends on the surgery. Each procedure comes with varying recovery times — a few days to several weeks.

At first, you may not think the surgery went well. You will have bruising, swelling, and some redness. This distorts the results of the surgery. Give yourself time to heal and for these immediate effects to disappear.

Follow up with your surgeon as directed, and do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

The mental health of anime surgery

As cosmetic surgery grows more popular and safer, some people are using it to turn themselves into their favorite characters. There are even television shows dedicated to this kind of plastic surgery. For example, MTV’s True Life aired an episode titled “I’m living Anime”. The show follows two people who dress as anime characters and who are contemplating anime surgery.

As anime surgery’s popularity grows, so do plastic surgeons’ concerns. The way we look and feel in our bodies impacts our mental health. There’s very little research on the positives and negatives of cosmetic surgery, especially ones as dramatic as anime surgery. Plastic surgeons and psychologists are working together to deepen their knowledge.

If you elect to undergo anime surgery, you may be requested to visit a psychologist to discuss your reasons. This is not necessarily to prevent you from having the surgery, but it can help you make a wise decision. Despite the advancement of cosmetic surgery, it still has limitations. It is also good to understand your thoughts and motivations. This pre-surgery consultation helps you accept yourself and means to ensure that you make wise decisions about altering your appearance.

It is now possible to change your appearance to look like your favorite anime character. Not only with makeup and clothes but with cosmetic surgery. While this may be exciting, it is not something to take lightly. There are many physical and psychological risks to consider when changing your physical appearance so drastically.

If you are thinking about undergoing anime surgery, make sure you discuss your ideas with your plastic surgeon and, if need be, a psychiatrist.

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