10 Cosmetic Surgeries Men Choose to Enhance Their Attractiveness

Take one look at the data, and you will notice a significant rise in the number of cosmetic surgeries that men are opting for. Cosmetic procedures, once considered as vanity, represent the need to look and feel comfortable and confident today. In this article, we'll dive into the popular cosmetic surgeries that are trending currently and what your options are.

What to expect:

Procedure statistics

An 18-year analysis of the changing esthetic surgery interests in men noted that there was an overall increase in most plastic surgery procedures, such as jawline filler, botox, microneedling, butt lift, and others, since 2024. Supporting this data, the Aesthetic Society statistics report of 2021 found up to a 55% increase in the number of procedures chosen by men from 1997 to 2018.

According to the report by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the top cosmetic surgical procedures that men are opting for include breast reduction, liposuction, lip fillers, tummy tuck, and girth enhancement.

The general needs and expectations of these procedures differ greatly between the sexes. Let's take a look into what each of these procedures involves.

Here are the top trending male cosmetic procedures to understand what is actually being done and what you can expect.

1. Daddy do-over

A daddy do-over includes multiple facial and body contouring surgeries. It is a concept that runs parallel to the 'Mommy makeover' and is very common in men above 40. Liposuction, gynaecomastia correction, neck lifts, facelifts, and brow lifts are a few of the procedures that are commonly undertaken during a daddy do-over. This is a highly personalized concept that is undertaken to suit the individual needs. On average, it can cost $10,000–20,000, depending on the number and type of procedure one chooses.

2. Liposuction


Liposuction is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures for men. The result that men wish to achieve from this procedure differs from what women want. The main purpose behind most men seeking to undergo this procedure is to achieve a more contoured and chiseled look. Hence, along with fat removal, enhancing the muscle contours in a flattering manner is expected. A session involving liposuction of a small area may cost starting from $3,500 and above, depending on the area treated.

3. Facelifts

Men tend to have stronger facial contours due to enhanced skeletal muscles and other structures compared to women. Hence, male facelifts focus more on the lower half of the face, especially around the jawline and mid-section of the face, to enhance and lift and droop facial appearance. The cost of this procedure starts from $10,000 and above.

4. Limb lengthening surgery

Limb lengthening surgery

For those seeking to increase their height, a limb lengthening procedure may be an option to consider. A mechanized rod is inserted into the bone of the leg. The length of either the femur or tibia can be lengthened by 0.5–1 millimeter a day for approximately three months, depending on the desired height one wishes to achieve. A limb lengthening surgery can cost anywhere between $55,000–120,000.

5. Girth enhancement

Penile girth enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that involves an increase in the size of the shaft of the penis by the use of dermal fillers. This must be performed by an expert in the field, and self-injection is not advisable since acute hypersensitivity reports have been noted and should be taken into consideration. Girth enhancement can cost between $4,000–8,000.

6. Breast reduction (gynecomastia correction)

Breast reduction

Gynecomastia is the medical term where male breasts are enlarged and appear more feminine due to an increase in breast fat tissue and overall volume. It is a condition that affects about half of the males at birth, and this condition affects 1–4 men by the age of 60. Gynecomastia surgery, also known as mammoplasty, involves the reduction of the breast tissue by removal of excess fat or tissue. This procedure serves as a great boost to one's self-image and confidence. The cost of this procedure starts from an average of $6,000 and above.

7. Butt lift

A butt lift involves the removal of excessive fat and sagging skin from the region of the buttocks. This is an expensive procedure that involves a long recovery period. A Brazilian butt lift sounds similar, but unlike the conventional butt lift, it involves the addition of volume to contour the butt. The cost of the butt lift and the Brazillian butt lift are variable. The average cost starts from $7,000.

8. Jawline fillers

Jawline fillers

Using dermal fillers can help add volume and contour to the jawline, further enhancing the appearance of the lower face. The average cost of a syringe ranges from $700–900. This is a relatively simple procedure that requires finesse and expertise. A good surgeon can provide a strong jawline and enhance facial esthetics even by adding a little volume at the right places.

9. Lip filler

As the name suggests, a lip filler treatment involves the injection of a substance into the lips. Apart from making one's lips seem fuller, it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improves the overall look by adding more definition to the face. On average, one can expect to pay between $600–1,000 for every session.

10. Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation

There are two main types of hair transplantation procedures — follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. In a hair transplantation procedure, live and intact hair follicle roots are implanted in the area of thin or no hair to achieve a head full of hair. The cost of hair transplantation depends on the type of procedure and the number of grafts implanted. On average, hair transplantation costs $10,000 and above.

What can men expect from these procedures?

Your doctor will be able to best guide you toward any precautions that might have to be taken before undergoing these procedures. But some of the most common preparations include:

  • Avoid the consumption of OTC medications like Advil, which can cause bruising or bleeding after surgery.
  • Stop the consumption of blood thinner medications after consultation with your doctor.
  • Stop smoking at least three weeks prior to the procedure.

The recovery time will depend on the type of procedure. For example, a daddy do-over includes multiple procedures being performed in one sitting as opposed to individual cosmetic surgeries, and hence, the recovery time is longer.

However, other factors, such as the patient's age, any existing medical condition, and the overall health of the individual, will ultimately determine how well one can bounce back from the procedure and enjoy the expected results.

One must also remember that some procedures, like filler treatments, require follow-up sessions in the future to maintain and restore any lost volume. Like with any procedure, maintenance is necessary, and hence, the required care and incurring expenses should be taken into account as well.

What is too much?

One can enhance their esthetics by opting for cosmetic procedures as listed above, but there is always a risk of having outcomes that you might not expect or want. Hence, it is necessary to discuss expectations with your surgeon before opting for the procedure.

Also, repeatedly undergoing procedures may lead to changes in appearance over the long term. While there is no measure of how many times one can undergo the knife, one has to understand the long-term implications it can have and be ready to bear the subsequent outcomes.

Today, men aren't shy from taking steps to look and feel confident. The evident rise in the number of cosmetic surgeries opted for by men is self-explanatory. However, finding a trained surgeon who has expertise and experience up their sleeve will determine the overall outcome of any procedure and is an important factor to keep in mind.


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