10 Safe and Effective Ways to Achieve Naturally Plump Lips

If you're a beauty lover on social media, chances are you have seen plenty of lip-plumping videos. Achieving plump lips is a very popular goal right now. With a growing number of lip care products on the market, getting plumper lips has never been easier. Despite the countless products, there are healthier ways to give your lips a naturally plump look, without invasive treatments. This article will give you some of the best tips on how to do that.

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10 ways to plump your lips naturally

Fuller-looking lips are becoming more and more popular. While lip fillers and injections can plump up lips instantly, they can be quite expensive. The good news is that there are many natural alternatives to achieving plumper lips as well. Here are some ways to get that pout naturally.

All lips are unique and beautiful, just the way they are, and beauty standards are subjective. These natural plumping tips might work differently on everyone, and that's okay. Apart from making lips appear plumper, these tips may also help them look healthier and hydrated.

1. Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliation is not just for your face or body. You also need to exfoliate your lips to remove dead and dry skin. It also revitalizes healthy skin on your lips, which reactivates the blood flow and might make your lips swell a bit. And, as a bonus, it also enhances your lips' natural pinkish color. You should exfoliate your lips at least once a week using an exfoliating home treatment or a lip scrub to remove flakes and dry skin.

2. Hydrate

Making sure you're hydrated will go a long way, no matter what lip products you use. When your skin is dehydrated, it can make the skin on your lip look smaller. So, always ensure you drink plenty of water as a part of your everyday routine. Research backs this up as studies show that drinking plenty of water can help with deep hydration.

3. Try using essential oils

Some people believe that essential oils can plump your lips naturally. Most plumping products use these ingredients because they stimulate blood flow to your lips and create a temporary 'swollen' appearance. However, it's important to note that essential oils may cause allergic reactions and irritation in some people.

4. Try a lip mask

lip mask

To go that extra mile, try using a lip mask. Lip masks not only nourish your lips, but are also a great way to take a moment of self-care. It will also deeply moisturize your lips, soften them, and may give you temporarily plumper lips. Look for lip products that contain emollients — ingredients that smooth and soften the skin.

5. Apply a lip plumper

A lip plumper is your no-needle solution to getting plumper lips without invasive lip treatment. Adding a product rich in hyaluronic acid to your lip care routine may help maintain the hydration of your lip skin and give your lips a plumping effect.

6. Use a lip liner

lip liner

If you are looking for plumper lips immediately, you can always use makeup to create the illusion. Use a lip liner and slightly overdraw your lips. Then, apply a lipstick to fill out your pout. You can also finish by applying a lip gloss to the center of your lips. A lip gloss can reflect light and create fuller-looking lips.

7. Apply lip balm on a daily basis

The skin on your lips is very delicate and you need to moisturize it regularly. You should apply a lip balm every day and re-apply if it absorbs quickly for extra moisture. Make sure to use a good lip balm with SPF during the day.

8. Lip exercises

Lip exercises

Lip exercises are also known as facial yoga. Some claim that these exercises can strengthen the muscles around your lips and might make them look fuller. One of the common exercises is puckering your lips to create an 'O' shape. While these exercises are easy to do, there are no studies that show they actually work.

9. Use a gua sha

gua sha and lips

While gua sha may improve blood circulation and tighten your skin, the tool might also double up as a lip-plumper. Choose a gua sha that has a scalloped side for your lips. Prep your skin with a lip serum, and push your lips out just a bit. Hold the lips with your other hand, and then start rubbing the gua sha sideways. This causes friction and plumps your lips within seconds.

10. Collagen supplements

As we age, our body naturally makes less collagen. So, the delicate skin on your lips might also benefit from collagen supplements. Taking them helps to replace lost collagen. It may also help improve skin elasticity, maintain dermal thickness, and improve natural moisture levels on your skin.

What makes lips look smaller?

There are several reasons that make your lips look smaller:

  • Sun damage. UV radiation from sunlight usually breaks down collagen and elastin in the lips, which leads to thinning and wrinkles.
  • Dehydration. Chapped and dry lips tend to look thinner and less defined. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using a nourishing lip balm regularly.
  • Aging. Research shows that lip size naturally thins as you age. This is because you lose collagen and elastin.
  • Certain makeup techniques. Sometimes, using dark or matte lipsticks can make lips look smaller. Always go for lighter, glossier shades to create the illusion of fullness.

Understanding the trend of plumper lips

The increase in interest in fuller lips may have stemmed from general claims that they signify youth; although beauty standards are different in all cultures.

The desire for plump lips is also partly fueled by social media. In recent years, the demand for more luscious and plumper lips has become very popular because of social media influencers.

One study showed that women with bigger lips look younger than their age. The same study also showed that the fewer wrinkles a person had, the healthier and more hydrated they looked to others.

Another study suggested that fuller lips are considered sexually attractive by both women and men. It’s definitely not surprising that getting plump lips has become the latest trend.

It's important to emphasize that social media — or anyone else — shouldn't influence your perception of self. All lips are beautiful regardless of shape and size. However, for those who are not happy with their lips, there are several more natural techniques and products to help give the lips a certain look. From exfoliating to over-lining to applying plumping serums, lip masks, and even essential oils — many can find a healthier alternative.


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