Tints: Hybrids Between Skincare and Makeup

Skin tints are a big, new trend in makeup that is fast becoming everyone's "must-have" beauty product. Skin tints combine skincare and makeup to give you luminous coverage while helping your skin look radiant.

Key takeaways:

They are easy to apply and can mask minor imperfections. Because they are lightweight, they are especially useful in hot, humid climates.

What is a skin tint?

Skin tints enhance and even out your skin tone by providing some coverage. They are lighter in texture than foundation, making them wearable during hot summer months and in humid climates. Skin tints make your skin glow without being greasy and give your skin the coveted dewy look. Unfortunately, they do not come in many colors, so it is more difficult to match your skin tone.

How do skin tints help my skin?

Skin tints are available for every skin type and skin concern. Some hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid, while others protect the skin with SPF. There are also some designed specifically for acne-prone skin. Many have brightening ingredients like vitamin C. Some skin tints contain antioxidants to help combat pollution-induced premature skin aging.

How are tints different from tinted moisturizers?

The FDA regulates what products are called moisturizers. There are strict guidelines for a product to be called a moisturizer. If companies do not follow the guidelines, they are fined for product misrepresentation.

Tinted moisturizers contain hydrating ingredients and have a colored tint. They tend to provide light coverage to mask some imperfections, but they do not provide complete coverage.

Skin tints are not moisturizers, but some may contain ingredients that hydrate the skin.

They are easy to apply with your fingers. Some may feel greasy if you have oily skin, so choose the one that is right for your skin type.

How are skin tints different from foundation?

Foundations are tinted products that provide complete coverage. They tend to be thicker and feel heavier on the skin, which is why they can give full coverage, color correct, and easily conceal acne and other imperfections. Foundations come in many colors to match your skin color, unlike tinted moisturizers or skin tints.

How do I apply skin tints?

Skin tints can be applied with fingertips, makeup brushes, or sponges. Most people use their fingertips because they are so easy to apply and give you a flawless complexion without tools. This makes them quick and easy to use when you are on the go.

How do I use skin tints?

Skin tints are applied over moisturizers in your skincare routine. The best part is you do not need to use a primer before applying a skin tint. If you want more coverage than the skin tint provides, some people layer foundation over the skin tint or mix them.

Skin tints are a great way to have some coverage and give your skin a radiant glow, without feeling heavy. They are great in hot summer weather. While they are not true moisturizers, some contain ingredients that will hydrate the skin. The best part is they can be easily applied with your fingertips, which is beneficial when you are busy and on the go.

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