Editorial Guidelines

Mission and values

Healthnews' mission is to educate people by providing science-led information on various health issues in a language that is easy to understand.

As we aim to improve the well-being of people in the US and worldwide, we fully understand the responsibility that comes with covering health issues.

Therefore, our content is created only by professional journalists and med-writers (MDs, ODs, RNs, etc.) who are recognized experts in their fields. However, we are well aware that mistakes are unavoidable; thus, we have a Board of Medical Advisors and fact-checkers to revise our content.

We strive to ensure accuracy in every piece of content, and we strictly follow our Editorial Guidelines that are dedicated to maintaining the integrity and independence of our company.

Healthnews provides medical information from top experts but does not intend to replace medical care — we encourage our readers to seek professional help if they have health issues.

Editorial integrity and independence

The Editorial team, contributors, and the Board of Medical Advisors work independently and are not influenced by their academic, business, or political affiliations. However, any existing or possible conflict of interest is disclosed in every publication.

Healthnews authors do not accept gifts, payments, free travel, or other benefits in exchange for favorable coverage.

Advertisements are always clearly labeled on Healthnews website, and we do not give favorable treatment for advertisers.

Our goal is to represent different views and opinions that are science-led and come from professionals in their fields.

We follow government policies closely and inform our readers about them. We understand that policies are often a result of a compromise; at the same time, we seek to offer a scientific perspective on decisions affecting millions of people.

Work principles

We use reliable sources, such as studies from peer-reviewed journals and information from educational institutions and non-profit organizations. We always inform readers about the weaknesses and limitations of the sources we use.

At Healthnews, the interviewees are accurately quoted, and their words or statements are never distorted on purpose. Neither the sources nor interviewees receive any payments from the Editorial team. Experts whose affiliations could potentially pose a conflict of interest are not interviewed.

We always correct mistakes in our content and disclaim what and when was corrected.

Our headlines are clear, informative, and never misleading.

Being committed to diversity, Healthnews aims to amplify different voices and experiences. Our authors always strive to identify and overcome their own biases.

We use conscious language — we see the person first and do not use their condition to define them. We choose empathy over the victimization of people with health problems.