3 Dental Procedures Trending Among Celebrities

What are the top three dental procedures and cosmetic dentistry treatments among today’s leading celebrities? We’ll review the most popular treatments available and how you can also use them to transform your smile.

Key takeaways:

When you’re in the limelight, your teeth need to look as great as your hair, makeup, and clothes. So how do today’s Hollywood celebrities get their smiles to look so amazing? Are today’s popular cosmetic treatments safe or even practical for a typical person to ask their dentist about? Absolutely.


Here are some of the most popular dental procedures that dental experts frequently see in today’s public figures:

Dental veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are one cosmetic treatment that addresses every aesthetic concern in one procedure. These thin porcelain shells are custom-designed for size, shape, and color. Then, they’re bonded over the front of your natural teeth, completely hiding what’s behind them.

Veneers make your teeth look straighter and whiter in just a couple of trips to the dentist. Depending on how many teeth are visible when you smile, most people get between 6-10 veneers across their upper front teeth.

Before dental veneer treatment, you and your dentist will map out and design how you’d like your new smile to look. It’s a great idea to have photos of famous smiles that you like to discuss as a starting point during your initial dental consultation.

Example: Cardi B

Rapper and reality star Cardi B got her gorgeous grin by saving her money and investing in dental veneers. In fact, her smile makeover debuted on Love & Hip Hop: New York season seven. Her advice? If you don’t like your smile, “It’s all right to fix it.”

Cardi B’s makeover may or may not have been what helped her land her role in BET’s Being Mary Jane shortly after her veneer treatment.



Invisalign is the original clear aligner orthodontic system, to which many of today’s “invisible braces” have been modeled. The digitally mapped aligners move your teeth without any brackets or wires, giving you a comfortably discreet alternative to traditional braces.

Aligner orthodontics like Invisalign gradually nudge your teeth to the desired location, with each pair of trays gently repositioning your teeth. Most users wear their Invisalign trays for two weeks at a time (but you can remove them for eating, brushing, and flossing.)

Invisalign works well for crowding, eliminating gaps between teeth, and a variety of different misalignment issues. However, depending on how much tooth movement is necessary, most Invisalign cases take 6-24 months to complete, with the average treatment requiring about a year. The best way to learn how long you’ll need to wear Invisalign treatments is to have a dentist or orthodontist assess your teeth (the number of aligners used will determine your length of treatment.)

Example: Justin Bieber

Justin is a self-proclaimed Invisalign fan. As a professional singer and public figure, he needed an orthodontic treatment that fit his busy schedule. Plus, Invisalign is discreet enough that he could speak or sing with it in place or easily remove the trays during a public performance. Additionally, nobody knew he was wearing “braces” when out in public. Then again, he was pretty forthcoming about his time in invisible Invisalign.

Other popular figures who have or have probably used removable, clear aligner systems include stars like Zac Efron (who previously had a gap between his upper front teeth,) Khloe Kardashian, Zendaya Coleman, Eva Longoria, Katherine Heigl, and Gisele Bundchen (yes, supermodels struggle with crooked teeth, too.)

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening can make a huge impact on the way a person’s teeth look. Concentrated professional products work more quickly and erase several more shades of stain and natural discoloration than commercial products you see in the store.

There are typically two different types of professional whitening treatments: in-office or custom trays. In-office whitening uses bleaching gel that’s activated for fast stain oxidation, giving you immediate results at the same appointment. Custom trays, on the other hand, are fitted to your teeth and worn at home for about an hour a day — you should see comparable results to in-office teeth whitening after about 10-14 days. In-office treatments do cost more, but they give you instant results, whereas custom trays are easier for maintaining your professional treatment.


Example: Jennifer Garner

Whether you watched her in Alias or Capital One commercials, you can’t help but notice Jennifer Garner’s bright, glowing grin. She’s been known to credit her look to both good genes and professional teeth whitening treatments.

Similarly, people like Julia Roberts, who also have naturally attractive smiles, also do well with professional whitening, as it makes it easier to keep their teeth bright and more youthful looking.

Smile makeovers aren’t just for Hollywood elite anymore

Cosmetic dentistry is more accessible than ever. With more durable materials available and affordable monthly financing, practically anyone can enhance their smile. While these top dental procedures may be popular among celebrities, they aren’t the only options out there. Other aesthetic treatments like dental bonding, tooth reshaping, and gum contouring are just a few examples.

Talk to your dentist about getting a customized smile makeover plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. You might be surprised at just how easy it is to enjoy the same dental procedures as your favorite musician or movie star.


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