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Best Blood Pressure Watches in 2024: Top Smart Watches

High blood pressure, medically termed hypertension, is a major cause of premature death worldwide, making regular monitoring and timely prevention a top priority for maintaining optimal health.

This is where blood pressure watches come into the picture, bridging the gap between the convenience of a wrist-worn smartwatch and health tracking tools. Functional and innovative, they are often equipped with advanced sensors, companion apps, and features like blood pressure monitoring, providing continuous tracking of cardiovascular health.

In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the best blood pressure watches that are taking the market by storm.

Best blood pressure watch: product shortlist

  1. Samsung — most versatile smart watch with blood pressure monitor
  2. ASUS — best smart watch with blood pressure monitor for daily use
  3. Fitvii — best smart watch with blood pressure and oxygen monitoring
  4. YHE Technology — best blood pressure watch for every occasion
  5. Aktiia — best blood pressure watch supported by clinical trials

Compiling our list of smart watches with blood pressure monitoring

The search for the best blood pressure watch involves a host of factors to weigh. To help lead you through this process and choose a smart watch with blood pressure monitoring features, we lean on the following set of criteria:

Ease of useSimple navigation, clear display, easy to read numbers
Additional featuresHealth-oriented with capacity for notifications
CompatibilityWith iOS and/or Android
PriceValue for your buck
  • Ease of use. To make sure your chosen watch that measures blood pressure is user-friendly, we have made an effort to include those that offer easy menu navigation, clear displays, and straightforward interpretation of readings, trends, and notifications, all without a steep learning curve.
  • Additional features. Considering features like sleep monitoring, fitness tracking, heart rate and blood oxygen level measurement, coupled with the capacity for notifications, can add an appealing element for those who want to stay on top of their health while managing daily tasks directly from their wrists.
  • Compatibility. Since blood pressure watches typically come with a companion app available on your smartphone, we prioritized those designed to work with the two most common operating systems, IOS and Android, either of which you might be using.
  • Price. Given the sizable price discrepancies among blood pressure watches based on the model and features they come with, we decided to go with those from reputable brands that marry quality and affordability.

5 best blood pressure monitor watches in 2024: reviews

As the preference for watches that monitor blood pressure continues to grow, driven by their user-friendly features and convenience compared to traditional monitoring devices, we have singled out the 5 best blood pressure watches.

1. Samsung — most versatile smart watch with blood pressure monitor

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

With sleep coaching, fitness tracking, and other advanced health features across its board, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 offers excellent potential for performance and emerges as the most well-rounded smartwatch that measures blood pressure on our list.

Besides monitoring blood pressure, this Samsung offering excels in a sleep setting, being engineered for comfort during sleep and the easy planning of bedtime routines. Not only that, it allows users to track sleep stages, those being wakefulness, light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

Samsung's specifications:

Battery lifeUp to 40 hours
Water resistanceIP68
CompatibilityOnly Android

Though it may not sync with the iOS operating system and, therefore, Apple products, the Galaxy Watch6 seamlessly interfaces with devices powered by Android, including other Galaxy devices. This functionality allows users to play music, handle calls, send texts, and even manage their smartphone camera.

As of today, the Galaxy Watch6 is available for a one-time payment of $229.99, or it can be paid in 4 installments or monthly with no down payment.

2. ASUS — best blood pressure watch for everyday use

ASUS VivoWatch 5

As part of our featured collection of the best blood pressure watches, the VivoWatch 5 by ASUS shines as an all-purpose smartwatch for daily activities.

Packed with integral smart features, it offers around-the-clock health data tracking. This ranges from heart rate and respiration monitoring to sleep and fitness tracking.

ASUS' specifications:

Battery lifeUp to 14 days
Water resistance 5 ATM
CompatibilityiOS and Android

Not bowing to rival models, the VivoWatch 5, when connected to your smartphone — whether running on iOS or Android — enables users to track blood pressure through its ASUS HealthConnect application.

ASUS blood pressure watch, which comes with a stainless-steel case and quick-release watch strap, is currently available for a one-time price of $349.

3. Fitvii — best watch to monitor blood pressure and fitness goals

FITVII Fitness Tracker and Smart Watch

Named H56 Fitness, this smartwatch by Fitvii is versatile, capable of tracking not only your steps and monitoring your activity levels throughout the day but also keeping tabs on your heart health. It can measure key metrics such as blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels.

Beyond being simply a tracker, the H56 Fitness model is a smartwatch that can display notifications such as calls, texts, and social media app alerts, provided it is paired with a compatible device.

Fitvii’s specifications:

Battery lifeUp to 10 days
Water resistanceIP68
CompatibilityiOS and Android

As per the manufacturer, this Fitvii model features an HD bright color display for easy navigation. It will work with the FitCloudPro app, compatible with devices running on both iOS and Android.

In terms of runtime, it comes with a battery that can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days when fully charged.

This blood pressure watch by Fitvii, which comes in either black, gold and gray, or orchid purple, is available for the price of $44.99. Currently, it’s in stock on Amazon.

4. YHE Technology — best blood pressure watch for every occasion

YHE BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch

BP Doctor Pro is a blood pressure smartwatch by YHE Technology that lands on our list as the best choice for any occasion, thanks to its stylish, modern design and versatile set of features.

Advertised by its makers as a wearable blood pressure monitoring solution in the form of a smartwatch, BP Doctor Pro can analyze, measure, and track your blood pressure. With the BD Doctor app, you will be able not only to track it but also to better understand your BP trends, whether over the course of a day, a week, a month, or even a year.

YHE Technology’s specifications:

DesignModern, sleek
Battery lifeUp to 7 days
Water resistanceNot waterproof
CompatibilityiOS and Android

In addition to monitoring blood pressure, this watch offers several other smart features. Some of these include tracking steps and pace, monitoring heart rate variability, and helping you understand your sleep patterns by analyzing sleep stages and sleep activities.

Besides, when connected to a smartphone, the watch can be used to set alarms, get notifications, and view the weather.

The current price for YHE Technology’s BP watch is $449. This places it among the most expensive blood pressure watches on our list, but for good reason.

5. Aktiia — best blood pressure watch backed by research

Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor

Built on proven research, as its makers assure, Aktiia’s blood pressure monitor comes in the form of a lightweight bracelet that uses optical sensors to continuously monitor and indirectly estimate your blood pressure changes throughout the day, shoving aside the traditional cuff.

With transparency as a core value, Aktiia invites you to explore the clinical trial results of its smart bracelet, available on the brand's website. Trials reveal that Aktiia’s offering delivers blood pressure readings comparable to those from a conventional cuff-based blood pressure monitor.

Aktiia's specifications:

Battery lifeUp to 9 days
Water resistance Does not have water-resistant functionality
CompatibilityiOS and Android

This blood pressure monitoring bracelet operates solely through the Aktiia app, which uses advanced processing to estimate blood pressure from the data collected using optical sensors and photoplethysmographic (PPG) technology.

Originally tagged at £199.99, Aktiia's blood pressure watch is currently on offer for £179.99. Each package includes the bracelet itself, an initialization cuff, a charging base, and a USB cable for efficient setup.

Comparison of the best blood pressure smart watches

BrandPriceWater-resistantBattery lifeCompatibilityDesign
Samsung$229.99*IP68Up to 40 hoursOnly AndroidCircle-shaped
ASUS$349.005 ATMUp to 14 daysBoth iOS and AndroidClassic
Fitvii$44.99IP68Up to 10 daysBoth iOS and AndroidSquare-shaped
YHE Technology$449.00NoUp to 7 daysBoth iOS and AndroidStylish, modern
Aktiia£179.99NoUp to 9 daysBoth iOS and AndroidBracelet-like

* — prices may vary depending on size, model, and connectivity

Smart blood pressure watches: are they accurate enough?

Smart blood pressure watches, while offering convenient and continuous monitoring, have their limitations. Their accuracy can be influenced by variables such as how well they fit and the level of activity — in other words, motion. Besides, it may vary across different brands and models since not all smart wearable devices are created equally.

Research into the accuracy of blood pressure smart watches has been ongoing, with studies so far producing mixed results.

On the positive side, a recent study aimed at assessing the precision of the Aktiia Bracelet — one of the best blood pressure watches on our list — revealed that its overall accuracy in the sitting position met the validation criteria of the universally recognized standard for blood pressure measuring devices. The study concluded that the Aktiia Bracelet is suitable for measuring blood pressure in the adult population.

While in contrast, a 2022 study assessing the accuracy of the Samsung Galaxy watch revealed that it tends to overestimate low BPs and underestimate high BPs. The body that carried out the research emphasized the need for further studies to validate the dependability of wearable devices as a whole.

All things considered, while it is suggested that certain devices can provide reasonably accurate blood pressure readings, the level of accuracy of even the best blood pressure monitoring watches may not be on par with traditional blood pressure monitors used in healthcare settings.

Why should you use a smart watch that measures your blood pressure?

Even though they may not entirely replace conventional blood pressure monitors in the clinical setting, the best blood pressure watches offer the convenience of continuous monitoring. They often provide validated accuracy that mirrors that of traditional measuring devices, all while allowing health-conscious people to take greater control of their health.

Traditionally, measuring blood pressure requires a visit to a healthcare professional or using standard home blood pressure monitors with inflatable cuffs. However, smartwatches that monitor blood pressure now offer a more practical monitoring solution, enabling people to track their blood pressure around the clock. This, at the end of the day, can provide valuable insight into how daily activities and lifestyle choices affect health.

Whether for personal health monitoring or hypertension control, the best blood pressure watches complement both traditional upper-arm devices and more innovative wrist blood pressure monitors, giving you constant access to your blood pressure readings — all from the convenience of your wrist.

How to read the numbers on a smart blood pressure watch

Blood pressure watches typically show two numbers when you measure your blood pressure. These numbers indicate your systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. The systolic pressure, the higher of the two numbers, measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart contracts to pump blood to your body's organs and tissues.

On the other hand, diastolic blood pressure, the lower of the two numbers, represents the constant pressure on artery walls when the heart momentarily rests between beats. Blood pressure is usually measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). A healthy reading typically falls around 120/80 mm Hg.

Considerations for a blood pressure-measuring smartwatch

Several factors should guide your decision if you find yourself in the market for a smartwatch with blood pressure monitoring capabilities. Accuracy is paramount, by all means, but ease of use, the feature profile, and runtime should not be overlooked. We expand upon these criteria below.


While there is currently no single universally accepted most accurate blood pressure watch on the market, there are some that have received regulatory approvals or medical certifications, such as FDA clearance or CE marking. These certifications confirm that the device has undergone testing for accuracy and safety. While they cannot assure flawless accuracy, they do instill a degree of confidence in your choice of a blood pressure watch.

Ease of use

The blood pressure measurement process should be straightforward and not overly complicated.

A well-designed blood pressure smart watch should guide you through the process effortlessly, making it easier even for those who may be less tech-savvy. On the contrary, an overly complex interface can impede regular monitoring.

Feature profile

A feature profile of watches that monitor blood pressure, well-stocked with additional capabilities like sleep monitoring, step counting, and heart health tracking, often provides a more integrated approach to personal health monitoring. This, in turn, contributes to the device's overall appeal. Should the feature profile align with individual preferences and budget, it will make for a well-rounded choice.


The longer the runtime of a blood pressure smartwatch, the more convenient it should be to use. With the potential to reduce the frequency of recharging, the best blood pressure watches, which balance performance and battery efficiency, should contribute to a seamless user experience and allow for blood pressure monitoring without recurrent disruptions.

How to lower high blood pressure?

There are multiple factors that can impact blood pressure, and even though each of these factors may seem minor individually, their collective influence can be significant, underscoring the need to take measures to lower it.

Reducing elevated blood pressure levels often entails a mix of lifestyle changes, and there is a wealth of compelling evidence supporting the idea that lifestyle modification can have powerful effects on blood pressure. From increasing physical activity, losing weight, and adopting a healthy dietary pattern, such as the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, to moderating alcohol intake, all of these steps have the potential to lower blood pressure.

Increasing physical activityTry incorporating regular aerobic activities into your life, like brisk walking, swimming, or cycling
Weight lossNo need to overcomplicate it, even a slight weight loss can make a notable difference in your blood pressure
Incorporating a DASH dietConsider lowering your salt intake while eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins
Managing alcohol intakeKeeping alcohol consumption to no more than two drinks a day for men and one for women is the advised approach

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