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5 Best CBD Bath Bombs in 2024 For Pain Relief and Better Sleep

The universe of CBD keeps expanding rapidly. As fan favourites like oils and gummies settle into the market, users seek new formats to incorporate cannabidiol into their lifestyles. CBD bath products emerge as a way to benefit from the relaxation properties of CBD while also enjoying the soothing effect of a hot bath.

Hot baths are a form of hydrotherapy that has a positive impact on our well-being by calming the nervous system and providing stress relief. Furthermore, its combination with CBD can potentially make a difference when it comes to relaxation. The dissolution of cannabidiol in the water may have a calming sensation in the body and help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best CBD bath bombs on the market so you can end your busy day with a treat to rest your body and mind.

Best CBD products for bath bombs: shortlist

  1. Joy Organics — overall best organic CBD bath bomb
  2. CBD Remedy — best full-spectrum CBD bath bomb
  3. Sugar and Kush — best moisturizing CBD bath bomb
  4. Evolution CBD — best bath bomb formula
  5. CBDfx — overall most customizable bath bomb

How have we compiled the top CBD products for bath bombs?

We have compiled our top picks for the absolute best CBD bath bombs in the market based on high-quality products and good manufacturing practices.

Our criteria is carefully crafted so you can find the perfect bath bomb for your needs, regardless if you are looking for a relaxing bath at night, an energizing morning soak, or a surprise for your date.

PriceTransparency of the brandIngredientsCBD potencyScents
$9.99–40.00COAs and additional certificatesCBD and other natural compoundsFull-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolatePresence of natural or artificial scents
  • Price. Comparison of the price range in different brands and key features of each product.
  • Transparency of the brand. When selecting any CBD product, it is best to trust brands that provide third-party lab testing and disclose their manufacturing practices. Furthermore, additional certifications should be considered to ensure safety and quality standards.
  • Ingredients. Before selecting any bath bomb, it is advisable to overview the full list of ingredients. Some compounds might irritate those with sensitive skin or generate allergic reactions. In addition, the presence of natural ingredients is always a green flag when selecting any CBD brand.
  • CBD potency. When it comes to bath bombs, CBD potency plays an important role. Individuals should be able to check the type and concentration in their products to select the right match for their needs.
  • Scents. Scents can provide relaxation or induce discomfort. Different users have different preferences, so brands should offer options to satisfy those who prefer lighter scents or those who opt for rich fragrances.

5 best CBD bath bombs in 2024: overview

We have reviewed and selected the best bath bombs on the market so you can select the perfect match for your needs. Whether you want to take a relaxing bath in the evenings or you wish to start the day with a boost of energy, we are sure you will find the perfect companion for your water adventures.

1. Joy Organics — best CBD bath bomb with natural ingredients

Joy Organics CBD Bath Bombs

Joy Organics promotes a homemade spa day with their soothing and relaxing lavender CBD infused bath bombs, designed to nourish and unwind the body and mind.

Their bath bombs are crafted with 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and natural ingredients like lavender, known to be rich in medicinal properties like antimicrobial activity, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. Its combination with CBD is a great option to relax the body and unplug the worries of the day, preparing the mind for a restful night.

These bath bombs are produced under USDA practices and tested in ISO-certified labs. Users can freely explore certifications and other results on Joy Organics' website or scan the QR code on their products to ensure high standards of production.

Joy Organics bath bombs are available for $19.95 and contain 4 spheres per box with a 90-day return policy. According to the brand, they can be used with other CBD products.

2. CBD Remedy — best CBD bath bomb with THC

CBD Remedy Glow In The Dark CBD Bath Bomb

CBD Remedy bath bombs aim to spice up the bath time with their unique glow and relaxing properties. And their use will not leave any indifference, making a remarkable experience for all senses.

This CBD THC bath bomb is made with full-spectrum and baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, corn starch, avocado oil, and scented essential oil.

Even though most ingredients contribute to its soothing effect, avocado oil stands out significantly due to its potential anti-inflammation properties and its ability to enrich the skin. The formula is a perfect combination to harness the properties of CBD and aromatherapy, relaxing the body and aiding stress and anxiety.

The brand is also open to customization, providing two scent options so users can delve into peppermint or orange fragrances. The bath bombs are lab-tested and, according to the brand, “handmade in Colorado for the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship.”

The product is available for $40 and offers international shipping based on weight or volume and shipping method.

3. Sugar and Kush — best CBD bath bomb for skin care

Sugar And Kush Bath Bomb Variety 3 Pack

Sugar and Kush introduces its line of CBD bath bombs with a focus on muscle discomfort and skin moisture.

These bath bombs, infused with 100 mg of hemp and essential oils, use ingredients like sunflower oil or coconut oil that may hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation. Furthermore, the product includes sea salt, a powerful ingredient with skin-healing minerals. This enriched formula in combination with isolated CBD creates one of the best options to nourish and strengthen skin.

The bath bombs are eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and lab-tested to ensure their quality. They are available for $20.99 and include three bath bombs scented with vanilla, rose, and lavender.

4. Evolution CBD — most enriched formula for a bath bomb

Evolution CBD Bath Bomb

Evolution bath bombs are filled with natural ingredients and high-quality CBD. The brand sets high standards in their manufacturing process, from legally grown hemp to production awarded by the US Hemp Authority.

Evolution is a trailblazer in water products, introducing the first water-soluble oil in the market. Since the creation of their product, their quality and technology have increased, crafting new and more advanced formulas, including their bath bombs.

The brand claims to have spent years polishing its unique technology for bath bombs, increasing their effect on the endocannabinoid system. The result of their efforts is an excellent CBD product with a focus on well-being and aimed at inducing tranquillity from head to toe.

The product is free from heavy metals and tested in third-party labs to ensure safety and quality. Furthermore, it is gluten-free and non-GMO.

The bath bombs are available for $20.99 and include 30 mg of CBD and three options of scent: Lavender/Lilac, Tea Tree/Mint, and Oatmeal. They also offer a 45-day return policy.

5. CBDfx — best variety of bath bombs

CBDfx Bath Bombs 200mg

CBDfx isolate bath bombs are aimed at soothing, recharging, and hydrating the body. With a unique combination of natural ingredients, their products can be a great option for those who enjoy a variety of scents during their bath time.

CBDfx bath bombs contain 200 mg of CBD and are available in various scents and ingredients to satisfy the needs of different individuals

Their Soothing Lavender bomb is designed to ease built-up tension, relax the mind, and improve circulation with lavender and detoxifying Hawaiian black salt.

The Recharge Eucalyptus bomb aims to help in relaxing and recovering with the natural properties of eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint, and arnica.

The Calming Lemongrass & Chamomile bomb has the stress relief of lemongrass and bliss of chamomile, making it the perfect bath bomb for those with anxiety.

Lastly, their Hydrating Mango & Shea Butter reaps the properties of collagen-boosting mango and moisturising shea butter to nourish the skin.

CBDfx bath bombs contain COAs from independent third-party labs and are free from harmful chemicals to provide the best experience. Furthermore, they are cruelty-free and vegan.

They are available for $9.99 but their price may vary depending on the size.

Comparison of the top-rated CBD bath bombs

ProductPriceCBD typeDosageCOAsScent
Joy Organics $19.95Broad-spectrum25 mgYesLavender
CBD Remedy$40.00Full-spectrum200 mgYesPeppermint and sweet orange
Sugar and Kush$20.99Isolated100 mgYesVanilla, rose, and lavender
Evolution CBD$14.99Broad-spectrum30 mgYesLavender/lilac, tea tree/mint, and oatmeal
CBDfx$9.99 *Isolated200 mgYesLavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, mango

* — price may vary depending on the bottle size.

Do CBD bath bombs work?

Bath bombs can be a great way to incorporate the potential properties of two giants in the relaxation universe: hot baths and CBD.

  • Properties of hot baths. Hot baths may dilate blood vessels, divert blood flow, open the pores of the skin, and relax muscles. Furthermore, it may induce a calming effect on the nervous system that translates to a calm state of body and mind.
  • Properties of CBD. Hot baths are a topical route for CBD to enter the body and may have anti-inflammatory properties, improve certain skin conditions, and increase overall skin health.

The benefits of using CBD for bath bombs

Bath bombs have similar effects on the body than topical products like lotions or creams. However, these benefits might vary when it comes to water. This is because lower quantities of CBD will make contact with skin in comparison to other applications. However, the use of bath bombs still has great potential to be explored.

  • Pain relief. The topical application of CBD might address mild pains. The initial results of pain relief in rodents point out a higher CBD bioavailability and better efficacy for localised pain.
  • Skin conditions. CBD could be beneficial for certain skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and dermatitis. Some evidence suggests that cannabidiol may also improve skin conditions and have nourishing properties for the hair.
  • Sleep. The process of using bath bombs includes two important properties. On one hand, CBD bath bombs might induce a soothing effect on the body. On the other hand, hot baths are associated with sleep readiness and relaxation.

The difference between regular and CBD bath bombs

The key difference between regular and cannabis bath bombs is the presence of cannabidiol in the latter, either in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolated.

While traditional bath bombs can be a great introduction to the many wonders of hydrotherapy, CBD bath bombs not only offer a relaxing bath experience but can offer benefits linked to topical use. This combination can become a remarkable relaxation practice. The body may feel the soothing sensation of hot water and the stress relief properties of CBD.

Furthermore, the potential properties of CBD as an anti-inflammatory on the skin may alleviate body distress and nourish the skin.

Do CBD bath bombs help with pain?

CBD may have great potential therapeutic effects on the body. One of them is pain relief, as it may ease discomfort and muscle soreness due to its potential anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, the effect of CBD on hot baths can soothe the body and induce a sensation of relaxation.

However, CBD bath bombs melt in water, thus lower quantities of CBD will make contact with skin, so the potential effects of cannabidiol might not be as significant as in other formats.

Are CBD bath bombs safe for pregnant women?

While CBD tends to have mild side effects when applied topically, cannabidiol is still highly unexplored, and the FDA does not recommend pregnant and breastfeeding women to take any products that contain CBD.

The U.S. Surgeon General has strongly recommended avoiding CBD during pregnancy as it may affect fetal brain development and may increase the risk of a low-weight newborn. Therefore, using CBD bath bombs while pregnant is highly discouraged.

In the case of breastfeeding, and especially for CBD full-spectrum products, breastmilk can contain THC for up to six days after use. THC may affect the baby's brain development and result in hyperactivity, poor cognitive function, and other long-term consequences.

How do you add CBD to a bath?

CBD can be added to a bath in various ways, however, one of the best options is through the use of bath bombs that can dissolve easily in hot water and may induce a calming effect on the body.

However, other possibilities include CBD bath oils or topical oils that can be used directly on the skin or as a complement to a hot bath. In both cases, it is always advisable to review the product in full detail and consult with a medical specialist on its best use.

Can I combine CBD bath bombs with other bath products?

CBD shower bombs can be combined with other bath products as long as they do not have any contraindications. The key is to review the ingredient list as well as the recommendations provided by the brand. Many websites also offer a consultation line with customer support, in case you need further clarification.

However, we remind you that some ingredients may irritate skin if combined with other ingredients, so it is always important to review all the compounds and ensure the safety of the combination. We always encourage a consultation with a specialist if any concerns arise about its use.

Best CBD bath bombs — conclusion

CBD Bath bombs are brand new in the market, therefore, there is still a long road to understanding their potential properties in the body. However, it may become an optimal companion for those looking for a relaxing evening or to soothe a distressed body.

The combination of CBD with other ingredients may also be a great way to nourish the body and improve skin health. Moreover, hot baths have a myriad of benefits including a calming sensation, aiding sleeping problems, and even hot moisture may have the ability to increase the lung's ability to move phlegm and mucus, providing great relief during sick times.

Regardless if you are on the lookout for CBD bath bombs for pain, for relaxation, or to improve sleep, our top picks may be a great incorporation into your routine, making you feel relaxed and rested.

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