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Unlocking Relief: The Best CBD Cream for Pain Management

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive and non-addictive compound found in the cannabis plant. Its potential interaction with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) may be responsible for some of its renowned qualities, including anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to potentially alleviate pain and stress.

CBD creams may provide valuable support for individuals experiencing mild to moderate pain. This format may mitigate localized pain and enhance blood circulation when massaged into the affected area, interrupting the pain cycle.

We have curated a selection of our top picks for CBD creams for pain on the market. These products are designed to help alleviate aches and discomfort, providing relief to those who need it most.

Best CBD creams for pain: a shortlist

  1. R&R CBD — best formula with THC for pain relief
  2. BATCH — overall best CBD cream for pain
  3. Cornbread Hemp® — best CBD cream post-workout
  4. Aspen Green — best manufacturing practices in a CBD cream for pain
  5. FOCL — best CBD cream for muscle pain
  6. Nordic Nutris — best CBD lotion for inflammation and dry skin
  7. Medterra CBD — best CBD cream for back pain
  8. Joy Organics — best broad-spectrum CBD cream

How did we compile the list of best CBD cream for pain?

Several factors come into play when choosing the best CBD cream. We have assembled key characteristics that guided us in establishing an overall ranking for the various brands and products showcased in our top picks.

PriceIngredientsManufacturing practicesCBD concentrationThird-party testing
$39.00–84.99High-quality and safe ingredientsTransparent disclosure of manufacturing practicesQuantity and type of CBD contained in the productVerification of CBD quantities for labeling accuracy and the absence of harmful substances
  • Price. We evaluated the quality and features of the products in relation to their pricing.
  • Ingredients. Our evaluation encompassed the quality and safety of the ingredients incorporated into the product formulas.
  • Manufacturing practices. Even though the FDA does not directly oversee the production of CBD creams, brands are expected to adhere to rigorous manufacturing practices to ensure the highest standards of quality and customer experience. We examined the transparency of manufacturing practices and considered additional certifications.
  • CBD concentration. Products contain different amounts of CBD depending on their formula and type. We analyzed various concentrations to cater to a broad spectrum of individuals seeking relief from pain.
  • Third-party testing. While CBD products have been legal since 2018, the FDA does not regulate the majority of them. Therefore, it is essential to review product testing to confirm that ingredient quantities align with those on the label and to ensure the absence of any harmful substances.

Best CBD creams for pain: overview

Chronic pain is defined as constant pain that lasts or recurs for longer than 3 months and can result in disability, suffering, and a physical disturbance. CBD, with its promising safety profile and mild side effects, has gained attention as a potential ally in pain management due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

1. R&R CBD — best CBD cream with THC

RR-CBD Pain Cream

R&R CBD cream may become your next go-to formula if you are looking for a formula with full-spectrum CBD. Sourced from local U.S. farms and proudly USDA-certified, this R&R CBD product offers one of the highest potency levels in the market.

While researching R&R CBD, we noticed that this brand emphasizes the behind-the-scenes of its products, thoroughly explaining their extraction and manufacturing practices. We found this aspect very refreshing about the brand, especially because many providers tend to lack transparency regarding their production practices.

R&R CBD's commitment to quality is underscored by the positive reviews on different platforms. Many users indicate that this product is ideal for managing pain, stiffness, and discomfort. They also highlight the fast delivery and well-crafted packaging.

R&R CBD recommends applying a quarter-sized amount and massaging it thoroughly onto the desired area to alleviate discomfort. It is important to highlight that this cream should not be applied to open wounds and is intended exclusively for external use.

It is available from $55, and each package contains 1,000 mg of CBD. However, you can select alternative dosages through the website.

2. BATCH — overall best CBD lotion for pain

Batch CBD Cream

BATCH's CBD cream, featuring 1,500 mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol, is a moisturizing solution with the potential to relieve aches for those who struggle with pain symptoms.

This brand claims the top spot in our ranking thanks to its unparalleled manufacturing standards and exceptional formula. With ethically sourced ingredients and rigorous third-party testing, BATCH may become a key ally to support bodily aches and discomfort.

We particularly enjoyed the unique formula of this CBD Cream, which includes aloe vera, jojoba, and safflower oil — a combination of nourishing herbal compounds to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

This formula not only captured our hearts but has also gained quite a reputation among BATCH customers. Many reviews highlight its pain-relieving properties, particularly for sore muscles, while others dive into the cream's pleasant scent and texture.

Batch recommends using their CBD salve for pain relief whenever the body needs to feel restored and relaxed. However, it is important to be mindful of the total amount of cream applied per day, as everyone's response to cannabidiol may be different.

It is available for $41.25 and includes a 30-day return policy.

3. Cornbread Hemp® — best CBD cream for post-workout

Cornbread Hemp® CBD Lotion + Menthol

If you are someone passionate about fitness who occasionally experiences sore muscles and joint discomfort, CBD LOTION + MENTHOL may become your new post-workout essential. With 25 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC per 4 plumps of daily serving, this product may help to soothe and relax your body.

This brand includes one essential ingredient that helps elevate this formula from other CBD topical products — menthol. This compound can create a cooling sensation that may help to alleviate pain and discomfort, making this lotion a suitable pick for inflammation, pain, and overall body discomfort.

Cornbread Hemp® has earned a strong reputation online, with many customers discussing its potential to alleviate sore muscles, back pain, and general discomfort. Moreover, some customers also focus on the positive experience they've had while purchasing from the brand.

However, we encountered some negative feedback on the recent product's format change, as some customers reported the new formula is more diluted and harder to dose.

CBD LOTION + MENTHOL is GMP-certified and third-party tested.

It is available for $49.99 and includes a 30-day performance guarantee.

4. Aspen Green — best cream for soreness with transparent practices

Aspen Green Relief Full Spectrum CBD Cooling Cream

During our meticulous investigation of CBD creams, we found that many brands are not transparent with their manufacturing and sourcing practices. That's why we decided to include Aspen's Relief Full Spectrum CBD Cooling Cream in our ranking — a top-notch product with USDA certification and third-party testing for all batches.

This CBD ointment is enriched with 1,000 mg of CBD and 33 mg of THC per jar. Additionally, it includes other wellness-boosting botanicals, such as organic tea tree oil or menthol, to aid with soreness and inflammation.

Aspen Green's reputation can be tracked through various third-party platforms like Trustpilot, where the consensus is that this product may help to relieve pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Moreover, users also highlight the unmatched customer attention provided by the brand.

While Aspen Green recommends applying the cream to the skin as needed, we advise caution regarding CBD dosage. We would also like to note that this cream may not be suitable for those with skin sensitivities.

It is available for $84.99 and includes free shipping.

5. FOCL — best CBD cream for discomfort in muscles

FOCL Deep Relief cream

FOCL Deep Relief may be the ideal CBD cream for those looking to unite the best of both worlds — skin nourishment and relief from joint discomfort.

The lotion features various ingredients renowned for their anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, including menthol, camphor bark oil, eucalyptus, and arnica. We particularly enjoyed the presence of arnica due to its suggested properties in reducing swelling and alleviating joint and muscle pain.

But we are not the only ones who appreciate the Deep Relief formula. Many customers on FOCL's website write about their positive experiences using the product, highlighting especially its relaxing and calming effect on the body.

FOCL offers two CBD strengths per bottle — 1,000 mg and 2,000 mg. You can apply the product 3–4 times a day, but be sure to avoid contact with your eyes and face while applying the cream.

It is available for $39 and includes a 60-day return policy.

6. Nordic Nutris — best CBD cream for pain and dry skin

Nordic Nutris CBD cream for itch relief

Nordic Nutris CBD cream for itch relief could be an ideal companion for those with sensitive skin looking for a pain relief product. According to the brand, this product has been dermatology tested and is beneficial for reducing inflammation while being gentle on the skin.

One of the aspects that we enjoyed most about this formula is its blend of nourishing ingredients, including vitamin E and green tea leaf extract. Their combination is significantly beneficial for aiding irritated or damaged skin.

Nordic Nutris has a good reputation online, particularly on Trustpilot, with a rating above 4.5 stars. However, we did not find reviews for this specific product on the website.

On the downside, we were not able to find the cream’s label on the website. This requires customers to conduct research outside of the Nordic Nutris website or spend some time reaching out to the provider.

CBD cream for itch relief is available for $69.99 and includes free shipping.

7. Medterra CBD — best CBD for back pain

Medterra CBD Pain Relief Cream

Pain Relief Cream may be a good candidate for those who struggle with back pain. Featuring broad-spectrum CBD and herbal ingredients, this lotion may help manage stiffness and inflammation issues.

The formula includes two standout ingredients to target back pain-related discomfort — menthol and arnica. While menthol is suggested to alleviate inflammation with its cooling properties, arnica may help to reduce aches with its potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties.

Various users have spoken about their experience using Medterra CBD, particularly highlighting its overall effectiveness in muscle stiffness and lower back discomfort. The consensus is clear: this brand helps to relieve the pain. For this reason, we believe that this brand earns a spot in our ranking.

Pain Relief can be applied in targeted areas once or twice a day. However, it is important to note that CBD's efficacy and safety are still under study, so it is best to consult with your healthcare provider on the best application practices for you.

It is available for $39.99 and includes two strength options — 500 and 1,000 mg.

8. Joy Organics — best CBD cream for beginners

Joy Organics CBD Cream

Finding the right CBD cream for pain relief can be challenging, especially if you are new to using cannabidiol products. For this reason, we have included Joy Organics CBD cream in our ranking — a top-notch formula free of THC and specially crafted for beginners.

Joy Organics is designed to alleviate muscle discomfort and also serve as a beneficial addition to your skincare regimen. In addition to other beneficial ingredients, it contains hemp extract which is rich in skin-rejuvenating fats, potentially enhancing skin health.

We emphasize this product's easy-to-use formula, which you can simply rub after the shower to target sore muscles. We also found the cream lightweight and quickly absorbed, making it a great option for massages.

Although we did not find much discussion online about Joy Organics, the company is praised mainly for two aspects — customer satisfaction and quality standards. A user writes in Trustpilot, "I've been taking Joy Organics for years now and absolutely love the brand. I appreciate the quality of the ingredients they use and the fact that they test with third-party labs. Favorite CBD brand by far!"

It is available for $49.95 and includes 1,000 mg of CBD per tube.

Comparing the top CBD creams for pain

ProductPriceCBD typeAmount of CBD per bottleTotal amount of productCOA available online
R&R CBD$55.00*Full-spectrum1000 mg2.5 fl oz (74 ml)Yes
BATCH$41.25N/A1500 mg 2.00 fl oz (59 ml)Yes
Cornbread Hemp®$49.99Full-spectrum750 mg1.7 fl oz (50.27 ml)Yes
Aspen Green$84.99Full-spectrum1000 mg2.00 oz (57 mg)Yes
FOCL$39.00*N/A1000 mg3.38 oz (96 mg)Yes
Nordic Nutris$69.99Broad-spectrum2500 mg3.38 fl oz (100 ml)Yes
Medterra CBD$39.99Broad-spectrum1000 mg1.69 fl oz (50.27 ml)Yes
Joy Organics$49.95Broad-spectrum1000 mg 4.00 fl oz (118 ml)Yes

* — prices vary depending on the CBD concentration

CBD creams vs. other CBD forms: which to choose?

CBD products and their types vary in how they alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, depending on the route of administration and the type of pain being addressed.

For localized pain relief, you may want to consider topicals like CBD creams that may penetrate the skin effectively. Orally consumed CBD products, which include CBD oil, gummies, and softgels, may also provide anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Moreover, the most suitable form of CBD for pain management also depends on an individual's personal preference and needs.

Considering that severe or chronic pain may require more time to respond to CBD, choose the product that you are likely to use consistently.

Benefits of using CBD cream for pain relief

Although CBD is a promising pain-relieving candidate, it remains under-researched. While its exact mechanism of action is unclear, early evidence suggests it interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a key regulator of pain sensation.

CBD's interaction with the ECS may yield some potential benefits:

  • Inflammation. Transdermal CBD delivery provides consistent relief to inflamed areas with minimal side effects. Animal studies suggest CBD may possess pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a viable option for targeting inflammation.
  • Stress relief. Massages with CBD creams may alleviate body discomfort and induce relaxation in those with chronic pain, who often experience stress-related symptoms.
  • Localized pain. CBD applied topically is believed to enter the bloodstream, engaging with the endocannabinoid system receptors to potentially reduce inflammation and pain. Additionally, massage application in targeted areas may aid CBD absorption and enhance blood flow.

Common types of pain relief creams

While topical CBD creams can be beneficial for pain management, they are not as well-researched as some other options on the market that may potentially relieve aches, inflammation, and discomfort. These creams typically incorporate active ingredients with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Some common pain relief cream types include:

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory topicals

These medications are commonly used to alleviate localized aches and discomfort. They work by inhibiting signaling pathways that promote inflammation and pain. They are especially recommended for localized pain, as they can provide relief within hours of application. Topical formulations are preferred to minimize the risk of serious side effects associated with oral anti-inflammatory drugs, such as stomach irritation and ulcers.

Counterirritant creams

Counterirritant creams are a popular remedy for minor pains, aches, and sore muscles. These creams typically include camphor, menthol, capsaicin, or eucalyptus oil, which are proposed to work by creating a superficial irritation, such as a cooling or warming sensation, to mask mild pain.

Menthol creams are known for their cooling effect and are believed to activate central analgesic pathways. Capsaicin creams, on the other hand, cause an enhanced sensitivity followed by a period of reduced sensitivity and with repeated use, persistent desensitization of pain receptors. Capsaicin creams are often used for neuropathic pain and may be beneficial for those with chronic soft tissue and back pain.

Herbal and homeopathic creams

These creams harness the potential properties of natural ingredients like arnica or safflower to reduce mild pain and discomfort. Their effectiveness is often anecdotal, with limited scientific evidence supporting their benefits. Therefore, they are often used as complementary support alongside other treatments.

Prescription creams

In some cases, healthcare providers may prescribe creams that contain different pain-relieving medications for specific patient needs. These can include different analgesics, glucosteroids, anti-inflammatories, and other agents.

How to choose the best CBD cream for pain?

There are many CBD products on the market to address pain and inflammation, but not all of them may be suitable for you. Consequently, we have thoroughly researched various CBD creams for pain and selected some of the best types below. We hope you can make an informed decision with our help.

Best CBD cream for back pain

Back pain is frequently linked to inflammation, one of the key factors that may be regulated by the ECS. Topical application of CBD may hold promising properties to alleviate pain and soothe the body, especially due to its transdermal absorption. This application method allows for the local targeting of pain and inflammation while minimizing adverse effects.

Moreover, selecting creams for back pain with ingredients such as menthol or arnica may help to soothe irritated areas and inflammation. Some formulations may also include nourishing herbal ingredients to moisturize and nurture the skin, preventing itchiness or discomfort.

Best CBD cream for joint pain

While research on CBD is still ongoing to elucidate its full potential, some preliminary evidence suggests it may have anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions. Therefore, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD creams that feature various cannabinoids may be a promising choice to target joint pain and inflammation holistically.

Additionally, CBD may also help to relieve stress, which often is responsible for exacerbating pain symptoms. For this reason, selecting creams that also include naturally derived ingredients like lemongrass or peppermint oil may have the potential to enhance calmness and ease discomfort.

Best CBD cream for arthritis pain

Some limited evidence suggests that CBD may hold promise to reduce arthritis pain in humans. A cross-sectional study conducted in 2022 associated the use of this compound with improvements in pain and physical function.

Moreover, arthritis pain frequently encompasses targeted pain and stiffness in certain areas of the body. Selecting a CBD cream formulated to address localized pain may be key to reducing discomfort. Ingredients such as lactic acid, NMP (N-methyl-2 pyrrolidone), PEG-400 (polyethylene glycol-400), and DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) may have the potential to increase cannabidiol penetration in specific areas of the body.

Best CBD cream for neuropathy

While CBD has been studied for its effects on neuropathy due to its suggested interaction with some of the receptors involved in neuropathic pain, particularly G protein-coupled receptor 3 (GPR3), more research is needed to fully understand the mechanism of action of this compound in neuropathy.

In any case, CBD creams featuring ingredients like menthol may offer some relief for people with neuropathic pain. Menthol can relieve pain by creating a cooling sensation and working as an analgesic, reducing overall neuropathic aches.

Possible side effects of CBD creams to consider

CBD is generally regarded as having a safe profile, with mild to moderate side effects when consumed. CBD creams are applied topically, and as with topical application of any product, there are risks for skin irritation and allergic reactions due to the added ingredients.

It's important to note that CBD may have varying effects on different individuals. We strongly recommend consulting a doctor to reduce potential risks and ensure its best use.

Best CBD creams for pain — conclusion

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 50 million adults in the United States grapple with pain that significantly impairs their quality of life. CBD creams may help to alleviate and manage these symptoms, potentially improving the well-being of those who endure daily discomfort.

While the research on cannabidiol as a pain relief option is still in its early stages, its potential anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and stress-reducing properties may be key in the future of pain-related conditions like arthritis or neuropathic pain.

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