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7 Best Habit Tracker Apps To Stay Motivated in 2024

According to a research study, around 50% of our day is guided by habits. Consequently, habit formation can be a key factor in self-improvement.

To form a habit, you need to consistently repeat the same action over a period of time. In this article, we will explore some of the best habit tracker apps that can help you keep track of your habits, stay motivated, and accountable.

Best habit tracker app: shortlist

  1. Greatness — best routine-based habit tracker
  2. Habitify — best daily habit tracker app with browser-based access
  3. Fabulous — best habit tracker to enhance your organization skills
  4. Streaks — best minimalistic habit tracker
  5. Habitica — best gamified habit tracker
  6. Productive App — best habit tracker app with easy-to-understand statistics
  7. HabitShare — best social habit tracker

How we chose the best habit tracker app?

Free versionAt least some of the functionality can be used for free
TrialMay try the premium version for free
Available platforms Both iOS and Android
Additional features Functionality extends beyond habit tracking
  • Free version. When comparing apps, the freemium model was preferred by us. This type of model means that certain basic features of the app can be used without a premium subscription. After analyzing some of the most popular apps, we saw a tendency for freemium applications to offer a better user experience than their free counterparts.
  • Free trial. Although we favored the apps that can be used for free to at least some extent, an option to get a free trial of the premium version also resonated with us. The trial version allows you to experience the full potential of the app without the commitment and pick the most suitable plan for your needs.
  • Available platforms. Apps that are available both on iOS and Android devices were preferred.
  • Additional features. We looked for apps that offer additional features that may benefit people trying to increase their productivity or reach certain goals. Yet, we prioritized balance, as some apps can feel overwhelming if they cram too many features into a single interface.

Best habit tracker apps in 2024: overview

The best habit tracker app for you will be the one that aligns with your specific needs most. For instance, some people may find gamification elements highly rewarding, while others prefer a minimalistic approach. The main intention of this list is to guide you through the wide variety of options and help you choose the one that clicks with you.

1. Greatness — best habit tracker to improve your routine

Greatness Habit Tracker

Greatness is a habit tracker based on routine — it works as a day-to-day task schedule. This approach prompts you to allocate habits in a specific time frame, bringing awareness to the time you have at your disposal for fostering habits. This can help you to set more realistic goals.

Moreover, Greatness allows you to pick from a wide range of goals (e.g., healthy eating) and suggests habits that may help to achieve them. This approach is based on the breaking down technique. Rather than fixating on the big picture, such as improving your diet, the emphasis is put on taking small steps toward the goal, such as incorporating a vegetable in your dinner meal.

Other additional features like courses (e.g., mindfulness, exercise, sleep) and an intermittent fasting tracker are also offered within the app.

Greatness can be used for free with limited functionality. If you opt to get a subscription, it would cost you $49.99 for the 12-month plan. For those on the fence, there is an option to get a 1-week free trial.

2. Habitify — best habit tracker that can be used on the browser

Habitify is another great freemium habit tracker application based on creating a routine. But if you are looking for an app for both your mobile device and computer, Habitify stands as a solid choice as it can be used through a browser and iOS or Android application.

In addition, Habitify has a few additional features such as mood tracking, timer, and notes. For those who are motivated by social support, the app offers challenges that can be taken either with friends or the Habitify community.

For fitness enthusiasts, the app offers Apple Health and Google Fit synchronizations.

If you opt to get this application, you can choose from the following subscription plans: $4.99 per month, $34.99 per year, $64.99 for the lifetime pass, or use the free version. However, based on our reviews of various apps, Habitify appears to be quite limited if you opt for the free version, allowing you to track only up to 3 habits

3. Fabulous — best habit tracker to become more organized

Fabulous is a comprehensive self-care application that includes habit tracking as its core feature. The app is targeted at people who are looking for ways to become more organized and features a wide range of tools for this, e.g., scheduling.

Fabulous also offers various quizzes that can help you find what habits you want to cultivate. It is a great tool for beginners as the app encourages them to start habit formation slowly.

Unfortunately, the free version of Fabulous offers limited customization options and tools. To fully experience the benefits of this application, you will need to get a subscription.

You can get a premium of Fabulous through their official website for $39.99 for an annual subscription. If you're just testing habit formation apps, you can get a 1-week trial of Fabulous.

4. Streaks — best simple habit tracker

If you are looking for a minimalistic habit tracking app, Streaks stands as one of the most suitable choices. With a simple design and easy-to-use interface, Streaks allows you to set up and monitor your habits without unnecessary distractions.

Within the app, there are three types of habits: positive, negative, and timed. To indicate completion for positive habits, you just need to mark the task as done, while for negative habits, mark them as missed. Timed habits work as timers and are completed after a specified duration.

One major limitation of Streaks is that it can only be accessed on Apple devices. Moreover, the application allows the creation of only up to 24 tasks.

Although Streaks does not offer any free version, you can access it with a one-time purchase of $4.99.

5. Habitica — best habit tracker with gamification elements

Habitica stands as one of the most unique habit tracking apps out there due to the extensive gamification elements integrated within it. Inspired by RPG games, Habitica creators aimed to create a platform that may hook the users to strive to complete quests, level up, and collect items.

Every Habitica user has an avatar and collects experience for completing tasks. Moreover, this app fosters a sense of community by allowing users to join parties and embark on challenges together.

Habitica could also be considered as the best free habit tracker app since the free version provides enough features for most users. However, you can get a subscription for $5 per month, $15 per 3 months, $30 per 6 months, or a 12-month subscription for $48.

6. Productive App — best habit tracker app offering easy-to-read statistics

Productive App is an excellent choice for people who want to monitor their progress. With easy-to-understand statistics, Productive encourages you to track your habits and celebrate achievements.

Besides that, the Productive App includes challenges that can be taken with the other participants.

From our reviewed apps, Productive also stands as one of the easiest applications to use as it does not include a lot of distractions in the main interface.

The free version allows users to track up to 4 habits. Right now, Productive is priced at $34.99 for the annual plan. With this plan, you get a 7-day trial to try the app for free. Productive also offers a monthly plan for $6.99.

7. HabitShare — best habit tracker with social integration

Tailored for people who strive for social support, HabitShare is a habit tracker centered around the community. This app enables users to share their habits with friends, seamlessly incorporating messaging features for enhanced communication.

Should you prefer to monitor your habits privately, HabitShare offers the flexibility to customize each habit, ensuring it can be shared exclusively with you or specific friends of your choosing.

However, HabitShare comes as quite a simplistic application that lacks certain basic functions such as integrated timers.

As HabitShare is completely free for all platforms, it can be a great starting point for people aiming to foster new habits.

Comparing the top habit tracker apps

AppAvailable platforms Free functionsPremium functionsPrice
GreatnessAndroid, iOS Schedule that can be customized with a wide range of prebuilt habits; intermittent fasting trackerCustom habits, courses, coaching$49.99/12-month
Habitify Android, iOS, browser-based 3 habits, mood tracker, timer, notesInfinite habits, notes, tracker usage, smart reminders $4.99/month; $34.99/12-month; $64.99/lifetime
FabulousAndroid, iOS3 habitsInfinite habits, personalized content, coaching$39.99/12-month
StreaksiOSN/A24 habits$4.99/lifetime
Habitica Android, iOS, browser-basedInfinite habits Additional gems, gold, items$5/month; $15/3-month; $30/6-month; $48/12-month
Productive AppAndroid, iOS4 habits, basic statisticsInfinite habits, in-depth statistics, social challenges $6.99/month; $34.99/12-month
HabitShareAndroid, iOSInfinite habits, social interactions N/AFree

Why should you use a habit tracker app?

A 2020 study has shown that around 44% of Americans are likely to set New Year’s resolutions. Of them, 55% consider themselves to be successful at sustaining their goals.

Improving certain habits is a big part of New Year’s resolutions not without a reason. What we do every day shapes us, and thus, introducing and fostering a new habit may help you to achieve your goals. And while it is certain, it is not easily done. This is where habit tracking apps come in handy: these apps are designed to guide you through your habit formation journey.

Below, we present a few reasons why you may consider getting a habit tracker.

Increases motivation

Depending on what things motivate you, some individuals may find tracking their routine with an app rewarding. For instance, habit tracker applications usually allow you to see progress through statistics and this could enhance your commitment to keeping up with the habit.

Establishes a routine

Some habit tracking apps incorporate scheduling as a way to monitor your tasks and goals. This approach may help to establish a routine. Moreover, it can help you to understand the time you have at hand for incorporating new habits.

Fosters sense of accountability

Habit trackers could be a form of fostering the sense of accountability. By consistently logging your habits in a tracker app, you create a tangible record of your commitments.

Choosing the right habit tracker for you

Habit trackers usually incorporate various features that may help you to stay on track. However, their usefulness may vary depending on your personality, goals, and motivators.

Below, we will give you an overview of aspects that could be helpful in choosing the best habit tracker for you.

  • Examine your motivators. Motivation can play a role in sustaining habits. For instance, some people find gamification elements in habit tracking apps helpful to stay on track.
  • Explore options. Finding what works best for you usually comes with a little bit of digging. Do not be discouraged to try out more than one option.
  • Give time. Some great applications may not seem attractive at first glance as they are hard to grasp. Sometimes, it is best to set aside time to understand the platform better.

Tips on how to effectively use a habit tracker

To help you kickstart your journey with a habit tracker, we prepared a few tips on how to get the most out of it.

Do not rely on notifications too much

Although most habit-tracking apps encourage you to set notifications, it may cause alarm fatigue. This phenomenon describes the situation when an individual becomes less responsive or insensitive to alarms or similar notifications because they receive too many of them. It is advisable not to overdo with notifications so you do not become desensitized to them.

Start small

Unrealistic expectations can lead to a failure in a resolution. Instead of trying to radically change your life, take small steps. Moreover, you can break the habit into small and more tangible tasks. For instance, instead of trying to meditate for long sessions, start with just a few minutes each day and gradually extend the duration as you become more comfortable.

Review and adjust

Regularly review your habit tracker and assess your performance and overall satisfaction with your progress. If you notice consistent challenges with a particular habit, consider adjusting the goal or breaking it down into smaller steps. Keep in mind that giving up on a habit or reducing the intensity of the goal can be reasonable due to changed circumstances or lack of time.

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