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Discover the Best Infrared Sauna Blanket for Wellness 2024

If you are someone who is looking to sweat off some toxins and enhance relaxation, look no further; we have some of the best infrared sauna blankets to present.

For centuries, saunas have been used for cleansing, detoxification, health improvement, and relaxation.

Today, this age-old tradition meets modern convenience in the form of infrared sauna blankets, blending the classic benefits of saunas with the ease of at-home use.

In this article, we will present our list of the top 8 infrared sauna blankets and scientific insights into their potential benefits. Here, you'll find essential information to select the perfect option for you.

Best infrared sauna blanket: shortlist

  1. HigherDose — the best infrared sauna blanket overall
  2. VELLGUS — the best sauna blanket for muscle ache relief
  3. LifePro — top infrared sauna blanket with the longest warranty
  4. SunHome Saunas — top-rated infrared sauna blanket
  5. MiHIGH — the most portable infrared sauna blanket
  6. HydraGun — top infrared sauna blanket for body rejuvenation
  7. Sharper Image — the best infrared sauna pad to relieve discomfort
  8. Heat Healer — the best infrared sauna blanket with zero EMF

How we chose the best infrared sauna blanket

Navigating the vast array of infrared sauna blankets on the market can be overwhelming. To make this process easier, we came up with a set of criteria to help you choose a quality product.

Take a look at some of the requirements we based our list on.

WarrantyProtection against defects and issues
Ease of useThe blanket is easy to operate
Quality of materialsNon-toxic and tested materials
  • Price. We've looked at a range of infrared sauna blankets to suit all budgets, offering options at various price points.
  • Warranty. A good warranty safeguards your purchase by covering any defects, guaranteeing that your infrared sauna blanket will be reliable and valuable for a long time.
  • Ease of use. In selecting infrared sauna blankets, we prioritized ease of operation and maintenance, focusing on models with intuitive controls and simple setups for a seamless experience.
  • Quality of materials. We evaluated the durability, comfort, and safety of materials used in each infrared sauna blanket for long-lasting, reliable performance.

Best infrared sauna blanket 2024: overview

Infrared technology is known for its aesthetic and health benefits. In the modern day, it is used to create infrared sauna blankets as an alternative to traditional saunas.

This fantastic, cost-effective, and practical solution mimics the benefits of conventional saunas and provides a luxurious wellness experience at home. So, check out this section below and learn more about the best-infrared sauna blanket.

Disclaimer — infrared sauna blankets are not recommended for pregnant/breastfeeding women, men trying to conceive, individuals with low blood pressure, or those on blood pressure medication. It is also advised to avoid alcohol use

1. HigherDose — the best infrared sauna blanket overall

HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket

HigherDose wins the nomination for the best infrared blanket overall. It offers a high-quality product made from non-toxic materials, operating on a low electromagnetic field (EMF), and a one-hour timer with far infrared heat. According to the brand, this blanket might offer stress reduction and improved circulation.

The HigherDose sauna blanket measures 71 x 71 inches (180 x 180 cm), offering more space and comfort for people of different sizes.

To enjoy this infrared sauna blanket, preheat it for 10 minutes, use a towel or Higher Dose inserts as a barrier for comfort, select a temperature, and enjoy a 30-45-minute luxury sauna session.

The blanket is priced at $699 and has a one-year limited warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and CE marking, which means it complies with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. Thus, you can safely experience the benefits of a personal sauna with the HigherDose.

2. VELLGUS — the best sauna blanket for muscle ache relief

VELLGUS Infrared Sauna Blanket Zipper

VELLGUS infrared sauna blanket is the best sauna blanket that offers therapeutic infrared heat therapy for potential muscle ache relief. According to the brand, it may provide enhanced skin tone, improved circulation, and detoxification.

Designed with high-quality, solvent-free leather and a robust zipper, the brand ensures the blanket is durable and comfortable. The package includes the sauna blanket, a digital controller, a carry bag, and a user manual.

To use the VELLGUS Infrared Sauna Blanket, dress in loose, cotton clothing with socks, lay the blanket flat, and place a towel between you and the blanket for comfort. Preheat it for 10 minutes, then enjoy a 30–45 minute session.

Priced at $549, with a 30-day risk-free trial and 1-year warranty, VELLGUS provides added assurance. Transform your home into a wellness oasis with the VELLGUS infrared sauna blanket.

3. LifePro — top infrared sauna blanket with the longest warranty

Lifepro RejuvaWrap™ Infrared Sauna Blanket

LifePro infrared sauna blanket offers a convenient, at-home wellness experience. Most importantly, it provides one of the most extended lifetime warranties compared to other brands on this list.

This portable sauna blanket features non-toxic, waterproof fabric and infrared heating with a wide temperature range (77–176°F), catering to various wellness goals. Its dimensions are 71"L x 36" W — comfortably spacious. The package includes the sauna blanket, a controller, a head towel, 5 detox wraps, and a carrying bag, ensuring a complete set for your detox sessions.

Moreover, the sauna blanket is easy to operate. All you need to do is slip into the blanket wrap, press the ON button, and select the desired time and temperature. The brand recommends 30-minute sessions 4 times a week.

Available at $499.99, the LifePro infrared sauna blanket brings the benefits of far-infrared therapy for improved health and relaxation to your home.

4. SunHome Saunas — top-rated infrared sauna blanket

Sun Home Infrared Sauna Blanket

Experience the SunHome infrared sauna blanket, one of the best-rated solutions for in-home infrared sauna therapy. This blanket offers a safe, EMF-shielded environment to enjoy the benefits of infrared heat therapy.

The blanket is constructed with industrial-grade zippers to ensure adequate heat retention. It is also made with user-friendly climate and timer controls so that you can customize your experience.

Constructed with premium, non-toxic fabrics, SunHome Sauna's blanket is portable and easy to clean, making it a convenient wellness tool. Recommended by health experts and used by professional athletes according to the brand, this blanket operates on a range of voltages, catering to various global electrical standards.

Regular price $499, SunHome Saunas is backed by a 30-day risk-free return policy and a 1-year warranty. Enjoy SunHome Saunas wellness tool at your convenience.

5. MiHIGH — the most portable infrared sauna blanket

MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket V2

The MiHIGH infrared sauna blanket offers the luxury of a traditional infrared sauna experience at the convenience of your home use. It wins the most portable infrared sauna title as it is easily foldable, smaller than other blankets, and has a convenient carrying bag.

According to the brand, this portable sauna blanket uses FAR infrared technology, potentially burning 300-600 calories per session. However, there is currently not enough scientific evidence to support this claim. Additionally, the sauna blanket is claimed to aid in the recovery of aches and pains by potentially relaxing the muscles.

MiHIGH infrared sauna blanket is 180 cm long, accommodates a maximum recommended height of 196 cm, and supports a weight limit of 150 kg. Crafted with a PU leather exterior and non-toxic, waterproof fabrics, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Priced at $599, the MiHIGH blanket is CE-approved for safety, a compact and cost-effective solution.

6. HydraGun — top infrared sauna blanket for body rejuvenation

HYDRAGUN HeatPod Sauna Blanket

According to the brand, the HydraGun sauna blanket offers full-body infrared heat therapy, ideal for recovery, systemic health enhancement, and stress relief.

The blanket features a premium build, including SGS-certified vegan leather and zero-EMF carbon fiber heating coils. HydraGun claims the blanket ensures even heat distribution with its densely wound carbon fiber coils. It additionally offers a wide temperature range with fine precision control.

Furthermore, the HydraGun sauna blanket is easy to set up and maintain; it's sweat-resistant and requires only a simple wipe-down. The blanket comes with a remote control, canvas storage bag, product manual, and option to purchase a towel insert.

Priced at $499, the HydraGun sauna blanket offers a 1.5-year international warranty and a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

7. Sharper Image — the best infrared sauna pad to relieve discomfort

Sharper Image Infrared Heating Pad

Discover the comfort of the infrared heating pad by Sharper Image, designed to gently soothe discomfort with its Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology.

According to the brand, this unique heating pad penetrates deep into muscles without becoming hot to the touch, potentially relieving joint stiffness and pain, cramps, and tense muscles.

Sharper Image sauna blanket is safe to use, has a low-voltage operation, and is a large 27” x 35” size, offering a convenient way to manage discomfort.

The blanket features three adjustable heat levels and is equipped with a 60-minute auto-shutoff timer. It is ideal for anyone seeking a subtle yet practical approach to pain relief.

Priced at $149.99, the Sharper Image heating pad blends safety with ease of use.

8. Heat Healer — the best infrared sauna blanket with zero EMF

The Heat Healer sauna blanket is an innovative solution offering an infrared sauna blanket with zero EMF. Instead, this blanket has 96 Jade and Tourmaline stones, which emit negative ions and far infrared heat for therapeutic effects.

This blanket also features EMF-blocking technology, carbon fiber heating, and certified toxin-free materials. Designed for simplicity, this sauna blanket is easy to use, clean, and store due to its portable travel bag. Each purchase includes a 100% cotton waffle sauna blanket insert, ensuring cleanliness and sweat absorption.

Additionally, based on the brand claims, the blanket is thoroughly tested according to international standards, including the Federal Communications Commission and IEC International Standards for quality and risk management (FCC/ IEC) regulations.

Priced at $598, the Heat Healer has a three-year warranty and it may become your gateway to a healthier, more relaxed state.

Comparing the best infrared sauna blankets

BrandPriceMaterialsUnique featuresWarranty length
HigherDose$699.00High temperature- and water-resistant polyurethane9 different heat settings1-year warranty
VELLGUS$549.00Non-toxic PU leatherHas convenient carrying bag1-year warranty
LifePro$499.99Non-toxic PU leatherHas 5 disposable detox wraps Lifetime warranty
SunHome$499.00N/AHas EMF-shielding technologyLimited 7-year warranty
MiHIGH$599.00Non-toxic PU leatherHas convenient carrying bag1-year warranty
HydraGun$549.00Premium SGS-certified vegan leatherZero-EMF carbon fiber heating coils1.5-year international warranty
Sharper Image$149.99N/A60-minute auto shutoff timer1-year limited replacement warranty
Heat Healer$598.00Heat resistant amide fabric96 Jade and Tourmaline stones3-year warranty

Expert insights: key benefits of infrared sauna blankets

Today, infrared (IR) technology is a key player in aesthetic treatments. Devices like IR blankets, IR lamps, and IR saunas are widely available in slimming centers, beauty salons, gyms, and medical facilities that focus on non-surgical, non-invasive procedures.

Using an infrared blanket at home offers health benefits that, to some extent, might be comparable to infrared saunas. While the research specifically on infrared sauna blankets is scarce, here are some suggested advantages of traditional or infrared sauna, as supported by research.

  • Support the immune system. In general, sauna therapy may assist in liberating toxins piled in our tissues, facilitating lymph and blood circulation, and strengthening one's immune system.
  • Relaxation. This happens due to the warmth releasing muscle tension, thus relaxing the body and mind.
  • Reduce oxidative stress. FIR ray therapy may provide protection against oxidative stress, which causes many age-related chronic diseases and aging signs.
  • Muscle soreness relief. Athletes experience notable relief in muscle soreness following resistance training after just one infrared sauna session.
  • Neuromuscular system recovery. A study showed that a far-infrared sauna positively impacts the neuromuscular system in active men, aiding recovery from strength and endurance workouts.
  • Cardiac function improvement. Regular infrared sauna use has been associated with short-term improvements in certain cardiac function parameters. However, this is based on varying levels of evidence and requires further research.

It is important to note that while many customers are looking for the best sauna blanket for weight loss, scientific research does not provide sufficient evidence to support the claim that sauna blankets can effectively aid in losing weight.

Are infrared sauna blankets safe to use?

Disclaimer — Someone with pre-existing health conditions must consult a healthcare professional before using the infrared sauna blanket.

Infrared sauna blankets are mainly safe when used correctly by following guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

However, there are cases where people should avoid saunas, infrared saunas, and infrared sauna blankets. For example, pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to avoid sauna use.

Those with hypotension or on blood pressure-lowering medication must exercise caution, as sauna use can further decrease blood pressure.

Additionally, elevated body temperatures, typical in sauna environments, may temporarily affect sperm production in men. This effect is not exclusive to infrared saunas but to all sauna types.

Experts also advise staying hydrated before, during, and after sauna blanket sessions to avoid any potential risks.

It is also important to remember that alcohol consumption can exacerbate dehydration and should be avoided before or during sauna blanket sessions.

And lastly, some of the studies have reported minor adverse effects like mild heat discomfort and lightheadedness with no severe consequences.

How to choose the best infrared sauna blanket?

Consider these factors to choose an infrared blanket that aligns with your safety, comfort, and effectiveness preferences.

  • Material quality. Look for durable, heat-resistant materials that are comfortable and non-toxic.
  • Temperature settings. Ensure it has adjustable temperature controls for personalized comfort.
  • Safety features. Check for safety certifications and automatic shut-off mechanisms to prevent overheating.
  • Size and design. Choose a size that fits your body comfortably; some designs offer better coverage than others.
  • EMF levels. Opt for low-EMF models to minimize exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  • Ease of cleaning. Consider how easy it is to clean and maintain.
  • Brand reputation and reviews. Research customer feedback and brand reputation for reliability.
  • Certifications. Check for brand compliance with safety standards, for example, any certification.
  • Warranty and customer support. Look for a good warranty and responsive customer service.
  • Price. Compare prices and features of different models to find one that offers good value for your budget.

Best infrared sauna blanket 2024: conclusion

In summary, infrared sauna blankets mimic the benefits of conventional saunas, providing a luxurious wellness experience without leaving your home.

As a cost-effective and practical solution, they present an appealing alternative to frequent spa visits or the expense of installing a personal sauna.

However, not all infrared sauna blankets are designed equally. Selecting a high-quality product might ensure a better sauna blanket experience.

Nonetheless, while sauna blankets are famous for their detoxifying benefits, they may not be suitable for everyone, particularly individuals with specific health conditions.

Therefore, consulting with a healthcare professional before incorporating an infrared sauna blanket into your routine is strongly advised for safety.

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