Do Grounding Sheets Work as Claimed?

Millions globally grapple with chronic pain, inflammation, and sleep issues, prompting a quest for alternative remedies. While such solutions can complement traditional treatments, they don't substitute them entirely. Earthing or grounding has emerged as one such adjunctive approach, involving direct skin contact with the Earth's surface through activities like walking barefoot on grass or using grounding sheets and mats. However, urban living poses challenges for accessing natural spaces for earthing practices. This raises the question: do grounding sheets effectively replicate the benefits of earthing? Let's delve into the science behind earthing sheets.

What are grounding sheets?

Grounding sheets are woven with a conductive material and are designed to plug directly into the grounding port of an outlet. They facilitate the flow of free electrons, helping balance excess electrical charge and establish a balance between the body and the ground. Apart from grounding sheets, an earthing mat can be used for meditation, relaxation, or power naps at any time of the day.

What are the benefits of grounding?

Limited scientific research explores the potential benefits of 'absorbing' free electrons from the Earth, such as potential sleep improvement or pain reduction. Here we'll break down the existing research behind these health claims.

Grounding for energy and sleep

One study conducted on 16 massage therapists found they experienced significant increases in physical function and energy when grounded compared to when they were not. The reported benefits of being grounded also included reductions in fatigue, low mood, and pain.

Earthing sheet enthusiasts have touted their benefits for enhancing sleep quality. One research study within a small sample showed that sleeping grounded may help balance cortisol levels in those with high or out-of-range secretion levels. Participants subjectively reported improvements in sleep, stress, and pain.

Grounding to reduce inflammation

Some research points toward the positive effects of electrically conductive contact on immune response, wound healing, and inflammation. In a study presenting theories on grounding and inflammation, researchers noted interesting changes in inflammatory responses.

Grounding an organism produces measurable differences in the concentrations of white blood cells, cytokines, and other molecules involved in the inflammatory response.

James L. Oschman, Gaétan Chevalier, Richard Brown — Journal of Inflammation Research, 2015

According to the review of research, grounding may reduce the first signs of inflammation, including redness, swelling, heat, and pain. They theorize that it is the use of free electrons from the Earth’s surface that creates an antioxidant environment, potentially reducing the inflammatory reaction and associated pain.

Grounding for exercise recovery

Anyone who has ever done a hard workout knows the feeling of having bodily aches and pains that can last for days. Grounding yourself post-workout could be one way to potentially reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

One controlled study divided participants into grounded and ungrounded groups. Of the 22 healthy individuals, those in the grounded group had less muscle fatigue and soreness than those who were ungrounded.

Do grounding sheets work?

While the available research is promising and offers an interesting perspective on the healing potential of grounding, much more scientific investigation is needed.

Grounding sheets are a relatively new technology. Establishing hard proof that they do or don’t work will take time and targeted research. However, from the limited scope of what we know so far, grounding your bed may help with sleep problems. It may also help with mood improvement, energy, inflammation, exercise recovery, and immune responses.

How do grounding sheets work?

Although the concept of grounding your bed might seem somewhat mystical and impossible, it's actually rooted in science. The scientific principle behind grounding works firstly from the fact that the Earth’s surface has free electrons. These electrons pass into the body when we connect to the Earth with our bare skin, allowing us direct electrical contact.

Using earthing sheets to create a grounding bed aims to neutralize the positive ions we absorb during the day from electronics. By allowing our bodies to connect to Earth via a grounding sheet, we are flooded with negative ions to create an electrical balance between the ground and the body.

You can think of it as having the same rejuvenation power of being barefoot on the earth, or laying on a sandy beach all night — only you get the benefits from the comfort of your own bed.

How to use grounding sheets

Once you’ve got your earthing mat or sheet home, it’s time to create that ground connection.

  1. Place your sheet on your bed the same way you would a regular sheet, making sure you have access to a plug point. You can use an extension cable if there’s no socket close by. Go for a fitted earthing sheet when grounding your bed. They slip less and are more user-friendly.
  2. Check that the cables work by plugging them into the socket and attaching the cable to the port on the sheet. If your sheet comes with it, use the earth connection test kit before connecting your sheet.
  3. Run the cable in a way that minimizes trip hazards if you have to get up at night. Try running the cable behind the bed, or pushing it under the bed away from walkways.
  4. Get into your new grounding bed and enjoy the benefits of earthing while you sleep. You want as much of your skin in contact with the sheet as possible, so if you usually sleep in full pajamas try wearing shorts instead.

To really get the most out of the grounding effects make sure to sleep with bare feet, as the soles of your feet are the most conductive part of the body. Also, don't wear metallic jewelry to bed because it may change the electrical charge of your body.

Final thoughts on grounding sheets

Most of us don’t walk barefoot or spend hours outdoors lounging in the grass. Although the scientific evidence is fairly limited, it does suggest that using grounding sheets could provide similar rejuvenating effects as direct earth contact.

Earthing and grounding sheets aim to reconnect us with the natural flow of energy from the Earth’s surface. Many practitioners and scientific researchers alike are hopeful that it could be beneficial for supporting sleep problems, reducing inflammation, and improving symptoms associated with chronic disease.

Ground connection technology is still fairly new, so approach it with a scientific and open mind. While it holds potential, it should never replace recommended treatment from healthcare professionals.


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