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LifeMD Review 2024: Pros and Cons Reviewed

LifeMD is a telehealth platform that connects you with board-certified doctors virtually. Instead of waiting at a clinic, you can chat with a doctor by phone or video from the comfort of your home. LifeMD offers a wide range of services, from common illnesses to ongoing management of chronic conditions like high blood pressure or allergies.

They also have programs for weight management, mental health, and sexual health. This platform is a good fit for people who need convenient healthcare access or are uncomfortable going to a doctor's office in person.

In this LifeMD review, we'll delve deeper into the platform's features, and various plans offered, explore its pros and cons, and help you decide if it's the right fit for your healthcare needs.

How did we review LifeMD

To give you a well-rounded picture of LifeMD, we evaluated the platform based on several key criteria:

Services offeredEase of useQuality of carePricingAccessibility
Primary, urgent, and chronic care
Platform navigation, appointment schedulingDoctor qualifications, patient feedbackMembership fees, consultation costs, medication refill costsAvailability outside business hours, state-specific limits
  • Services offered. We delved deeper than basic urgent care to see if LifeMD addresses your specific healthcare needs. This included examining their programs for chronic condition management, mental health services, and sexual health, in addition to urgent care services.
  • Ease of use. We assessed user-friendliness across the board. This considered how easy it is to navigate the LifeMD platform, schedule appointments, connect with doctors virtually, and manage your healthcare information all within the system.
  • Quality of care. We looked beyond just qualifications. We evaluated the experience and credentials of LifeMD's healthcare providers and factored in patient feedback on the quality of care received during consultations and follow-up interactions.
  • Pricing. We explored all aspects of cost transparency. This included membership fees (if applicable), consultation costs for different services, medication refills, and any additional charges. We aimed to understand how upfront and clear LifeMD is about its pricing structure.
  • Accessibility. We considered appointment availability outside of regular business hours, accepted insurance plans, and any state-specific limits on telehealth services.

What is LifeMD?

Founded in 2014, LifeMD is a telehealth platform for U.S. users that puts virtual healthcare at your fingertips. LifeMD's vision is to make healthcare accessible and convenient. The platform offers a range of services, from urgent care for common illnesses to managing chronic conditions.

LifeMD healthcare providers

LifeMD connects you with a network of board-certified doctors and healthcare providers experienced in delivering virtual care. They focus on building a team with strong qualifications and a commitment to patient satisfaction. LifeMD’s medical team members are licensed to practice in all 50 states. The medical team specializes in areas such as:

  • Allergies, immunology, pediatrics
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Medicine

How to get started

Getting started is simple: create an account, book an appointment online, then chat with a doctor by phone or video call. If needed, LifeMD healthcare professionals can prescribe medication and even arrange follow-up consultations.

LifeMD supporting UI main screen

LifeMD subscription plans and pricing

LifeMD offers three different membership plans (and a holistic weight loss management plan) with no insurance needed. Here’s a quick overview:

PlanFeePriceBenefits Coverage for visits
FlexCareNo monthly fee$139/visitAccess to AI symptom checker, prescription discount cardPer visit charge ($139)
TotalCareQuarterly fee$117 per 3 monthsOne free visit per month, discounted labs, 24/7 messaging with the care teamFree visit every 30 days
ConciergePlusMonthly fee$99/monthUnlimited free visits, comprehensive annual exams, specialist & imaging referralsUnlimited free visits
GLP-1 ProgramMonthly fee$129/monthAccess to GLP-1 medications, in-depth metabolic tests, expert clinical guidanceNot available

Traditional healthcare costs can vary greatly depending on factors like insurance coverage and the service received. LifeMD can potentially be more affordable, especially for frequent visits or those without insurance coverage for appointments. However, some plans may not cover the full cost of medications or lab tests.

LifeMD claims that no health insurance is required and all the plans excluding FlexCare can be canceled anytime. Insurance coverage for LifeMD services varies by provider. While some plans may cover consultations, others may not. It's important to check with your insurance company to see what portion of the cost they'll reimburse.

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User feedback about LifeMD services

LifeMD users offer a mixed bag of experiences, with both positive and negative feedback on various platforms. LifeMD boasts a 4.0 rating on Trustpilot and a high 4.9 rating on the App Store, with nearly 3,000 ratings.

Positive experiences often highlight the convenience and time-saving aspects of LifeMD telehealth. Many users appreciate the ease of scheduling appointments, the ability to connect with doctors remotely, and the fast turnaround time for consultations. Reviews also mention positive experiences with specific doctors, citing their thoroughness, knowledge, and kindness.

Negative reviews mostly focus on the LifeMD platform itself. App users mention occasional bugs with the messaging feature and difficulties viewing or managing subscriptions within the app. A few Trustpilot reviews express frustration with billing issues or a lack of follow-up from doctors.

Overall, user feedback suggests LifeMD offers a convenient and potentially valuable service, but there's room for improvement in the user experience, particularly within the app.

Comparing LifeMD with other telehealth platforms

PlatformLifeMDPlushCareSesameDrHouseCall-On-DocCircle Medical
Subscription plansFree, pay-per-visit, monthly or quarterlyMonthlyMembershipSubscriptionSubscriptionMonthly
Services offeredUrgent care, chronic care, mental health, sexual healthUrgent care, mental health, sexual healthUrgent care, chronic care, specialist referralsUrgent care, chronic care, mental healthUrgent care, chronic care, mental healthUrgent care, chronic care, sexual health
Doctor networkBoard-certifiedBoard-certifiedBoard-certified or licensed practitionersBoard-certified or licensed practitionersBoard-certified or licensed practitionersBoard-certified or licensed practitioners
Standout featuresUnlimited visits (ConciergeCare), 24/7 messagingMental health focus, affordabilityMembership options for cost-effectivenessFocus on affordabilityFocus on same-day appointmentsConvenient scheduling
PlatformWeb browser and appWeb browser and appWeb browserAppWeb browserApp
Prescription medicineYesYesYesYesYesYes

LifeMD stands out among the best online doctors with its subscription plans suited to different needs, including a free option with pay-per-visit. Additionally, the unlimited visits with ConciergeCare and 24/7 access to a care team are attractive features.

LifeMD might not be the best choice if you require frequent consultations with specialists, as some other platforms offer a wider specialist network.

Why you should choose telehealth services?

While telehealth service is different from in-person care, it’s a convenient and time-saving alternative for many healthcare needs. Imagine skipping the waiting room and connecting with a doctor from the comfort of your couch or workplace via phone or video call.

Telehealth, the use of electronic information and technologies to provide healthcare remotely, is great for consultations about common illnesses. Those include allergies or urinary tract infections, refilling prescriptions for routine medications, and even managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure or asthma.

For instance, if you wake up with a sore throat on a busy Monday morning, a quick telehealth consultation can get you a diagnosis and prescription for antibiotics if needed, possibly before you even head to work. This can save you valuable time and energy compared to waiting for an appointment at a traditional clinic.

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Concluding LifeMD review — our view

This review has revealed that LifeMD offers a convenient alternative to traditional in-person healthcare. They connect you with board-certified doctors virtually for consultations, prescriptions, and chronic condition management.

In our view, LifeMD stands out with its flexible subscription plans and range of services, making it a good option for those seeking accessible and affordable virtual care. However, we recommend considering alternative platforms if you need frequent specialist care or prioritize a flawless app experience.

What we liked

LifeMD offers flexible subscription plans and a wide range of services, including urgent care, chronic care, mental health, and sexual health. The platform provides convenient virtual consultations and 24/7 access to a care team through its ConciergeCare plan.

What we didn't like

However, the platform occasionally experiences app functionality issues and has a limited specialist network compared to some competitors. Additionally, there have been a few user concerns about billing and follow-up services that could be improved.


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