10 Health Trend Predictions for 2024

Every year, there are new trends that crop up in all areas of life. In 2023, we saw the meteoric rise of pickleball, face yoga, and medicinal mushrooms, to name a few. But, what does 2024 hold in store for our health? Let’s find out as we discover 10 health trend predictions for the new year and beyond.

The new year is a time for reset and renewal and can often include resolutions to commit to a more health conscious future. If you are looking for some inspiration for your health and wellness in 2024, then the following 10 health trend predictions might motivate you in the right direction.

1. Longevity

Longevity has been somewhat of a buzzword on the health and wellness scene for a few years, but 2024 is going to see it emerge into the mainstream. Far from simply prolonging life, longevity promotes the idea of maintaining vitality and optimal health as we age. There is a lot of emerging research focused on the ability of certain supplements, types of exercise, and lifestyle changes to help us improve longevity. Some of these include:

  • NMN supplementation
  • Resistance training
  • Mostly plant-based diet
  • Intermittent fasting

2. Biohacking

Biohacking uses our own biology in a do-it-yourself approach to becoming the very best version of ourselves. Through the implementation of biohacks, such as making changes to our diet, ensuring we get sunlight and fresh air every day, cold water therapy, and regular saunas, we aim to optimize mental and physical health.

You can also combine biohacking with habit stacking. For example, you might take a walk out in nature while listening to a binaural beats meditation and that’s 5 different biohacks rolled into one activity — exercise, getting out in nature, breathing fresh air, movement meditation, and shifting brainwave patterning with sound.

3. Smart tech and wearables

Knowing how our lifestyle is affecting our health metrics is going to be huge in 2024. It’s all very well to hit the gym regularly, drink green smoothies, and aim for a healthy amount of sleep, but it’s even better to know how and when these kinds of activities affect us most.

Wearable health monitors, which connect to apps on our smart devices, are such an effective way to measure what’s working best for us. Everyone's body is different. One person might burn through a lot of calories first thing in the morning in a fasted state, while another might have better results in the evening an hour after a healthy and balanced dinner. Wearables take the guesswork out of our health and wellness lifestyle choices, giving direct measurements to let us know how and when our bodies work best.

4. Sleep hygiene

We all know that a good 7–9 hours of sleep is crucial to our health and well-being. You only need one night of less sleep to notice the effects of tiredness on your whole body. In 2024, sleeping in might be the new going out as more and more people choose an early night over staying out late and partying.

Different sleep hacks, like apps, wearable sleep monitors, and lifestyle changes, saw a massive rise in popularity in 2023 as more people wanted to know about not just sleep quantity but sleep quality. Here are a few suggestions for improving the quality of your sleep:

  • Use blackout blinds or a sleep mask
  • Sleep in a cool room
  • Wind down before bed by turning off overhead lights
  • Use brainwave meditation before sleep

5. Digital detoxing

Spending too much time online doom scrolling through social media has been shown to have a negative effect on our mental health. From body image to lifestyle comparisons, this constant exposure to so many images and videos of what American culture perceives to be 'perfection' isn’t healthy for us.

In 2024, we’ll see more and more people making a conscious choice to switch off from the digital world. This might look like going for walks out in nature and local parks but leaving the smartphone at home. It could be choosing one day of the week when you don’t switch on your phone or your computer. You might even spend a weekend away in the forest, completely switched off. Whatever you choose for your digital detox, just make sure to reconnect to yourself and the natural world.

6. Social connection through sport

The trendy sport pickleball blew up in 2023, and with it came the rise of partaking in more group sports and exercise as a way to create and enhance social connections. You can make new friends and deepen existing friendships; all while burning calories, building muscle, and improving mobility.

If you want to build up a more sporty social life, check out some local outdoor fitness groups, such as running clubs, and HIIT in the park groups, or explore your nearest health and fitness club. Keep an eye out for a rise in badminton’s popularity — many fitness influencers are saying it's going to be the most popular group sport of 2024!

7. Sobriety

The fact that drinking alcohol is bad for you isn’t anything new. But there’s a teetotal health trend sweeping the globe in 2024, championed by health-conscious millennials and Gen-Z influencers. Intentionally sober parties, concerts, and festivals are on the rise all over the world, with more and more people choosing sobriety over getting drunk.

For dry January and beyond, opt for healthy drinks, such as cacao and matcha, non-alcoholic cocktails, and gut-friendly tonics containing kombucha and other good bacteria, for great alternatives to drinking alcohol.

8. Hydration hacks

We all know the saying, 'water is life,' but so few of us actually drink enough of it. 2024 is going to be the year that ushers in even more hydration hacks to ensure we are getting enough of this vital elixir into our bodies.

  1. Hydration apps are great for showing us how much water we've had and how much more we need to hit our daily goals.
  2. You can purchase a wearable 12 oz wet sleeve that you fill with water and strap around your arm for long hikes or runs.
  3. Adding electrolytes to your water improves rehydration after exercise.
  4. Eating high water-content foods, such as watermelon and cucumber, adds to your hydration levels.

9. Creatine supplements

Every year, there is always one dietary supplement that is crowned king. 2024 might be the year that creatine supplements have their moment in the spotlight. Creatine is reported to improve athletic performance by enhancing muscle growth and strength, helping muscle cells produce more energy, and may also enhance cognitive function.

You can take creatine as a powder or in capsules with food just like any other dietary supplement. It's been the subject of many years of research, and according to clinical trials, it's safe to use regularly for up to 5 years.

10. Functional fitness

Last year, we saw a rise in what's known as functional fitness, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down as we move into 2024. It's a type of exercise that uses both hand-held weights and body weight while moving in specific ways that train your body to perform better in everyday activities. Functional fitness aims to enhance mobility, range of movement, and core stability.

Functional fitness asks that instead of using the leg press machine at the gym, you try using dumbbells while performing squats. The thought process here is that you are much more likely to need to squat down to pick something up from the ground than push something heavy with your legs along the floor.

Final thoughts

Health and fitness are always high on the agenda at the beginning of the year, with millions making resolutions that prioritize health. It's a time to review our goals, make new commitments, and try new hacks that may optimize our fitness. These 10 health trend predictions for 2024 aim to inspire you to implement lifestyle changes that may make 2024 the best year yet for your well-being, fitness, and vitality.

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