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Discover The Best Cat DNA Tests In 2024

Cat DNA tests emerge as a revolutionary tool, offering a window into your cat’s unique genetic blueprint.

These tests can unlock mysteries of breed heritage, health predispositions, and even quirky traits, providing insights far beyond the surface.

Imagine peeling back the layers of your cat's ancestry, discovering exotic origins, or finding out about potential health issues.

Cat DNA tests are not just a scientific curiosity but a potential pathway to deeper pet-human connection, tailoring care to your cat's specific needs.

In this article, we will explore the best cat DNA test on the market, taking you on a fascinating journey of genetic discovery to strengthen the bond with your beloved feline companion.

Best cat DNA test: shortlist

  1. EasyDNA — best cat DNA test for genetic diseases
  2. Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test — best affordable cat DNA test
  3. Wisdom Panel — best cat breed DNA test
  4. Basepaws Whole Genome Sequencing — best comprehensive cat DNA test

How we chose the best cat DNA test

When compiling our list of the best cat DNA tests, we focused on these key criteria to present an unbiased overview.

Customer satisfactionPositive reviews
Testing featuresBreed and health insights
Turnaround timeShort wait times
  • Customer satisfaction. We looked at online reviews and testimonials to gauge how satisfied customers were with their testing experience.
  • Testing features. We assessed the variety and depth of information provided by each test, including breed identification, health insights, or both.
  • Turnaround time. We checked how long it takes for results to be returned to customers, prioritizing tests with shorter wait times.
  • Cost. We compared prices to determine which tests offered the best value for the benefits provided.

Best cat DNA test 2024: overview

There are various factors at play when choosing the best cat DNA test. Each of these products is designed to identify your cat’s breed and potential health problems that may occur in the future.

In this overview, we explore our list of chosen cat DNA tests, presenting their features, benefits, price, and pros and cons.

1. EasyDNA — best cat DNA test for genetic diseases

EasyDNA CatCheck (Feline) Genetic Disease Test

EasyDNA CatCheck Genetic Disease Test is a cutting-edge solution for pet owners seeking to learn more about their cat’s genetic makeup.

This test screens for over 75 genetic diseases and traits, offering one of the most comprehensive assessments available in the market.

According to the provider, the process is very straightforward: order the kit, collect a DNA sample from your cat with a quick swab, and send it back.

The results are delivered within 10–15 business days, presenting detailed information about your cat’s health.

Priced at $150, EasyDNA offers a discount on multiple tests, making it easier to care for all your feline family members.

2. Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test — best affordable cat DNA test

Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test

Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test offers an affordable way to learn more about your cat’s health.

The process is straightforward and user-friendly. With just a simple swab, you can unlock a wealth of information that includes predisposition to 43 diseases, breed characteristics, and potential dental health issues.

According to the provider, this test may not only offer insights into your cat's genetic risks but also empower you to make informed decisions about its health and wellness, ensuring a longer, happier life together.

The results are delivered in 4–6 weeks with free two-way shipping in the U.S.

Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA starts from $119 for a single test, providing peace of mind and fostering a stronger bond between you and your pet.

3. Wisdom Panel — best cat DNA test for breed

Wisdom Panel™ Complete DNA Test kit for Cats

Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats is an advanced DNA test kit designed to provide insights into your cat’s health.

These include the identification of 45 health conditions, 70+ breeds and populations, 25+ traits, and even your cat's blood type.

Beyond breed identification, the test provides extensive health screenings, allowing you and your vet to make a proactive health plan.

It also includes a free 15-minute vet consultation for any questions regarding the DNA report or general care.

The sample is taken with a quick swab, and the results are returned in 2–3 weeks.

Priced at $103.99, Wisdom Panel's vet-developed kit delivers trust and commitment to pet health and well-being.

4. Basepaws Whole Genome Sequencing — best comprehensive cat DNA test

Basepaws Cat Whole Genome Sequencing

Basepaws Whole Genome Sequencing offers a revolutionary approach to understanding your cat's health.

It presents you with actionable insights into your cat’s genetics, breed characteristics, and predispositions to over 43 diseases.

Additionally, the supplier provides free lifetime reports on new scientific information regarding your cat’s traits.

The sample for the test is taken by a quick 5–10 second swab from both gums and teeth.

With free two-way shipping in the U.S., results are delivered in 9–12 weeks, including full access to the raw data on a USB drive and a detailed Breed + Health Cat DNA Report.

Priced at $499, this service offers unparalleled peace of mind and proactive care for your beloved pet.

Comparing the best cat DNA tests in 2024

ProductPriceTesting featuresTurnaround time
EasyDNA$150.0075 different characteristics, including genetic disorders, coat colors, and blood type10–15 business days
Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test $119.0025 genetic traits, 43 diseases, oral health panel, breed characteristics4–6 weeks
Wisdom Panel$103.9945 genetic health conditions, blood type, 70+ breeds and populations, 25+ traits2–3 weeks
Basepaws Whole Genome Sequencing $499.0025 genetic traits, 114 health and disease markers, oral health panel, breed characteristics, blood type 9–12 weeks

Why would you need a cat DNA test?

Cat DNA tests can provide information about your pet, such as breed identification, ancestry, and genetic traits.

By analyzing your cat's genetic makeup, these tests can reveal their heritage, if they have any exotic breed genes, or if they're likely to be predisposed to certain health conditions.

This information is important for tailoring care, diet, and even understanding behaviors linked to their breed.

Furthermore, knowing potential health risks early allows you to take preemptive measures and discuss with your vet about treatment options if necessary.

Typically, cat DNA test results can be expected within a few weeks, providing a comprehensive genetic breakdown of your cat's lineage and health profile.

Choosing the right cat DNA test: things to consider

There are several factors to consider when seeking the most accurate and comprehensive insights about your feline friend. Here are key points to keep in mind:

  • Genetic markers. Look for tests that analyze a wide range of genetic markers for detailed results on breed, health, and traits.
  • Health screenings. Choose tests that offer health screening options to identify potential genetic diseases or conditions.
  • Turnaround time. Consider how long it takes to receive results. A balance between speed and thorough analysis is ideal.
  • Customer support. Ensure the company provides robust customer service for any questions or clarifications after results are returned.

These factors will guide you in choosing a cat DNA test that offers valuable insights into your cat's unique genetic makeup and health profile.

The cost of cat DNA kits

Cat DNA kits typically range from $45 to $150. The variance in pricing often reflects the comprehensiveness of the test, including breed analysis, health markers, and genetic traits covered.

Whether these tests are worth the price depends on what you want to know about your cat.

For those seeking detailed insights into their cat's breed heritage, potential health risks, and unique genetic markers — investing in a more expensive test might be worth it.

However, if your interest is primarily in basic breed identification, a lower-priced option may be just enough.

How to use a cat DNA test

To use a cat DNA test effectively, follow these steps:

  • Collect a DNA sample. Use the swab provided in your kit to gently rub the inside of your cat's cheek. Ensure a good sample by swabbing for the recommended time.
  • Send the sample. Package the swab as instructed and mail it to the lab for analysis.
  • Wait for results. Processing times can vary but expect to wait a few weeks for your results to be ready.
  • Analyze results. Upon receiving your results, you'll get information about your cat's breed, health predispositions, and possibly even traits and ancestry. Review the findings with your veterinarian to discuss any health concerns.

Additionally, ensure the swab does not get contaminated, and consider the timing of the sampling for the test (avoid after eating). Understanding the genetic markers tested can help you to interpret the results more accurately.

Best cat DNA test 2024: conclusion

When choosing the best cat DNA test, you should consider how many genetic markers it covers, the complexity of health checks, and how well it covers your needs.

There is an abundance of high-quality options tailored to various use cases, regardless of how much you're looking to spend.

Make sure to choose a product that gives you a clear picture of your cat's genetics and health needs.

The right DNA test can bring you closer to your cat by unveiling its unique background and potential health issues.

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