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Best Supplements for Puppies 2024: Top 8 Recommendations

It is not uncommon for pet owners to wonder if their beloved companion needs an extra boost in their nutrition. Although puppies should get all the required vitamins and minerals through a balanced diet, certain supplements may benefit your pet. The situations during which pet owners could consider supplements include nutritional deficiencies, picky eating habits, or large breed puppies with fast-growing skeletal structures.

If, after consulting with your veterinarian, you have decided to incorporate supplements in your pet’s diet, we have prepared a list of some of the best supplements for puppies.

Best supplements for puppies 2024: shortlist

  1. Meaningful Tree — best supplement for gut health
  2. Medipups — best supplement for joint health support
  3. Real Mushrooms — best medicinal mushroom supplement
  4. Ruff Greens — best fruit and vegetable-based supplement
  5. Wild Earth — best puppy supplement with omega-3 fatty acid
  6. Four Leaf Rover — best puppy supplement featuring green-lipped mussels
  7. Raw Paws Pet Food — best bone broth supplement
  8. Fera — best probiotic supplement for puppies

How we compiled the list of best supplements for puppies?

PriceIngredientsSubscription modelCustomer reviews
Reasonably pricedTailored to support the health of your petCan be purchased with a subscription to save moneyPositive customer experience
  • Price. For our best puppy supplements list, we preferred products that offer good value for money.
  • Ingredients. We examined the supplement labels for science-backed ingredients. However, as of now, research studies on canine supplements are lacking, especially for puppies. This means that you should always discuss with your veterinarian before starting any supplement.
  • Subscription model. As supplements are usually recommended for use for an extended time, we preferred products that can be purchased with a subscription with an extra discount.
  • Customer reviews. By examining customer feedback, we aimed to better understand customer experience, including problems with shipping, subscription, and support team.

Top picks: supplements for puppies

If you are searching for puppy food supplements, we have prepared a list of products that may be of interest to you. The products we have selected address a broad spectrum of areas, including gut, skin, and oral health.

1. Meaningful Tree — best supplement for gut health for puppies

Meaningful Tree Super Pet Total Health Powder

Formulated by Meaningful Tree, this powder supplement is tailored to help your puppy with their digestion. It contains two active ingredients: extra virgin olive oil and acacia fiber, a natural prebiotic. This simple formula is promoted to help reduce occasional runny stools, gas, or constipation.

Moreover, this supplement may be introduced to support your pet’s oral, skin, and hair health.

The recommended serving size of this supplement is:

Dog sizeServing size
Less than 30 lbs½ scoop
More than 30 lbs 1 scoop

One jar of this product is priced at $39.99 without a subscription. Since one jar contains 30 scoops, this supplement costs $1.33 per scoop.

2. Medipups — best supplement for joint support in puppies

Medipups Joint Care chews

Tailored for dogs experiencing developmental joint issues, this Medipups supplement could pique your interest if you own a pup from a breed susceptible to such conditions. Containing active ingredients like glucosamine, this dog supplement is promoted to support joint health.

Keep in mind that Medipups should be only integrated into your puppy’s routine if they are 12 weeks or older.

The recommended daily dosage of this supplement is:

Dog sizeServing size
Less than 25 lbs½ chews
25–75 lbs 1 chew
More than 75 lbs 2 chews

Right now, you can purchase these supplement chews for $38.69 without a subscription. The jar contains 30 chews, making one chew come at $1.28.

3. Real Mushrooms — best medicinal mushroom supplement for puppies

Real Mushrooms Organic Lions Mane Extract Capsules for Pets

This Real Mushrooms supplement is a veterinarian-designed product for dogs and cats featuring only one active ingredient, lion’s mane, with no additional starch, mycelium, or grain. As proposed by Real Mushrooms, this compound may help to support your pet’s cognitive health.

As a brand, Real Mushrooms stand out due to rigorous third-party testing of their products. Moreover, this product is made in an NSF-certified facility within the U.S.

The recommended serving size of these Real Mushroom capsules:

Dog sizeServing size
Less than 10 lbs½ capsule
11–20 lbs 1 capsule
21–30 lbs 1 ½ capsule

Bigger pets will need larger servings. The full table is available on the provider’s website.

One bottle containing 120 capsules is now priced at $19.95 ($0.16 per capsule) without a subscription.

4. Ruff Greens — best fruit and vegetable-based supplement

Ruff Greens VitaSmart

If you are on the lookout for the best vitamins for puppies, you may come across this vegetable and fruit-based supplement by Ruff Greens. Proposed to support nutrition, it is a powdered supplement that can be mixed into your pet’s food or added to their water. It contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes.

As per the brand, this product is suitable for use at every stage of your dog's life.

Ruff Greens advises giving this amount of the product to your dog:

Dog sizeServing size
Less than 40 lbs1 tbsp
More than 40 lbs 2 tbsp

Remember, the brand recommends adding the supplement to your dog’s diet gradually, meaning that you should give half of the serving size for the first 7–10 days.

Currently, one packet of this powder is retailed at $79.95 without the subscription. As the packet contains 28 tablespoons, this product costs $2.85 per serving.

5. Wild Earth — best dog supplement with omega-3

Wild Earth Hip & Joint Dog Supplements

Wild Earth presents a veterinarian-developed supplement for dogs that contains omega-3. For joint support, Wild Earth also includes turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

As suggested by the manufacturer, these peanut butter flavor chews may contribute to protective cartilage health and have anti-inflammatory properties.

The recommended dosage, according to Wild Earth, is:

Dog sizeServing size
Less than 25 lbs1 chew
25–75 lbs2 chew
More than 75 lbs 3 chew

The product is made using only plant-based ingredients.

One jar containing 60 chews is priced at $30, meaning one chew would cost you $0.50.

6. Four Leaf Rover — best dog supplement with green-lipped mussels

Four Leaf Rover Hip & Joint Support

Proposed to be great for supporting your pet’s joint and hip health, Four Leaf Rover is a powdered supplement that should be mixed with water or sprinkled over food. Four Leaf Rover contains fatty acids (including ETA and SDA) coming from green-lipped mussels.

Moreover, the product includes NEM® brand eggshell membrane powder, Poria cocos mushroom extract, and curcumin.

The recommended dose of Four Leaf Rover is:

Dog sizeServing size
Less than 30 lbs½ tsp
31–60 lbs1 tsp
61–100 lbs1 ½ tsp
More than 101 lbs 2 tsp

A smaller jar of this product is priced at $29.99 without the subscription. This size jar contains around 29 teaspoons, meaning you would be spending approximately $1.03 on this supplement per day.

7. Raw Paws Pet Food — best bone broth supplement for puppies

Raw Paws Pet Food Beef Bone Broth Supplement Powder

Made from a single ingredient, grass-fed beef bone broth powder, Raw Paws Pet Food is a nutritious addition to your pet’s diet. Bone broth is often used as a supplement for dogs as a way to support their digestive, joint, skin, and hair health.

This powder ensures a minimum crude protein content of 95%.

The recommended dosage, according to the provider, is:

Dog sizeServing size
Less than 25 lbs½ tbsp
25–50 lbs1 tbsp
50–75 lbs 1 ½ tbsp

This bone broth can be mixed with water or sprinkled over your pet’s food.

Right now, one jar of Raw PAws Pet Food s priced at $39.99. The jar contains a 62-day supply for a 25 lbs animal, meaning the product would cost you $0.64 per day.

8. Fera — best probiotic supplement for puppies

Fera Pets Organics Probiotics with Prebiotics

Made to support gut health in dogs and cats, Fera offers a probiotic supplement containing 5 billion CFU per scoop. Moreover, the product features prebiotics to foster gut microbiota balance.

This supplement comes in a powdered form that is flavorless and has to be mixed into your pet’s food.

According to the brand, the daily dosage of this supplement is:

Dog sizeServing size
5–15 lbs½ scoop
15–60 lbs 1 scoop
More than 60 lbs 2 scoops

You can purchase one jar of this supplement for $28.95 as a one-time purchase. As the jar contains 60 servings, one scoop would come at $0.48.

Comparison of the best supplements for puppies

BrandProposed benefits Main ingredients FormPriceSubscription purchase Savings if purchased with a subscription
Meaningful TreeMay support digestion, skin, hair, and oral health Extra virgin olive oil and acacia fiber Powder$39.99Yes15%
MedipupsMay support joint health Glucosamine, green-lipped mussels, anchovy oil, Curcugen® Chews$38.69Yes25%
Real MushroomsMay support cognitive health Lion’s maneCapsules$19.95Yes15%
Ruff GreensMay support nutritionVegetables, fruits, and digestive enzymesPowder$79.95Yes$20
Wild EarthMay support joint healthOmega-3, turmericChews$30.00Yes30%
Four Leaf RoverMay support joint healthGreen-lipped mussels, NEM® brand eggshell membranePowder$29.99Yes15%
Raw Paws Pet FoodMay support joint, gut, skin, hair healthBeef bone broth Powder$39.99NoN/A
FeraMay support gut health Probiotics and prebiotics Powder$28.95Yes10%

How to choose the best supplements for puppies?

Whether you are looking for the best supplements for puppy growth, large breed puppy vitamins, or exploring ways to improve your pet’s diet, it is of utmost importance to consult your veterinarian for personalized guidelines. Puppies should get all the needed nutrients through their diet, with supplementation advised only for specific situations, such as nutritional deficiencies.

If you decide to incorporate supplements into your pup’s routine, please be careful when choosing products. As of right now, there is regulatory ambiguity surrounding supplements for dogs. Neither the FDA nor the American Veterinary Medical Association has established clear guidelines.

Look for products or ingredients that have been endorsed by your veterinarian. Moreover, prioritize brands that follow good manufacturing practices (GMP) and third-party test their products.

Also, it is important to consider your puppy's specific needs. For instance, some dog breeds are more prone to joint or digestive problems. The risk factors can be determined by your veterinarian.

Understanding the nutritional requirements of puppies

The nutritional needs of puppies involve support for their growth and development. As balanced energy intake is essential, their dietary intake should be tracked with caution.

A wide range of ingredients can be included in dog supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and probiotics. While a lack of nutrients may lead to deficiencies, an excess is also not beneficial for puppies. Overnutrition may lead to developmental issues.

Please consider discussing nutritional requirements with a veterinarian for more personalized advice.

Recommendations for puppy health from vet

Veterinarians highly recommend discussing any supplementation with a certified professional.

This is especially important if your puppy experiences certain symptoms, e.g., gastrointestinal disturbances. Any indication of discomfort or abnormality in your dog could potentially stem from underlying health conditions.

Concluding recommendations for best supplements for puppies

When it comes to supplements, most puppies do not need any additional products in their diet. However, you may want to consider supplements in certain situations. Picky eaters and nutritional deficiencies are a few instances where puppy supplements may be helpful.

If after talking with your veterinarian you have decided to incorporate supplements into your pet’s regime, look for trusted brands that apply a wide range of safety measures during the manufacturing process. Moreover, always stick to the recommended dosage (either by the manufacturer or veterinarian), as over-supplementation may pose risks.

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