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Best Fertility Tracking App 2024: Top 5 Ranked

As of 2024, the FemTech sector is abundant with various fertility tracker apps offering a wider list of selections than ever before. For women looking to monitor their reproductive health and catch the best timing for conceiving, we've compiled a list of top-rated fertility tracker app options.

Below, we’re sharing more information on how they work to increase fertility awareness, their specific features, and more. Our goal with this review article is to simplify the selection process and help you find the best fertility tracker app for your needs.

Best fertility tracker app 2024: shortlist

  1. Flo — overall best fertility tracker app
  2. Glow — best app for trying to conceive
  3. Natural Cycles — best fertility awareness tracker app
  4. Eve by Glow — best app for sexual health tracking
  5. Clue — best all-in-one fertility tracker app

How we chose the best fertility tracker apps

We selected the best fertility tracker apps based on their user-friendliness, security, inclusivity, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy.

User experienceEase of use
SafetyUser data security
AccuracyMaximum prediction accuracy
AccessibilityAvailability on iOS and Android
PriceAffordable subscription plans
  • User experience. We examined feedback from users on various platforms, as well as used the apps ourselves to assess how easy and intuitive these fertility tracker apps are.
  • Safety. Safety and security are paramount when using mobile applications, especially fertility tracker apps, where women may input highly intimate information.
  • Accuracy. While not as precise as doctor's visits or certain at-home tests, the accuracy of fertility tracker apps relies on the data users input. We've chosen apps that, through algorithmic analysis, provide the most accurate predicted dates for optimal chances of conception.
  • Accessibility. To ensure integrity, we've chosen fertility tracker apps that are accessible to both iOS and Android users.
  • Price. Our evaluation of fertility tracker apps includes considerations of their cost-effectiveness, taking into account free app versions as well as the prices of monthly and annual subscriptions.

Best fertility tracker apps 2024: overview

Fertility tracking apps can be a great way to track fertility signs and understand your menstrual cycle better. Finding the best fertility awareness apps could help you predict when you will ovulate and determine when your next period will start.

Below, we’re sharing some of our picks of the best apps for trying to conceive and what sets them apart from one another.

1. Flo — overall best fertility tracker app

Flo Health app

Based on customer reviews and our experience, we believe Flo may be the best fertility tracker app in 2024. This app offers comprehensive help for women who are trying to conceive with or without health conditions such as PCOS or symptoms such as irregular cycles.

Let’s talk in more detail about what we like about the app and what might be improved.

What we like

  • Free version. You can use Flo for free, which may provide enough information and daily insights based on your logs.
  • Accuracy. We liked the app’s accuracy of predictions, such as ovulation day, next period day, and even possible daily symptoms, which are calculated based on the daily data input.
  • Simple interface. Flo offers a more smooth experience with 3 main aim modes — period, pregnancy, and fertility tracking.
  • Secret chat. This is an active in-app community where women tell their fertility stories, share useful facts about their reproductive health, and offer support for TTC (trying to conceive) couples.

What we don’t like

  • Intrusive ads. The free version of the Flo app contains ads and promotions, which may be destructive for some.
  • Limited posting. You can leave comments and participate in conversations initiated by the Flo team but cannot create your own posts.

The Flo app for fertility tracking is available at the following prices for subscription plans:

  • Monthly — $11.49
  • Annually — $39.99

2. Glow — best fertility app for trying to conceive

Glow Premium app

Glow is reported by a number of users as the best TTC app for couples. This app allows not only women but also men to track their fertility. The creators of the Glow fertility tracker app recognize the significance of men's involvement in the TTC journey, emphasizing that male factors are equally important.

Here is what we like about the Glow app and what, in our opinion, could be better.

What we like

  • Data input. Glow gathers various information, including cervical mucus (CM) consistency, basal body temperature (BBT), ovulation test results, and general symptoms.
  • Accuracy. Based on personal and user experience, so far, Glow is one of the most accurate TTC apps in terms of ovulation and period prediction.
  • Community. Glow has the biggest in-app community with a number of groups where women and men can discuss anything related to fertility, reproductive, and sexual health.
  • Device compatibility. For precise ovulation prediction and enhanced conception support, Glow enables real-time data collection by connecting your Oura ring to the app.

What we don’t like

  • Intrusive ads. While the free version of the app provides valuable resources, it is also ad-supported, which can be disruptive.
  • Price. Compared to other similar fertility tracker apps, Glow’s prices for monthly and annual subscriptions may be slightly higher.

For an ad-free experience and access to more comprehensive fertility information, you can subscribe to the following plans:

  • Monthly — $15.99
  • Annually — $59.99
  • Lifetime — $99.99

3. Natural Cycles — best fertility awareness app for TTC and birth control

Natural Cycles app

Natural Cycles (NC°) is a leading fertility awareness method app that utilizes BBT and other key data to track fertility. It serves as both a tool for those trying to conceive and as a form of birth control. NC° is also recognized as the best ovulation app due to its advanced tracking methods.

We reviewed some of the positive and negative aspects of Natural Cycles below.

What we like

  • Device compatibility. Connect your NC° thermometer, Apple Watch Series 8+, or Oura ring to share more data regarding your cycle, fertility, and general health.
  • Safety standards. Natural Cycles stands as the only FDA-cleared fertility tracking and birth control app.
  • FSA/HSA-qualified subscriptions. NC° is qualified for subscriptions, meaning it is eligible for reimbursement using funds from a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • Accuracy. According to the user reviews, Natural Cycles provides women with precise data about their fertile windows based on basal body temperature.

What we don’t like

  • No free version. To use the application, you have to obtain an NC° thermometer, Apple Watch Series 8+, or Oura ring, as no free version is offered.
  • Based on BBT. While tracking daily BBT and period logs can help identify ovulation days, relying solely on BBT may not be sufficient or consistently reliable for all women. Other signs and methods, such as cervical mucus and cervix position, may give a more accurate ovulation prediction.

Natural Cycles is available for an annual or monthly subscription with the following pricing:

  • Annually — $9.99/month + free thermometer
  • Monthly — $14.99/month

4. Eve by Glow — best app for women’s sexual health tracking

Eve by Glow

Eve by Glow is one of the best apps for sexual health tracking, offering a range of interactive features that make monitoring your menstrual cycle and reproductive health engaging. The app's customizable "Daily Gems" feature includes quizzes, anxiety management tips, and quotes to enhance your tracking experience.

Eve by Glow offers a variety of helpful features, but it also has some drawbacks discussed below.

What we like

  • Engaging. Users love Eve's engaging features like "Daily Gems" with quizzes, coping with anxiety tips, and quotes.
  • Device compatibility. Eve by Glow enhances your fertility awareness journey when paired with the Oura ring.
  • Simple interface. Although rich in education resources and daily insights, Eve has a minimalistic interface for a smooth user experience.
  • In-app community. Eve has numerous groups dedicated to discussions on fertility, sexual health, and all things period-related. These groups are also accessible if you use other Glow apps.

What we don’t like

  • Intrusive ads and pop-ups. The free version of Eve includes intrusive ads, which some users may find disruptive. Additionally, frequent prompts to upgrade the app can be bothersome for some women.
  • May not be suitable for TTC. Eve is Glow’s sister app which is designed specifically for tracking periods and sexual health and may not offer additional assistance when trying to conceive.

Eve by Glow offers 3 subscription options with the following pricing:

  • Monthly — $7.99
  • Annually — $47.99
  • Lifetime — $59.99

5. Clue — best all-in-one fertility tracker app

Clue is an all-in-one app for tracking your period, pregnancy, and fertility, as well as supporting menopause transitions. While the free version offers basic tracking, a premium subscription provides deeper insights into fertility and reproductive health patterns and symptoms.

What we like

  • 4 aim modes. You can choose from 4 modes Clue offers at any time and adjust the data accordingly.
  • Minimalistic interface. Clue has a simple interface where you can easily find any feature and log data.
  • Highly-rated. More than 10 million women use Clue worldwide, and the application is highly rated to be a helping hand when tracking fertility and PMS.

What we don’t like

  • Limited free version. Clue's free version provides limited access to advanced features such as symptom input, educational resources, and other important data.
  • Intrusive pop-ups. Some users may find the frequent upgrade requests bothersome in the free version of the app.

Clue offers two subscription plans with the following pricing:

  • Monthly — $9.99
  • Annually — $39.99

Best fertility tracker apps: comparison

BrandPrice*Device compatibilityAccessibilityIntended useRatingsFree version available**
FloMonthly — $11.49 Annually — $39.99FitbitiOS and AndroidPeriod and pregnancy tracking and TTC supportAndroid — 4.6
iOS — 4.8
GlowMonthly — $15.99
Annually — $59.99
Lifetime — $99.99
Oura ringiOS and AndroidPeriod tracking, pregnancy planning, and trackingAndroid — 4.3
iOS — 4.7
Natural CyclesAnnually — $9.99/month
Monthly — $14.99/month

NC° thermometer, Oura ring, Apple smartwatchNC° thermometer, Oura ring, Apple smartwatchBirth control, planning, and following pregnancyAndroid — 4.6
iOS — 4.8
Eve by GlowMonthly — $7.99
Annually — $47.99
Lifetime — $59.99
Oura ringiOS and AndroidOverall reproductive and sexual wellness trackingAndroid — 4.1
iOS — 4.7
ClueMonthly — $9.99
Annually — $39.99

NoiOS and AndroidPeriod and pregnancy tracking, and TTC and perimenopause supportAndroid — 4.5
iOS — 4.8


* — subscription prices may vary depending on the country of purchase.

** — free versions of these apps offer basic features but may have limitations compared to paid counterparts.

Why use a fertility tracking app?

Fertility tracking apps are popular among women for various reasons. Some use them to pinpoint the best time for conception, while others rely on them to avoid pregnancy by tracking ovulation and taking precautions during fertile days. These apps provide a clearer picture of the menstrual cycle, helping predict future periods and ovulation. Benefits of tracking include:

  • Predicting periods’ due and end dates
  • Aiding in conception or contraception by estimating ovulation
  • Tracking irregular cycles to identify potential infertility issues

It's important to remember that these apps use algorithms and require consistent data entry for accuracy. It's advisable not to rely solely on an app, especially for contraception.

The fertility awareness method

For the most accurate fertility data, women should learn how to track their cycle and recognize fertility signs through the fertility awareness method. If you know what types of signs to look out for to predict fertility, you can use tracking apps simply to keep track of your data so that you can interpret the information yourself or with the help of an OB-GYN.

The success rate of using the fertility awareness method as birth control can be as high as 95–99% when done perfectly, meaning consistent and thorough tracking every day and correct interpretations, but different sources report that the average user's success rate is only 76–88%.

Therefore, it’s not recommended by healthcare providers to use it by itself as a form of contraception. Condoms or other birth control methods are recommended in addition to the fertility awareness method if the goal is to prevent pregnancy.

If trying to conceive, there is less risk for using the fertility tracking method since an inaccurate reading would mean no pregnancy, and they can try again the next cycle.

Features to look for in a fertility tracker app

When choosing a fertility tracker app, consider the following features:

  • Cycle tracking. The app should allow you to log your menstrual cycle dates, including the start and end dates, as well as any symptoms you experience.
  • Ovulation prediction. Look for apps that predict your ovulation based on your cycle data. This can help you identify your most fertile days.
  • Fertility window. The app should clearly indicate your fertile window, which is typically a few days before and after ovulation when you're most likely to conceive.
  • Data analysis. The app should analyze your data to provide insights into your cycle and help you understand your fertility patterns better.
  • Reminders. The app should offer reminders for important dates, such as the start of your fertile window or when to take ovulation tests.
  • Data export. Some apps allow you to export your data, which can be useful if you need to share it with your healthcare provider.

Tips for maximizing your fertility app experience

In order to maximize your experience with fertility tracker apps, take notes from the following tips:

  • Consistent tracking
  • Input accurate data
  • Use additional tracking devices or tests
  • Engage with community
  • Customize alerts and reminders
  • Consider lifestyle changes

Fertility tracking apps are designed to predict the start and end days of your menstrual periods, ovulation, and your most fertile window. They may also provide insights into possible health concerns related to your reproductive health. Some apps offer analysis of symptom patterns, as well as changes in BBT or cervical mucus consistency, to help you understand your fertility better.

The best fertility apps can also integrate data from various sources, including ovulation tests (LH tests), pregnancy tests, progesterone tests (PdG tests), thermometers, and more. By incorporating these readings, the app can improve its prediction and accuracy rates, providing you with more reliable information about your fertility status.

Free vs. paid fertility tracker apps: main differences

Free and paid fertility tracker apps offer similar basic features, such as menstrual cycle tracking, ovulation prediction, and symptom logging. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Advanced featuresLimited features
More accurate readingsLess accurate readings
Ad-freeIntrusive ads and pop-ups
Free educational resourcesLimited or no educational resources
More symptoms imputeLimited symptom impute
Data exportNo data export available
Pairing with a partnerOften no pairing with a partner
Device compatibilityLimited device compatibility

Best fertility tracker app 2024: conclusion

In conclusion, finding the best fertility tracker app for you in 2024 involves considering your unique health and fertility goals. While apps like Flo, Glow, Natural Cycles, Eve, and others stand as some of the most comprehensive fertility trackers in the market, you can explore the options to select the one most suitable to you.

While fertility trackers can support couples trying to conceive or prevent pregnancy, it's important to note that these apps alone may not ensure successful conception or serve as reliable contraception methods.

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