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Flo vs. Clue: Which Period Tracking App is Right for You in 2024?

Period tracking apps are the key to the FemTech fields. While new apps are being developed and released one after the other, Flo and Clue remain the leading contenders in this field.

We have compiled a comparison of Flo vs. Clue to help you decide which app is better for your personal goals and preferences.

What matters the most in a period tracker?

There are several facts that need to be considered when choosing between period trackers.

Accuracy of predictions

Accurate period and ovulation predictions are key for a good period tracker. The best apps can make more accurate predictions based on past period history, even for those with less regular cycles, enabling cycle syncing.

Ease of use and design

Female hormones are complicated enough that ease of use is a big factor when picking a preferred period-tracking app. A visually appealing design is also a great bonus, which may prompt more consistent use of the tracker.

Available features

Different apps offer slightly different accessory features, such as widgets, calendar app syncing, temperature tracking, birth control tracking, and pregnancy monitoring. Some apps also have a community section where users can engage with one another or a blog-like section with educational articles.

Privacy and data security

Data security is a hot topic today, so it is important to ensure that the app values user privacy and data security.

Personalized insights

With the help of AI, well-made apps can give you personalized predictions and insights based on past logs. The more things besides the cycle itself, like skin condition, cramps, or moods, you put in, the more accurate the app gets.

Educational resources

Knowledge is power, and understanding your cycle through informational resources can help you better tune in with your body. In addition to articles, apps often include mini explanations of symptoms or provide an explanation with the period prediction.

Flo vs. Clue

Basic features
  • Period, ovulation tracking, predictions
  • Symptom tracking
  • Calendar
  • Cycle history
  • Secret chats
  • Anonymous mode
  • Period, ovulation tracking, predictions
  • Symptom tracking
  • Calendar
  • Symptom overview
  • Additional premium features
  • Daily health insights
  • Educational article, video, and audio library
  • Health Assistant
  • Flo for partners
  • Symptom patterns and predictions
  • Symptom checker
  • Cycle trends
  • Personalized doctor’s report
  • Detailed pregnancy tracking
  • Guided journey
  • Cycle predictions 12 months ahead
  • Analysis tab: visual patterns
  • Educational articles
  • Clue conceive
  • Pregnancy mode
  • Perimenopause mode
  • Faster customer service
  • Predictions
  • Period time and length
  • Fertility window
  • Ovulation
  • Period time and length
  • Fertility window
  • Ovulation
  • Interface & user experienceMinimalist
    Visually appealing
    Easy to navigate
    Requires a bit of learning
    Unique features
  • Secret chats
  • Flo for part
  • Health Assistant
  • Pregnancy mode
  • Fertility mode
  • Perimenopause mode
  • Community & supportExpert articles
    Active community
    Extensive educational library
    Less active community
    PrivacySome data privacy concerns raised by usersEmphasis on data privacy and transparency
    CompatibilityiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
    PricingFree version (limited)
    Monthly $9.99
    3 months $19.99
    6 months $39.99
    Annual $49.99 (best offer)
    Free version (limited)
    Monthly $9.99
    Annual $39.99 (best offer)
    Rating4.8 based on 1.3M reviews (App Store)4.8 based on 356.5K reviews (App Store)

    Flo: the beautiful and intuitive tracker

    Flo heath app commercial

    Flo is one of the most popular period tracking apps. Its goal is not only to help women track their periods but also to educate users and help them better understand their bodies. Consistent tracking makes the predictions even more accurate.

    Flo offers cycle, ovulation, and week-by-week pregnancy tracking for all users. Updating to the premium plan unlocks features like Flo for partners and the Help Center. The app also has an extensive health article library covering various topics related to female reproductive health.

    Secret chats is another great feature offered to all users. It is a digitally safe environment where users can share their personal stories and opinions and ask questions. Secret chats allow users to engage with one another and find support or advice anonymously. Users with a premium plan also have access to a Health Assistant, an interactive tool that provides information about your cycle and its impact on mood, energy, skin, and fitness performance in a chat-like manner.

    Flo premium often has promotional offers and discounts for new users. The standard price for the premium plan is $9.99 per month or $49.99 for an annual subscription.

    Positives about Flo

    We liked the user-friendly interface and the visually appealing design. Period and related symptom tracking is also comprehensive, prompting more consistent use of the app.

    We also liked that Flo offers personalized stories ranging from information about your cycle to daily meal plans and workout ideas. We appreciated the focus on mental health and the bedtime story section, emphasizing the importance of quality rest.

    Many users praised the pregnancy tracking, saying that it has helped them better understand what is going on in their bodies. Pregnancy mode provides week-by-week updates and education about the changes that are happening, what to expect, and some tips on dealing with the challenges of pregnancy.

    Beyond period tracking, users also liked the possibility of tracking their mood throughout the months, saying it has helped them see patterns and make predictions when planning their appointments ahead of time.

    Some users also like Flo for partners as it allows their partners to track their cycle as well, making them aware of ovulation, PMS, sex drive, and cravings, and provides general education, which may promote better understanding and communication.

    What could be improved about Flo

    Although Flo has many great features, most of them are only available on the premium version. The insights and personalizations included in the free plan are also limited.

    Some users have complained that they had issues canceling the subscription or getting a refund. A few users also had trouble accessing their accounts. We hope that the technical hiccups are sorted more efficiently in the future.

    A couple of users with the premium subscription did not appreciate the Health assistant chatbox popping up automatically whenever they wanted to log symptoms.

    Users have also raised some data privacy concerns due to rumors that Flo shared highly sensitive information with third-party apps. However, it is hard to speculate about such things for sure, and we are unable to confirm or deny such allegations.

    To address these rumors, Flo underwent an independent audit, after which it was concluded that Flo's practices are consistent with its publicly stated Privacy Policy. The brand also introduced Anonymous Mode, allowing users to access the app without giving it their name, email address, or any other technical identifiers to avoid being associated with the health data. Flo is the first female health app to introduce such a feature and has been recognized for it as Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas, TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023, and won the IAPP’s Privacy Innovation Award.

    Clue: the science-backed and privacy-focused tracker

    Clue has become a leader in FemTech by combining science and technology to create an easily accessible app that aims to educate users globally about menstrual and reproductive health.

    Clue is already available in 20 languages and is continuously growing, highlighting its commitment to accessibility and diversity. The company’s goal is to empower users to make more informed choices regarding their menstrual, reproductive, and sexual health and well-being.

    Clue offers period and cycle tracking with clear visual representations of where you are in your cycle. It also lets you put in any medication or birth control, which may influence your period. The app enables you to track a myriad of symptoms and remove the ones you do not find useful. The premium version allows you to create additional custom symptom categories. Thanks to AI, predictions get more accurate with each log.

    Besides period tracking, Clue offers an extensive educational library for its premium users. The library includes articles, podcasts, and videos created by an in-house Science Team.

    Clue premium plan offers more extensive tracking and personalizations, such as PMS and fertility window predictions. With predictions as far in advance as 12 months, you can have an idea of your cycle when booking holidays or planning important events.

    Premium subscription also unlocks Clue Conceive, Pregnancy, and Perimenopause modes. As the name suggests, these are aimed at women wanting to conceive, those who are pregnant, or those going through menopause, adjust predictions, educational content, and allowing to track relevant symptoms.

    Clue premium prices vary slightly depending on the region. In the U.S., a monthly subscription costs $9.99, while an annual subscription costs $39.99.

    Positives about Clue

    We loved Clue's science and technology fusion. We were impressed by its science-backed approach to making predictions and cycle analysis and by its suggestion of correlating educational content.

    Clue offers an extensive library of educational resources focusing on female reproductive and sexual health. We liked that the content was medically written and that it was available in alternative formats, such as podcasts.

    Another point we appreciated was Clue’s focus on user data privacy and transparency on what data is being collected and how it is being handled.

    Users report that Clue has been wildly accurate and has helped them predict their periods and PMS. Many customers are also happy that Clue’s data is not stored in the U.S., increasing data safety.

    What could be improved about Clue?

    Many users are disappointed that a recent update deleted the data of those who were using the app without an account. They are also annoyed that almost all features besides basic tracking now require a premium subscription. After the recent updates, a lot of past data is only accessible if you buy the subscription, and there are no longer any free predictions.

    Most negative reviews focus on the updates spanning the last year, which caused more and more features to become paid. Unfortunately, we have to agree with the frustration. Although the subscription is not that expensive, it can be disappointing to see such changes in an app you have been using for years.

    Thus, the free version offers significantly fewer personalized insights than Flo. Some people may also find the Clue interface less intuitive than Flo's; however, this is heavily based on personal preferences and experience with similar apps.

    The verdict: which period tracker should you choose?



    After comparing Flo vs. Clue, we came to the conclusion that both of them are excellent period-tracking apps. Flo might be a better fit for those who value a visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate interface, personalized insights, and the ability to share their cycles with their partners. If you put a big emphasis on data privacy, scientific accuracy, and learning more about your cycle are top priorities and don’t mind paying for a subscription, Clue is an excellent choice.

    Beyond Flo and Clue: other options to consider

    If neither Flo nor Clue seems to float your boat, there are other period tracking apps available. Here’s a comparison table of the most popular options:

    BrandPrice (premium)Accessibility Intended useRating
    FloMonthly $9.99
    3 months $19.99
    6 months $39.99
    Annual $49.99
    Android, iOSPeriod, ovulation, reproductive tracking; pregnancy modeAndroid - 4.6
    iOS - 4.8
    ClueMonthly $9.99
    Annual $39.99
    Android, iOSPeriod, ovulation, symptom tracking; cycle predictions, education; conceive, pregnancy, and perimenopause modesAndroid - 4.3
    iOS - 4.6
    Glow3 months $29.99
    Annual $59.99
    Lifetime $99.99
    Android, iOSPeriod tracking; pregnancy planning and following
    Android - 4.3
    iOS - 4.7
    Natural CyclesMonthly $14.99
    Annual $9.99 + free thermometer
    Android, iOSBirth control; pregnancy planning and followingAndroid - 4.6
    iOS - 4.8
    Femometer$149Mobile app integration, Android, iOSSleep patterns; basal body temperature, ovulation, and period trackingAndroid - 4.8
    iOS - 4.9
    Teena$109Mobile app integration, Android, iOSPeriod tracking for pre-teens and teensAndroid - N/A
    iOS - 4.8

    With multiple options available, do not be afraid to try different apps until you find the one you enjoy using. The more consistently you track, the more accurate the apps get.


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