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Inito Fertility Monitor Review: Unlocking Your Fertility Journey in 2024

The fertility journey can present its unique set of challenges for many couples. Some research says that about 50% of women are unaware of their fertility window. When attempting to conceive, knowing your fertility window is essential to enhance the chances of becoming pregnant.

However, many at-home testing kits and calendar-based methods fail to accurately predict ovulation. Unlike other tests, Inito Fertility Monitor is a key hormone tracker that offers insights into four fertility-related hormones to help pinpoint optimal opportunities for potential conception.

In this Inito fertility monitor review, we will cover everything you need to know about Inito. We aim to provide information for anyone considering this fertility tracker and wanting to learn how to use Inito.

How we evaluated Inito

When evaluating fertility trackers, it's essential to establish clear criteria to determine if a product meets your needs.

We used the following criteria to evaluate the main characteristics of Inito Fertility Monitor.

CostCompetitive pricing
User experience
Ease of use when testing and checking results
Main featuresMeasurement of four key fertility hormones
AccuracyPotentially reliable results
Refund policy
6-month limited warranty
  • Cost. We compared the price of Inito Fertility Monitor with other market competitors.
  • User experience. We favored this tracker for its non-invasive testing approach and straightforward results analysis, enhancing user convenience and understanding.
  • Main features. We checked if the tracker measures four key hormones in the Inito fertility chart: follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), estrone-3-glucuronide (urine metabolite of estradiol (E2)), luteinizing hormone (LH), and PdG — pregnanediol glucuronide (urine metabolite of progesterone (PGN)).
  • Accuracy. We relied on scientific research to ensure the hormone results from Inito align with those obtained from standard laboratory testing.
  • Refund policy. Inito offers a solid safety net with a refund guarantee if the product is not shipped or if it is returned due to damage or defects.

What is Inito?

Inito is a brand that specializes in health and wellness technology. Their focus is to make health monitoring more accessible.

After six years of research and development, Inito introduced its first product, the Inito Fertility Monitor. This device is designed to provide users with easy access to information about their fertility hormones for potential conception.

According to the brand, the company aims to offer precise information about users' health, enabling them to make informed decisions without having to rely heavily on the healthcare system.

Inito also emphasizes product quality, which is derived from extensive research and development, and prioritizes clear communication and user feedback in product improvement.

Inito Fertility Monitor: main features

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  • The monitor is easily attachable to your phone
  • Measures four fertility hormones: estrone-3-glucuronide (urine metabolite of estradiol (E2), LH, PdG (urine metabolite of progesterone), and FSH
  • Advanced LH measurement
  • Reported to work with irregular cycles
  • Offers personalized hormone charts
  • Gives insight into your ovulation status in 10 minutes
  • Offers numerical values as a test result type
  • Allows you to evaluate the timing of your fertility window
  • Offers daily reminders from the app
  • Non-invasive urine sample testing

Benefits of Inito

Here are some of the outstanding benefits of Inito:

  1. Testing of four main fertility-associated hormones
  2. Fast delivery of results
  3. Testing can be done in the comfort of your home
  4. It may be used for irregular cycles
  5. The testing process is not invasive
  6. Provides additional support on the Inito app
  7. Easy-to-understand Inito fertility chart
  8. It is a prudent long-term investment

Does Inito work?

Yes, the Inito Fertility Monitor does work. The monitor's performance is supported not just by customer reviews. It has been studied to evaluate how the hormone results from Inito reflect the results of the standard laboratory testing method. This established it as a possible tool for tracking fertility.

How accurate is Inito?

In a study conducted in 2023 with 100 women aged between 21 and 45 years, the Inito Fertility Monitor (IFM) was found to be reliable, offering more detailed information than typical home ovulation tests by measuring three essential fertility-related hormones or their metabolites. By comparing IFM results with those from standard laboratory tests (ELISA), the researchers revealed that the hormone results from Inito were close to the results received from standard laboratory testing. This means that Inito may be a potential way to test hormone levels at home without going to the clinic.

This suggests that the IFM may be a useful tool for at-home fertility-related hormone measurements, making it a valuable resource for those tracking their ovulation.

Can Inito detect pregnancy?

Not exactly. Inito can not detect pregnancy, despite some of the brand's claims. According to medical standards, confirming pregnancy requires a hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) test or an ultrasound.

However, even though this fertility tracking monitor can not detect pregnancy, it can hint at the peak of your fertility and indicate when you have the highest chance of getting pregnant.

How to use Inito?

To get started with Intito, you need to urinate into a cup and dip the test strip into the urine for about 15 seconds.

After this, insert the strip into the monitor connected to your smartphone. In about ten minutes, the app will display your hormone levels through easy-to-understand Inito fertility charts, which you can share.

Inito breaks down fertility into three stages. The first is "High Fertility," when estradiol levels go up a few days before ovulation. The next is "Peak Fertility," which happens when the LH hormone increases about one to two days before ovulation.

The last stage is "Ovulation Confirmed," seen when progesterone levels consistently rise after ovulation. Using the device for two cycles helps identify your fertile window.

If expected hormone changes don't occur, such as an absent progesterone rise indicating no ovulation, Inito provides insights to discuss this with healthcare providers, alongside support from its online community.

Inito: pros and cons

A point of consideration is that the test strips are available in packs of 15, whereas the app recommends testing for a minimum of 17 days. Refilling Inito test strips costs $49, which may be a significant expense for some.

What is the cost of Inito?

The Inito Starter Kit is priced at $159 and comes with the Inito monitor, an iPhone attachment clip, 15 test strips, and access to the free Inito app.

Additional Inito test strips are necessary for ongoing use. They can be purchased for $49 plus shipping through the Inito app, with each refill pack containing 15 strips for use with the Inito Fertility Monitor.

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Quality, transparency & safety

Inito demonstrates a commitment to quality, transparency, and safety through its practices and policies.

Additionally, their return policy is designed to be consumer-friendly, offering refunds for orders that have not yet shipped and providing a 6-month limited warranty for damaged or defective products.

This approach ensures that the products remain safe and effective for use. For purchases outside inito.com or the Inito App, customers are advised to consult the policies of the original retailers.

Moreover, Inito requires proof of purchase for any refunds, cancellations, or replacements, ensuring a transparent and accountable process for consumers. This structured policy framework supports Inito’s commitment to delivering reliable and safe health-tracking solutions to its users.

Inito vs. Mira: which one is better?

When it comes to Inito vs. Mira, both of the apps have specific advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to personal preference as many customers have reported both brands to be fairly accurate and worth the money.

It is worth mentioning that Mira fertility tracker is much pricier than Inito. However, some might find this testing kit more convenient or easier to navigate when it comes to app use.

Finally, Inito requires a more detailed testing process, which involves inserting the test into the monitor and attaching it to the phone camera for analysis. In contrast, Mira offers a simpler approach where users can connect the testing device to the app through Bluetooth and easily view their test results on the screen.

Number of test wands15 (1 stripe that tests 4 different hormones)10 (LH, E3G, PdG, FSH)
Testing methodDip to urineDip to urine
Reading methodPhone cameraUsing the Mira device
CompatibilityCompatible with iPhone (7 and up) onlyCompatible with iPhone and Android

Is Inito worth it: conclusion

It's evident that Inito ovulation kit is a potential option for women exploring fertility tracking. Its capability to track four essential fertility hormones, coupled with an accessible app, offers a comprehensive picture of one's fertility window, potentially aiding in conception.

The initial cost of $159 for the starter kit and the ongoing expense for test strips may seem significant, but the value it brings to understanding fertility is considerable.

FDA-listed as Class I device and backed by a customer-friendly support policy, Inito appears to be a solid choice for those focused on deepening their fertility knowledge and enhancing their planning strategies, making it worth consideration amidst the variety of fertility tracking tools available.

What we like

We appreciate that the Inito fertility monitor is backed by scientific research that has demonstrated that it provides results similar to those of standard laboratory testing methods. It's an excellent long-term investment for women who wish to monitor their fertility regularly. Given the functionality it provides, the device is certainly worth the investment.

Another highlight is the non-invasive testing process, offering convenience for daily use. Additionally, the monitor provides personalized charts for four key fertility-related hormones, which are easily interpretable through its app, enhancing the user experience by making complex data understandable.

What we don't like

However, the product is not without its drawbacks. A significant limitation is its compatibility solely with recent iPhone models, excluding potential users without these devices.

Moreover, the ongoing expense for test strips can add up. The app suggests testing for 17 days, yet the initial Inito ovulation kit includes only 15 strips. This discrepancy means users may face additional costs, potentially exceeding $200, to maintain consistent testing, which could be a considerable drawback for some.


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