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Mira Review in 2024: Is This Fertility Tracker Worth the Cost?

Mira fertility tracker is at the forefront of reproductive health technology, offering sophisticated yet user-friendly advice for those navigating the complex journey of fertility.

Given its hormone level analysis feature and brand-claimed lab-grade precision, the Mira device may be a window into your fertility cycle, making it easier to predict ovulation and optimize your chances of conception.

What sets Mira apart is its non-invasive approach and ability to provide detailed information about hormonal changes. This solution can potentially support the fertility process and empower users with knowledge previously accessible only in clinical settings.

But does Mira live up to its promises?

In this review, we'll examine the functionality and effectiveness of the Mira fertility tracker to determine whether it truly deserves a place in your fertility journey.

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Reviewing the Mira device: what we looked into

In our comprehensive review of the Mira fertility tracker, we evaluated the device based on the following critical criteria:

User experienceAccessibilityCustomer satisfactionPrice
iOS and AndroidPositive reviewsValue for money
  • User experience. We assessed the simplicity of the device and the clarity of instructions provided to the users.
  • Accessibility. We checked if Mira is compatible with iOS and Android devices, catering to a larger audience.
  • Customer satisfaction. We explored online reviews to understand customer reception toward the brand and its products.
  • Price. We compared the cost of the Mira fertility tracker with other similar products in the market.

What is Mira?

Mira is a fertility-tracking technology that combines advanced analytics with a user-friendly interface to help individuals better understand their reproductive health. It's designed for those seeking to conceive and offers insights into ovulation and hormone levels.

Mira ovulation and hormone trackers come with an analyzer that measures hormone concentrations in urine. This analyzer provides more accurate predictions for ovulation and the best chances for conception than alternative at-home methods.

Here are some of the available Mira bundle kits and their features:

BundleGreat forWhat’s includedHormones tracked
Mira Starter KitGeneral information on fertility10 Mira Fertility Plus Test Wands (LH+E3G)LH, E3G
Mira Hormone Monitor: Clarity KitComplete fertility analysisIncludes 10 Mira Fertility Max Test Wands (LH+E3G+PdG) + 10 Miss Ovum (FSH) Test WandsLH, E3G, PdG , FSH
Mira Hormone Monitor: Max KitThose who want to save on wands and test more10 Mira Fertility Max Test Wands (LH+E3G+PdG)LH, E3G, PdG,

*E3G — estrone-3-glucuronide (urine metabolite of estradiol (E2)), FSH — follicle stimulating hormone, LH — luteinizing hormone, PdG — pregnanediol glucuronide (urine metabolite of progesterone (PGN)).

Does Mira work?

Mira employs a method similar to those used in professional labs for measuring hormones in urine, specifically luteinizing hormone (LH) and urinary metabolite of estrogen (E3G), which are beneficial for identifying ovulation periods. This approach may provide a higher level of accuracy in tracking fertility than other at-home methods.

For individuals experiencing irregular cycles or hormonal imbalances, Mira may prove to be a valuable tool. It combines the brand-claimed precision of laboratory tests that you can do at home and get comprehensive insights.

According to the provider, the device becomes more adept at predicting fertility the more it is used, thanks to its ability to learn and adapt to individual hormone patterns over time.

Several preliminary research studies, including one with middle-aged women experiencing menstrual cycles, suggest Mira's effectiveness and precision in fertility tracking.

Pros and cons of Mira fertility tracker

Cost of Mira

Mira offers different bundles at various price points:

BundleSingle purchase priceInstallments
Mira Starter Kit$179$16.16/month
Mira Hormone Monitor: Max Kit$229 $20.67/month
Mira Hormone Monitor: Clarity Kit$259 $23.38/month
Wands Bundle: Max + Ovum$151N/A

How to use Mira?

Setting up the Mira fertility tracker is easy. Here's how to use Mira for your fertility needs, including both the kit and the app.


When you receive your Mira fertility tracker, you take the following steps:

  1. Charge the Mira analyzer.
  2. Begin your testing process by collecting a urine sample and leaving one of the provided test wands in the sample for about 20 seconds.
  3. Insert the wand into the analyzer.

The device will then measure hormone concentrations and display the results on the screen.

Once it’s done, you will receive detailed insights into your hormone levels, which will guide you in understanding your fertility hormone patterns more clearly over time.


To maximize the benefits of the Mira fertility tracker, install the Mira app on your smartphone and pair it with your Mira analyzer via Bluetooth.

The app not only logs your test results automatically but also analyzes your cycle data to predict your most fertile days with increased accuracy. Over time, as more data is collected, the app's predictions become more tailored to your unique fertility profile.

Combining both the kit and app in tandem may provide a comprehensive overview of your fertility, helping you make informed decisions based on personalized data.

Mira reviews: customer feedback

Mira fertility tracker has received extensive customer feedback across various platforms, including Amazon and Reviews.io, highlighting its usefulness and performance in fertility tracking.

On Amazon (68% positive reviews), Mira's products are praised for their precision and ease of use. Customers appreciate the device provides exact LH levels, making it distinct from other fertility monitors in the market.

Reviews on Reviews.io (4.6 rating out of 874 reviews) reinforce these sentiments, noting Mira's effectiveness in offering clear and accurate fertility insights. Verified reviews often mention the simplicity of the testing process and the detailed hormone information provided.

Overall, Mira is highly regarded by users for its user-friendly interface and reliable customer service. The majority of reviews across these sites are positive, indicating that users feel the product meets or exceeds their expectations in managing fertility needs.

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Other Mira Products

In addition to its renowned fertility tracker bundles, Mira offers a range of products designed to enhance the fertility experience and support couples trying to conceive.

Get Pregnant Bundle

This comprehensive package includes everything needed to optimize your chances of getting pregnant.

It features Mira's advanced fertility tracking technology alongside additional tools and supplements curated to support reproductive health.

The bundle is particularly tailored to simplify the fertility monitoring process and increase the accuracy of ovulation prediction.

Virtual Fertility Coaching Session

Mira also offers personalized coaching sessions with fertility experts like Dr. Jackie White. These sessions provide tailored advice and strategies to help individuals and couples better understand their reproductive health.

The coaching is designed to answer personal questions, interpret fertility data, and optimize the use of Mira products for the best outcomes.

These additional services and products from Mira may provide a holistic approach to fertility, combining technology with expert guidance to support users throughout their journey to parenthood.

Mira vs. other fertility trackers

We compared Mira with other fertility trackers based on the price, type, and main features.

BrandPriceDevice typeCompatibilityReadingsNumber of test wands
Mira Starter Kit$179 Test analyzer/fertility monitoriOS and AndroidLH, E3G 10
Femometer$149 Smart ring iOS and AndroidBBT and sleep trackingN/A
Inito$149 Test analyzer/fertility monitoriOS only LH, E3G, PdG, FSH15 (1 stripe for 4 hormones)
kegg$269 CM tracker and Kegel balliOS and AndroidDetecting electrolyte levels in the cervical mucus N/A

While Mira is certainly not the cheapest option on the list, it stands out for its comprehensive user experience and convenience. On the other hand, Inito may offer a more detailed testing process which can be more appealing to users looking for more data. Whether you decide to choose Mira or Inito — or any other product, will depend on your specific needs.

If you want to find out more about these products, check out our review of the best fertility trackers.

Mira review conclusion

Mira can be a valuable tool for your pregnancy planning efforts. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not a substitute for professional advice or medically-approved methods.

We always recommend consulting with a healthcare provider to determine the best way to use this product for your specific health needs.

What we liked

We're big fans of how Mira delivers lab-grade hormone analysis right in the comfort of your home.

The device is easy to use — the testing process is straightforward, and the app is user-friendly, delivering a potentially smooth experience.

Also, it provides detailed and easy-to-understand hormone data that can really help with your fertility planning.

What we didn't like

Most bundles require buying single-use test wands, which can make Mira quite expensive over time.

Also, the app could do a better job by providing information on normal hormone ranges, which would help put your own hormone levels into perspective.


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