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Mira vs. Inito: Which One Is Best for Tracking Fertility?

Mira and Inito are two popular fertility trackers on the market. Let's delve into each of them to assess their pros and cons to help you choose the best kit for you. In this review article, we'll compare Mira vs. Inito, focusing on key features essential for evaluation of sex hormone levels and the prediction of 6-day fertile window for successful conception.

Considering specific aspects such as hormone detection, user-friendliness, data tracking, and cost-effectiveness, we will determine which monitor is superior — Mira or Inito.

Mira vs. Inito at a glance

1 year6 months
Testing sampleUrineUrine
Number of test wands2015
Hormones measured*LH, PdG, FSH, E3GLH, PdG, FSH, E3G
Analysis methodFluorescent immunochromatographyImmunochromatography
CompatibilityiOS and AndroidiOS only
Ease of use9/107/10
Suitable for PCOS and irregular cyclesYesYes

*E3G — estrone-3-glucuronide (urine metabolite of estradiol (E2)), FSH — follicle stimulating hormone, LH — luteinizing hormone, PdG — pregnanediol glucuronide (urine metabolite of progesterone (PGN)).

With Mira, users can easily connect to the app via Bluetooth and view the test results on the screen. In contrast, Inito requires a more meticulous testing process, which includes inserting the test into the monitor and attaching it to the phone camera for reading the results on the app screen.

How we evaluated Mira and Inito

When evaluating Mira and Inito, we considered several key criteria to determine their effectiveness as fertility trackers. These criteria include features, technology, price, design, and available scientific evidence.


Winner: Mira

Both Inito and Mira offer a wide array of features for fertility tracking. They provide hormone testing and results analysis. The latter is available in the form of graphs via the companion apps provided by both brands.

Mira stands out for displaying numeric hormone-level illustrations, while Inito offers “high” and “low” indications. Both apps allow you to download your data to discuss with your healthcare provider.


Winner: Mira

Mira employs a sophisticated algorithm — fluorescent immunochromatography method for the analysis of hormone levels. It may be considered a more advanced method in hormone analysis, which is used in ovulation prediction.

In contrast, Inito relies on a traditional immunochromatography method for hormone level evaluation and additionally on using a phone camera to evaluate the results.


Winner: Inito

Mira's interest-free installment plan, number of wands, and reusable monitor offer a more affordable long-term option compared to Inito's one-time purchase price. However, Inito's upfront cost may be more appealing to users looking for a simpler, one-time investment.


Winner: Mira

We considered each tracker's user-friendliness and design. Mira's sleek design and intuitive app make it an easy-to-use option and visually appealing. Inito's compact design is also user-friendly, but its reliance on manual processes may be less appealing to some users.


Winner: Mira

Mira has more scientific studies backing its efficacy, plus the brand evaluated whether their algorithm was effective at delineating the fertile window and ovulation.

Mira explored the self-monitoring of two hormones, E3G and LH applications, mainly in the ovarian hyperstimulation setting or personal fertility monitoring. A study conclusion suggests that E3G changes in urine were comparable to estradiol changes in blood in an ovarian hyperstimulation setting.

Regarding LH, one study concluded that the Mira tracker was effective at delineating the fertile window and ovulation.

The Inito hormone measurement evaluation showed that its urine hormone measurement values were strongly associated with those evaluated by other laboratory methods.

What is Mira? Diving into its working mechanism

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Mira Clarity Kit comm block

As one of the currently successful Femtech companies founded in 2015, Mira released its first hormone monitor in 2018 to empower women with an innovative approach to fertility tracking.

Mira’s vision was to provide women with an at-home fertility tracker. Thus, the developers created a mobile application that syncs with the monitor, aiding in understanding your best chances of conception.

Although the fertility kit was initially designed to help women increase their chances of conception, some individuals may also use it to track their cycles and hormonal fluctuations.

Besides the fertility kit, Mira’s portfolio includes fertility and pregnancy teas for women, prenatal vitamins, a fertility lubricant, basal body temperature (BBT) thermometers, courses, and coaching sessions for people planning a family.

Below, we will put more emphasis on the Mira hormone monitor, exploring its features and cost.

Mira hormone monitor and fertility tracking kit

Mira Hormone Monitor: Clarity Kit

Standing out as an FDA-listed and CE-certified fertility tracker kit, the Mira hormone monitor Clarity Kit is designed to help couples when trying to conceive (TTC). The monitor comes with wands measuring 4 fertility hormone levels — LH, PdG, FSH, and E3G.

The fertility tracker monitor offers a simple 3-step process to learn about your fertile window and ovulation date. Before following the steps below, download the Mira app on your Android or iOS and connect it to the monitor via Bluetooth.

  1. Dip the wand into the urine.
  2. Insert the test into the Mira monitor.
  3. Wait for 21 minutes to read the numeric results on the app.

Mira hormone monitor analyzes the test results utilizing AI-powered and fluorescent immunochromatography technology — the latter is claimed by the brand to offer lab-grade accuracy.

While the Mira hormone monitor itself requires a one-time investment, fertility wands are subject to refill. The provider offers a pack of 10 or 20 tests.

Cost of Mira Clarity Kit

Ordering the Mira Clarity Kit, you will receive 20 single-use wands, a Mira monitor, a carrying case, and a silicone cup for $259.

Mira is FSA/HSA eligible — meaning you can purchase it using funds from these tax-advantaged medical expenses accounts.

Reviewing Inito: What are its main benefits?

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Inito Fertility Monitor comm block

Inito is one of the many products on the online shop of Glow — a Femtech company established in 2013. Introduced in 2015, Inito serves as a companion for women on their TTC journey.

Inito emerged in the market as an alternative to ovulation predictor kits (OPKs), offering a clearer picture of your menstrual cycle and chances of getting pregnant. Continue reading our review of Inito’s unique features and price.

Inito fertility monitor and hormone tracking kit

Inito Fertility Monitor

For women looking for an easy-to-carry or at-home fertility monitor, Inito may be an ideal choice. The starter kit includes 15 test stripes measuring 4 fertility hormones — FSH, E3G, PdG, and LH.

The Inito fertility monitor kit includes a clip to attach the monitor to your phone, allowing you to read the test results through the phone camera. While this may leave more space for measurement error, some customers report using the Inito monitor has helped them better understand their ovulation days, leading to successful conception.

However, it's important to note that the Inito monitor and the app are currently compatible only with iPhone models 7 and newer. To use the monitor, follow these steps:

  1. Dip the test into the urine.
  2. Attach the monitor to your phone.
  3. Insert the test into the monitor.
  4. Read the test results on the app in 10 minutes.

Cost of Inito fertility monitor

The Inito starter Kit, priced at $149, includes 15 test strips, an iPhone attachment clip, the fertility monitor, and access to the Inito app.

Refill test strips can be ordered from the seller's official page on Amazon. Additionally, the Inito fertility monitor is FSA/HSA-eligible and is shipped free of charge in the U.S.

Mira vs. Inito: which one is better?

When reviewing Mira vs. Inito, it's important to consider the pros and cons of each, which we outlined below.

Mira: pros and cons

Inito: pros and cons

Exploring other fertility tracking brands

For a fair image of the fertility tracking monitors, we have compared Mira and Inito with other kits on the market.

PriceDevice typeFSA/HSA eligibleApp integrationCompatibilityReadings Number of test stripes in the packReview
Mira$259Fertility monitorYesYesiOS and AndroidLH, PdG, FSH, E3G20Mira review
Inito$149Fertility monitorYesYesiOSLH, PdG, FSH, E3G15Inito review
Femometer$149Smart ringNoYesiOS and AndroidBBTN/AFemometer review
Kegg$269CM tracker and Kegel ballYesYesiOS and AndroidDetecting electrolyte levels in the cervical mucusN/AN/A


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