Fitness Ideas for Digital Nomads: Staying Active on the Move

The United States alone accounts for over 15 million digital nomads, with millions more joining the global remote working trend from all over the world. It offers a lifestyle that combines travel with work and the freedom to earn money wherever you choose to set down your laptop. But how do we stay fit while working remotely? This guide to digital nomad workouts will help you find suitable exercise routines to fit into your travel and work schedules.

Balancing work and wellness

Maintaining fitness for remote workers poses a unique challenge; however, it’s crucial for the mind and body to integrate holistic wellness practices — whether you are in a big city or working from a beach in Thailand. Some of the barriers to staying fit while working remotely include:

  1. Space. When arriving in a new place, you might find yourself in a smaller space that doesn’t lend itself to an intense workout.
  2. Time. New time zones can mean jet lag and extra tiredness as you acclimatize to being in a new place.
  3. Access. For those who like to travel to more remote places, access to fitness facilities might be limited.

Quick and effective workouts for remote workers

Crafting a fitness routine in transient locations can be the key to thriving in your new situation, both physically and mentally. When time is of the essence, try out these digital nomad workouts that can help you stay fit while working remotely.

Run the streets

The health benefits of running are well documented, and as a digital nomad, you can easily fit in a 20-minute jog through your new city or along the beach. You could aim to catch the sunrise or sunset as you run, experiencing the beauty while your body reaps the cardio, fat-burning, and mood-enhancing benefits of jogging.

The best part…
You can use your running time to explore new surroundings. Take a different route every day and get to know your way around in no time.

Bodyweight workouts

Requiring no equipment and easy to perform anywhere, bodyweight workouts are perfect exercise routines for travelers. You can quickly create a routine that works for you wherever you are by picking a combination of a few bodyweight exercises. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Plank and plank variations
  • Jumping jacks
  • Jump lunges
  • Mountain climber
  • Jump squats
The best part…
You don’t need any equipment, and you can do this anywhere. Take a break from the laptop screen and do some squats, head to the beach, or hike in the hills and do your full routine in nature.

Jump rope

Packing light is something that all digital nomads get very good at, and for good reason. Leading a transient life and carrying a lot of baggage is stressful and detracts from the feeling of freedom that remote work offers. Popping a jump-rope into your bag takes up minimal space for maximum exercise benefits. All you need is a high enough ceiling or a small outside space to jump your way into staying fit while working remotely.

The best part…
Jump rope is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, rapidly elevating your heart rate by engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Local sports

One of the best ways to experience a new place and culture and stay physically active is to join local sports clubs. Is there a particularly popular sport in your new location, like volleyball or cricket? Picking up a sport from the locals will help embed you in a new community as well as keep you fit.

The best part…
Throwing yourself into local culture will help you make friends, learn new customs and languages, and give you a deeper understanding of your new surroundings.

Do I need a gym to exercise?

While having a gym nearby is a convenient way to work out and stay fit, it’s not always a possibility for remote workers. However, portable workout equipment is one way around this challenge with multiple options depending on space, budget, and personal preferences.


Portable fitness equipment essentials

Portable and compact workout gear is ideal for digital nomads looking to stay fit while working remotely.

EquipmentWhat it's best forType of workout
Resistance bandsSpace-saving and tight budgetMix between cardio and strength training in an indoor or outdoor setting
Jump ropeLightweight transportation and time constraintsCardio, fat burning, endurance building
Folding sneakersSpace-saving and lightweight transportationRunning, cardio, endurance
TRX personal portable gym Lightweight transportation and multifunctional use Covers a variety of exercises that work quads, glutes, triceps, core, and more

Yoga and mindfulness for nomadic well-being

Being on the road a lot comes with its own set of mental and physical challenges. Exploring yoga and mindfulness for stress relief and improved mental health can be a great way of staying balanced while on the road.

You can explore yoga and mindfulness classes online, with lots of free resources available on social media platforms. And, if you are into meditation, sitting quietly with the sunset can be a beautiful way to wind down after a day of hard work.

Develop healthy habits on the road

As with any habit, you need a bit of discipline to make sure you carry out your routines to stay fit while working remotely. You also need to factor in recovery periods after your digital nomad workouts to make sure your body has ample time for rest and repair. Remember to take days off and schedule time for relaxation while traveling.

Fitness for remote workers demands that you adapt to your surroundings and make the best of whatever space and equipment you have at your disposal. With a bit of creativity, you can design a holistic workout routine that will keep you happy and healthy wherever you are in the world.



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