Vibration Plate Benefits: Is It the Future of Fitness?

Every day, it seems there are new tips, tricks, and hacks to enhance your fitness regimen that promise astounding results. Vibration plate machines, which are vibrating devices you stand, lay, or sit on, are exercise apparatuses that come with a lot of big claims.

As their popularity increases in fitness and health circles, it’s important to understand what they are and how they might help you. Today, we will explore vibration plate benefits and the ways they could potentially boost your weight loss, speed up muscle recovery, help with pain relief, and improve circulation.

What is a vibration plate?

A vibration plate machine sometimes called a vibro plate or power plate, is a vibrating exercise device that you can either stand, sit, or lay down on. They vibrate at different frequencies, sending the vibrations through your entire body. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can be found at many gyms. You can even purchase one to use from the comfort of your own home.

What does a vibration plate do?

Vibration training involves performing a set of balancing or strengthening exercises while on the vibrating plate. You can also simply stand on it without any additional movement.

The machine delivers vibrations, usually between 10–40 hz, throughout your whole body. This extra stimulation causes your muscles to contract and relax at a faster rate than in regular exercise, sometimes as much as 60 times per second. Among advocates, it’s thought that the whole body vibration makes the exercises you perform more effective.

5 vibration plate benefits for your health and wellness

Depending on your goals and exercise preferences, there are some interesting and potentially promising vibration plate benefits that are certainly worth deeper exploration.

1. Enhances muscle strength

One of the reported vibration plate benefits is that they may enhance muscle strength. It is thought that whole-body vibration stimulates muscles by causing them to rapidly contract and relax.

Because muscles are challenged during whole-body vibration, you may see an increase in muscle strength after using a vibration plate regularly. One study investigated the effects of vibration training in older adults and found that it may be a good option to boost the effectiveness of strength training.

2. Improves balance and flexibility

Practicing balancing exercises while on a vibration plate could help improve your overall balance. Our bodies have to work that extra bit harder to stay equalized during whole-body vibration. This additional challenge involves more muscle groups, even in a basic standing balance, which could have implications for a steadier stance in general. It could be especially useful for older adults to help prevent trips and falls.

When we stand or balance on a vibro plate, it sends signals to our core muscles to activate to keep us balanced and upright. A strong core helps us with balance and flexibility in daily life, leading to better posture and a more stable structure.

3. Increases blood circulation

Advocates of vibration training report that it may help improve circulation by boosting blood flow around the body. Vibration may also stimulate lymphatic flow, which could help drain excess fluid from areas of the body where it might be stagnating.

A meta-analysis of the current research found that whole-body vibration does increase peripheral blood flow. This holds great potential for incorporating vibration training into treatment protocols for sports injuries, muscle recovery, and other injury recovery. However, the review concludes that more research is needed in controlled clinical trials to establish firm scientific conclusions.

4. Improves bone density

As we age, the risk of osteoporosis (loss of bone density) increases. Bone loss can lead to a whole host of problems, including:

  • Back pain
  • Posture change
  • Easily broken or fractured bones

A recent review of the literature found that there is substantial evidence supporting the use of whole-body vibration for bone mineral density improvements. Despite the promising conclusions, the authors noted that more studies around the correct application of vibration training are needed.

5. May help you lose weight

There are so many exercise protocols and fitness hacks that promise miracle results when it comes to weight loss. One of the vibration plate benefits favored by advocates is the ability to help with shaping and toning the body. But can whole-body vibration really help when you are trying to shed a few extra pounds?

In a 2019 review, researchers analyzed the results of seven studies with a total of 280 participants. They found that while whole-body vibration did affect total fat loss, those effects were inconsistent and not seen in studies shorter than six months.

How to use vibration plates effectively

When it comes to getting the best vibration plate benefits, it’s recommended to try it with professional guidance first. If you feel like it’s helping to boost weight loss, improving your post-workout recovery, and benefitting your whole body, then you might want to invest in a vibro plate for your home.

For all you newbies to vibration training, here are a few beginner guidelines to make sure you stay safe while practicing whole-body vibration:

  1. Make sure the vibration plate is on a firm, flat surface.
  2. If you’ve never been on a vibration plate machine before, try just standing on it before attempting any exercises.
  3. In the beginning, make sure you are near a wall for extra support if you need it.
  4. Start with low vibrations and give your body time to acclimatize to the additional stimulation.
  5. Begin with familiar exercises that you are already comfortable with, such as squats, push-ups, or lunges.
  6. Pay particular attention to your form and correct posture when doing the exercises.
  7. Aim for 2–3 sessions of 15 minutes per week and increase as you become more familiar with vibration training.

Potential risks and considerations

As with any fitness tool on the market, vibrating plates come with their own set of potential risks and considerations to be aware of. So before you jump on and start vibrating, make sure you are safe to do so. People with the following conditions should seek guidance from a healthcare professional before trying vibration training:

  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Any chronic health condition
  • Digestive issues
  • Pacemakers or other electronic medical devices
Safety tip
When using a vibration plate for the first time, make sure it has a handle you can hold for extra balance and that it’s placed near a wall in case you need support.

Final thoughts on vibration plate benefits

With so many new exercise trends and devices popping up, it can be difficult to know what will actually help with your fitness goals. Vibration training certainly has a lot of promising potential benefits, from helping with weight loss to muscle recovery.

Despite the reported benefits, you should not rely on a vibrating plate alone to help you reach your health targets. Ensure you are getting the right nutrition with a diet focused on whole foods instead of processed and high-sugar meals. Alongside a healthy diet and exercise regimen that includes aerobic and strength training, whole-body vibration could be a valuable addition to your fitness plan.


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