Workout Ideas for Couples to Strengthen Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day is coming up and though the holiday is traditionally associated with fancy chocolates and extravagant dinners, some couples may be searching for alternative ways to celebrate and spend time together. For couples looking for something fun and healthy to do this Valentine’s Day, a couple’s workout is a great option.

Why should I work out with my partner?

There’s that old saying that goes, “couples that sweat together, stay together,” and it may actually have some truth to it. Studies have shown that couples who participate in physical activity together report being more satisfied in their relationship and even report feeling more in love with their significant other.

Another study found that 70% of its participants maintained a consistent workout routine when it was done with a significant other as compared to only 24% of participants working out alone. So not only does working out with your partner improve your relationship, but it can also improve your overall motivation and fitness.

Great workouts for couples:

Just about any kind of exercise that you can do alone, you could try with a partner, but there are some especially fun ones that you may consider trying as a couple.

Running or hiking

While some people may find running to be boring, doing it with a partner can make it a lot more fun. There isn’t much to do during a run besides chat with your partner, so this kind of workout provides a great opportunity to catch up and maybe even get to know each other better.

A lot of couples lead busy lives and can’t spend as much quality time with each other as they would like, so going for a run can be a good way to make that happen. If you’re not a runner, going for a hike or even a walk in the neighborhood provides the same opportunity to talk one-on-one with your partner.

Competitive sports

For couples that don’t mind a little competition, playing a game like tennis or a racquetball can be a fun workout option. These sports offer a great cardio workout as well as a chance to compete against your partner. To make it even more fun, you might consider making a bet before playing, like letting the winner choose where to eat dinner that night.

Gym exercises

Because gyms are a public space, they may not offer as much intimacy as some of the other couple’s workout options, but there are still a lot of exercises that can be done with a partner.

Plank high fives

Plank high fives

Planks are a great exercise for the core and with a slight variation, they can be done as a partner exercise. To perform plank high fives, both partners get into a plank position facing each other. Using opposite hands, each partner gives the other a high five, continuing to alternate hands for a specified number of reps.

Medicine ball crunches

Medicine ball crunches

Crunches are another great core exercise and with the addition of a medicine ball, this exercise also works out the arms. To perform this move, both partners get into a crunching position facing each other. Both partners will perform a crunch at the same time while one partner holds the medicine ball. At the top of the crunch, the partner with the medicine ball hands it to the other partner, repeating this process until the rep count has been achieved.

Wheelbarrow pushup with squats

Wheelbarrow pushup with squats

To perform this exercise, one partner will assume a pushup position while the other partner grabs their feet. While the first partner performs a pushup, the partner holding their legs will perform a squat at the same time. Partners must work together to keep the same pace since the partner doing the squats needs to time their movement with the lowering of the pushup. This is a great physical exercise in general but also a good bonding opportunity since the couple must work closely together.

Fitness classes

Taking a fitness class together is a great option for couples looking to try something new. There are many different types of workout classes that are great for couples including cycling, yoga, Pilates, and even salsa dancing. This option provides an opportunity for couples to get out of their comfort zone and try something new together which can be great for bonding and strengthening the relationship.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your romantic relationship while also improving physical health, consider trying a couple’s workout. While you don’t necessarily need a reason to try working out together, Valentine’s Day coming up is a good excuse to give it a try!

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