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Joggo Review 2024

If you ever feel like your daily run lacks that extra kick or you crave the one that finally sparks change, you will want to take a closer look at Joggo — the running app redefined. More than just a running app, Joggo functions as an all-in-one digital fitness and nutrition coach, going beyond the basics.

With the Joggo app, it's not just about counting steps. The app houses an extensive library of educational articles to help you build healthier habits. It can create personalized running programs and tailor nutritional plans to your preferences. All of this, followed by motivational audio cues, aims to shape your run into a potential stride toward a proactive, more fulfilling lifestyle.

In this Joggo review, we break down what the app is about. We cover its features, cost, potential risks, and expert recommendations, all to determine whether it actually works and is worth your time.

How we evaluated the Joggo App

For a fair and in-depth review, we have defined clear benchmarks to direct our process. The details of this guiding framework are elaborated upon below.

FeaturesBeyond the basic tracking
CostSubscription model
Customer feedbackRatings and reviews
  • Features. Our starting point was assessing the feature profile of the Joggo app. We aimed to determine whether the brand had taken an extra step in enhancing its app capabilities beyond the basic tracking features commonly found in everyday gadgets.
  • Personalization. We considered how well the app tailors its features to individual users, including the provision of customizable training plans and its adaptability to various fitness levels.
  • Cost. When evaluating the cost of the Joggo app, we weighed the value of its premium features against the price. Examining the pricing structure of its subscription model was a crucial aspect, as was exploring whether the app offers a free version and a trial period.
  • Customer feedback. To get a broader grasp of the outlook of Joggo, we turned to the experiences of its customers and coupled those with both ratings on the digital stores where it is available and reviews. This helped us better understand what users like and dislike about the app.

What is Joggo?

Joggo is a personalized running app available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Advertised as a tool to help people live healthier lives by pushing their physical limits and reaching their potential, as highlighted by its makers, this app has plenty to offer.

Within its feature profile, you will discover not just personalized running programs but also strength-training workouts, all tailored to suit personal fitness levels. Beyond that, the app also functions as a digital nutrition specialist with hundreds of recipes in its database.

While Joggo is primarily intended for users with weight loss efforts in mind, the app again proves versatile, extending its rich features to both novice runners and seasoned athletes looking to improve their performance.

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Pros and cons of Joggo

How does Joggo work: starting up

Getting started with the Joggo app may seem a bit intricate at first. Upon opening the app for the first time, you will be prompted to take a test run before receiving a personalized running plan. The initial run is designed to allow the app to evaluate your fitness level and generate the most suitable running plan for you. But before all this comes basics, which we touch upon below.

Download the app

You can download the Joggo app on your smartphone free of initial cost, regardless of the operating system. Simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading, log in to the app, where you will be prompted to complete a quiz.

Complete the quiz

For the app to provide a personalized fitness routine, users must respond to a series of health-related and goal-oriented questions to determine their fitness level. Joggo asks for personal information such as gender, age, weight, height, and any health issues such as diabetes, joint pains, and heart conditions.

The Joggo app comprises 5 main sections. Those are — "Plan" for weekly schedules, "Learn" offering educational content on various topics, "Run" for workouts, "Eat" providing daily recipes, and "Me" for personal details and app management.

How much does Joggo cost?

While the app itself is free to download, to fully utilize its features, you will need to subscribe to a plan of some sort. It's worth noting that pricing details with Joggo can be somewhat elusive.

First off, the brand does not disclose pricing options on its website or anywhere else until you finish the onboarding questionnaire. They do, however, specify that their pricing model is subscription-based, designed for specific durations — namely, 2, 4, and 6-month subscriptions.

General Joggo app's subscription prices are as follows:

Subscription planPrice
2-month plan$33 total
4-month plan$46 total
6-month plan$66 total

It should be mentioned once more that these prices can vary on an individual basis. Besides the basics, there are also optional in-app purchases available, such as those for strength training, priced at $1.99 per week.

Are there any risks in using the Joggo App?

Even though Joggo aims to support each fitness journey, overly excessive exercise and calorie counting can potentially lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise or worsen the symptoms of an eating disorder. It's also important to bear in mind that while Joggo notes certain health conditions and injuries, the personalized recommendations are limited, and it's advised to seek professional advice with underlying health conditions.

Additionally, there is a potential risk associated with an overreliance on the app, as users might exert excessive effort to achieve goals — goals that could be, in some instances, unrealistically set by the app. This could very well lead to overtraining or injury. It's essential not to rely solely on app recommendations, as individual responses vary, but to have a balanced approach to fitness.

Comparing Joggo with other best apps for running

AppPricingRating (Apple App Store)Rating (Google Play Store)Intended forFeaturesPositive reviewsNegative reviews
JoggoSubscription-based with optional in-app purchases4.5 out of 54.1 out of 5Runners of all fitness levels Personalized running programs, tailored nutrition plans, voiced motivational and instructional guidanceHelpful and active customer support, accountability reminders, versatilityCases of inaccurately recorded workouts, some encountered small bugs and glitches
MyFitnessPalFree with optional in-app purchases4.7 out of 54.0 out of 5Calorie trackingCalorie tracking, nutrient analysis, exercise loggingHistory of previous entries, integration with fitness appsSome found the interface confusing, difficult to navigate
Map My Run by Under ArmourFree with optional in-app purchases4.8 out of 54.7 out of 5Runners of all fitness levels GPS tracking, route planning, challengesUser-friendly interface, alternative workout suggestionsSome users report syncing issues
StravaFree with optional in-app purchases4.8 out of 54.5 out of 5Runners and cyclistsGPS tracking, challenges Large community, social featuresReports of syncing issues with smartwatches
Couch to 5KPaid app4.6 out of 54.6 out of 5Beginner runnersStructured training plans Gradual progression and sensible programming, suitable for beginnersLimited features for advanced runners, reports of app crashes

Joggo reviews: customer feedback

With a rating of 4.5 on the Apple App Store and 4.1 on the Google Play Store, the Joggo app has garnered reviews and ratings from many users. To no one's surprise, these reviews encompass both positive and not-so-positive feedback regarding the user experience.

While exploring the Joggo website, you will come across success stories that are genuinely inspiring. One such story is that of Rhayne, a cancer survivor who used Joggo not only to maintain physical fitness but also to nurture mental well-being. Or that of Kelton, who found his self-confidence growing after starting his weight loss journey with Joggo.

However, when venturing onto independent sites, reviews indicate that there is room for improvement, much like with everything else. The common concerns revolve around bugs and glitches within the app, with pricing emerging as a common point of contention.

Professional insights on Joggo: what experts say

David Mason is a certified personal trainer from the UK and is the founder of Barebells Abroad. According to Mason, Joggo is great for those looking for extra motivation and support to get into fitness. The app uses a short assessment to check the initial fitness level of the user, which is a great feature and was noted as generally accurate.

Mason, however, observes that the app's meal plans may not be suitable for individuals whose fitness goals extend beyond weight loss. This is because the plans primarily focus on current and target weight. For beginners, getting into fitness can be a daunting task, luckily, the app provides inspiration for healthy recipes and should help maintain user motivation. On the other hand, for more experienced runners who require customizable diets and tailored workouts, it might be less useful.

Carleton Perry, a field coach in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a former athlete in cross country, says that the app is easy to use with simple instructions and has a variety of training workouts, which is an important factor. Perry advises that using the same workouts repetitively is not recommended.

Conclusion: is Joggo worth it?

Considering that the use of an app, whether designed for fitness in general or specifically for running, is highly individualized, we relied upon certain benchmarks to evaluate whether the Joggo app is really worth a look. In the following section, we provide a detailed summary of the positives and negatives identified during our review of the Joggo app.

What we like

Both the level of versatility and personalization offered by the Joggo app cannot be overlooked or overstated. While Joggo is primarily a running app, its capabilities extend beyond that domain.

It functions not only as a running coach but also excels in providing guidance for fitness, nutrition, and motivation. What we appreciate equally is that Joggo not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but does so inclusively, catering to novices or those lacking motivation, as well as seasoned athletes seeking challenges and performance upgrades.

What we don't like

The prime drawback for us concerning Joggo is its lack of transparency regarding pricing. While it’s clear that the Joggo app is subscription-based, pricing options become available only after the initial questionnaire is completed, and there is no trial or free plan available on top of it. Besides that, Joggo may not be suitable for everyone, particularly individuals with medical conditions that require professional oversight.

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