Naked Yoga: How To Prepare And What To Expect

Although the thought of doing yoga in your birthday suit might give you the shivers, it’s actually a practice that is getting more attention. Yoga is an amazing way to tune into the body, and doing it naked can enhance that connection.

Key takeaways:

What is naked yoga?

In essence naked yoga is exactly that: yoga that is performed naked. The postures, meditations and the effects on the body are the same.

The only difference between naked yoga and regular clothed yoga is that you do everything in the nude!

Why practice naked yoga?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to practice nude yoga. Far from it being anything sexual, practitioners report a feeling of total openness and acceptance of their bodies.

One naked yoga school in New York reports that students come to the class tentatively at first. By the time the class is over, they feel focused, tranquil and more at peace with a sense of vulnerability.

There seems to be a consensus in the naked yoga world that it helps strip away the worry about how the body looks. Once all the fancy gym gear is removed, so are the trappings of the ego. Leaving all the comforts of lycra behind, students are free to get in touch with the most vulnerable parts of themselves.

How to prepare for a naked yoga class

You should do plenty of research to find a suitable naked yoga class. Make sure that the teachers highlight that this is not a sexual practice. You need to feel safe in class. If you find an online session, ensure that you can turn your camera off if you want to.

If you would feel more comfortable practicing alone, then you can find pre-recorded naked yoga classes online and take part in your own time. Some people find a solo practice more accessible.

If you are not used to moving whilst you are naked, perhaps try a five minute naked meditation to prepare yourself. Bring your awareness to the sensations you can feel on your skin. Tapping into a relaxed meditative state will help you when you begin to move your body into the yoga poses.

What to expect from naked yoga

Naked yoga is different for everyone. If you are going to an in-person class, you can expect seasoned practitioners and newbies. You should feel comfortable in the class and reassured by the calming presence of an experienced teacher.

It’s normal to feel nervous and unsure of yourself at first. If you find yourself getting embarrassed, take a deep breath and remember that everyone in the room is in the same position.

Benefits of naked yoga

You will most likely experience some feelings of vulnerability, but as the class progresses you’ll relax into the practice. Getting comfortable with being vulnerable can also help you to communicate better in your daily life, allowing yourself to speak from the heart rather than getting defensive.

Many people have shared that naked yoga has made them feel more empowered. There is a feeling of deep appreciation for the way the body works. And, a sense of letting go of appearances or behaviors that come from an egoic perspective.

Some practitioners have described naked yoga as a way of “putting down the armor”. The idea that clothes are a kind of barrier and a form of protection from the world is talked about in many philosophical texts. Taking off our clothes encourages us to take off the masks we wear in the outside world; allowing us to embrace our truest selves.

Top tips for a naked yoga class

  1. Make sure you are used to being naked, practice some naked meditation in preparation.
  2. Check that the room is warm enough, there’s nothing worse than being naked and cold.
  3. Ensure that the teachers make you feel safe and supported.
  4. Don’t look around at other people’s bodies, try to stay focused on your own practice.
  5. Ensure curtains are closed and you are shielded from onlookers.

Naked yoga is not for everyone. But, if you want to experience the freedom of not caring how you look, then it could be an incredible practice for you.

Being naked can bring up lots of feelings of shame and insecurity. Naked yoga might help you to finally love the parts of yourself that you haven’t accepted yet. The body is an incredible thing, naked yoga just might help you remember and celebrate how magical you really are!

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