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Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors 2024: Top Picks and Reviews

Although the standard method for measuring blood pressure (BP) is still at the upper arm, blood pressure wrist cuffs are now emerging as practical and easily portable alternatives. These BP wrist cuffs can provide readings while giving priority to user comfort and mobility, making it effortless to keep tabs on your cardiovascular health.

Within this article, we will take a closer look at the best wrist blood pressure monitors on the market in hopes of making your selection easier from the many options out there.

Best wrist blood pressure monitors: a shortlist

  1. OMRON — best wrist blood pressure monitor overall
  2. Generation Guard — best wrist blood pressure monitor geared for daily use
  3. Paramed — budget-friendly wrist blood pressure monitor
  4. Care Touch — best wrist blood pressure monitor for large wrists
  5. MOCACARE — best wrist blood pressure monitor with a sleek design

How did we gather the best wrist blood pressure monitors?

If you have been searching for the best wrist blood pressure monitor to keep track of your health, chances are you have noticed that selecting one is a complex and time-consuming procedure, with various puzzling parameters, features, and price considerations to contend with. With the following criteria as our guide, we have done the legwork for you.

Memory spaceStoring readings
Brand reputationEstablished and reputable
Customer reviewsVerified and objective
PricingValue for money
  • Memory space. We focused on wrist blood pressure monitors equipped with memory functions, allowing for the storage and monitoring of blood pressure measurements over time.
  • Brand reputation. With established brands often having a history of manufacturing medical devices and a strong commitment to research and development, we prioritized those that come with a proven track record.
  • Customer reviews. Given that objective reviews can provide insights into real-world performance, ease of use, reliability, and even potential issues, we paid attention to verified reviews from customers who have actually bought and used the gadgets.
  • Pricing. Our search for the best wrist blood pressure monitors was centered on models that manage to marry quality and affordability so that you get the most out of your money.

Best wrist blood pressure monitors: an overview

While the blood pressure wrist cuff market is flooded with options, making it no easy feat to find the ideal match for you, we have narrowed our list down to these 5 picks from Amazon, which we deem the best wrist blood pressure monitors currently available.

1. OMRON — best wrist BP monitor on the market

Omron 3 Series Wrist BPM

Engineered for those who prioritize simplicity and accuracy, the OMRON 3 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor establishes itself as the premier wrist cuff among the options on our list. It embraces all the favored traits of being lightweight, conveniently portable, user-friendly, and clinically validated for accuracy.

OMRON is one of the manufacturers featured in the US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing (VDL) — a formal list of blood pressure monitors that meet the criteria for clinical accuracy.


MemoryUp to 60 readings for one user
FeaturesIrregular heartbeat detection, hypertension (high blood pressure) indicator, cuff wrap guide, and advanced averaging
Band size5.3 to 8.5 inches
Amazon rating4.2 out of 5

To outline the main takeaways from the specification profile, OMRON's 3 Series blood pressure wrist cuff combines simplicity with a one-touch design, allowing users to store up to 60 blood pressure readings while also alerting them to any irregular heartbeats detected.

This wrist blood pressure monitor by OMRON is suitable for adult wrists sized anywhere between 5.3 and 8.5 inches. Plus, it incorporates a Cuff Wrap Guide feature to notify you of any loose cuff fitting.

With a storage case included to help protect the monitor, this BP wrist cuff is available for $43.50.

2. Generation Guard — best wrist blood pressure monitor for everyday readings

Generation Guard BPM

With a specification profile that can provide measurement in both millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and kilopascals (kPa), Generation Guard's Clinical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor promises to make blood pressure monitoring at home effortless.

This wrist BP cuff by Generation Guard can measure blood pressure, providing systolic and diastolic readings, as well as heart rate, and it includes the added benefit of an irregular heartbeat detector.


MemoryUp to 90 readings
FeaturesIrregular heartbeat detector and hypertension indicator
Band size5.3 to 7.6 inches
Amazon rating4.2 out of 5

With two AAA batteries in the package and a built-in 30-second power-saving auto shut-off feature, this wrist blood pressure monitor is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

As for sizing, the brand assures that its wrist cuff is suitable for most people, accommodating wrist sizes ranging from 5.3 to 7.6 inches comfortably.

Available on Amazon, Generation Guard's BP wrist cuff can be yours for $59.95. It comes in a convenient, portable design with a durable protective case included for free.

3. Paramed — affordable wrist blood pressure monitor

PARAMED Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The Paramed Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor stands out as an affordable and excellent value-for-money automatic blood pressure device among the options featured on our list. It is designed to provide easy-to-read BP measurements, featuring a commodious LCD display for quick readings in under 30 seconds.

With Paramed’s wrist BP cuff, you get more than just heart health monitoring. Along with the irregular heartbeat indicator feature, this device boasts a comparatively large storage capacity of 90 measurements. It also incorporates a smart 60-second auto-shutoff function to conserve battery power.


MemoryUp to 90 readings
FeaturesIrregular heartbeat detector, automatic shut-off
Band size5.3 to 7.6 inches
Amazon rating4.3 out of 5

For added peace of mind, Paramed assures that its wrist blood pressure monitor's safety standards have been given the FDA's seal of approval.

Alongside the wrist cuff, the brand includes a durable carrying case for trouble-free portability. You can snag this Paramed wrist blood pressure monitor on Amazon, where it is currently priced at only $20.95.


4. Care Touch — best wrist BP monitor for large wrists

Care Touch Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Closing out our list is the Care Touch Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor — showcasing a modern and lightweight design, this wrist BP cuff comes with a flat and spacious LCD screen display with a backlight, allowing for better readability, even in the dark.

Care Touch's wrist blood pressure monitor incorporates an irregular heartbeat indicator, which will promptly display a heartbeat symbol when it registers heart rate values outside the normal range. This device also offers memory storage for up to 60 readings for either two users or a grand total of 120 readings.


MemoryUp to 60 readings for one user
FeaturesIrregular heartbeat indicator and large LCD screen with a backlight
Band size5.5 to 8.5 inches
Amazon rating4.2 out of 5

The wrist cuff on this blood pressure monitor is both adjustable and stretchable, providing a user-friendly solution that accommodates wrist sizes ranging from 5.5 to 8.5 inches.

With little over 38,000 users rating Care Touch's BP wrist cuff, it has earned an Amazon rating of 4.2 stars out of a possible 5, making it a highly sought-after and relatively reliable product. You can currently find it on Amazon for just $24.99.


5. MOCACARE — the most stylish blood pressure wrist cuff

MOCACuff Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Designed not just with comfort but also style in mind, MOCACARE’s MOCACuff wrist blood pressure monitor, boasting a sleek and compact design, should make it easy to incorporate health monitoring into your everyday routine — no matter where you are.

This product by MOCACARE, a brand that is driven by a vision to combine health, technology, design, and comfort, measures heart rate, as well as systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


MemoryUp to 99 readings for one user
FeaturesColor-coded indicator, syncs with the MOCACARE app
Band sizeMaximum diameter is 7.7 inches
Amazon rating4.2 out of 5

MOCACARE offers the only wrist BP cuff on our list that is smartphone-compatible, setting it apart from the other options. This presents a convenient way to stay on top of your health data, as with just a single button tap, you can wirelessly sync your measurement history to your smartphone through the MOCACARE app.

The creators of MOCACuff assert that their product adheres to and meets strict medical standards worldwide. It has undergone clinical validation against the gold standard blood pressure measurement method using mercury sphygmomanometers and is FDA-cleared in the United States.

Amazon has the MOCACuff wrist blood pressure monitor in stock for $54.99, and it even includes a sleek carrying case to make it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Comparing the best wrist blood pressure monitors

BrandPriceMemoryShippingIncluded componentsCompatibilityPower source
OMRON$43.50Up to 60 readingsFreeCuffN/ABattery Powered
Generation Guard$59.95Up to 90 readingsFreeCuff and caseN/ABattery Powered
Paramed$20.95Up to 90 readingsFreeCuff, kit, battery, and caseN/ABattery Powered
Care Touch$24.99Up to 60 readingsFreeCuff, battery, and caseN/ABattery Powered
MOCACARE$54.99Up to 99 readingsFreeCuff and caseiOS and Android through Bluetooth connectivity Battery Powered

Understanding blood pressure monitoring

Blood pressure embodies the pressure exerted by blood within the arteries at the onset of heart muscle contractions. It serves as a vital marker of cardiovascular health and is typically measured in two indexes — systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. While systolic pressure indicates the force exerted by blood on artery walls when the heart contracts, distributing blood to the organs and tissues of the body, diastolic pressure signifies the constant pressure on artery walls when the heart takes a momentary break between beats.

Even though at-home blood pressure monitors are not meant for diagnosing diseases, they offer a practical means of tracking your blood pressure from the comfort of your home. Measurements taken at home might be less susceptible to inaccuracies induced by stress and anxiety, commonly known as "white coat hypertension," a phenomenon often encountered during doctor's office visits. This makes monitoring your blood pressure at home a potentially more reliable option by reducing external influences.

While monitoring blood pressure at home using devices like the best wrist blood pressure monitors or their upper arm alternatives shows promise, there are a few things to keep in mind when using these gadgets to optimize the delivery of results. Some recommendations for a more pleasant experience include maintaining proper positioning, selecting a cuff size that fits snugly but comfortably, resting your arm at heart level on a hard surface, and taking multiple readings to calculate an average.

Different blood pressure monitoring types

Blood pressure monitoring encompasses a variety of monitor types, each offering its own set of advantages and applications. As a rule, the decision regarding which type to opt for is influenced by the patient's specific needs, the clinical setting, and the desired level of accuracy. We take a look at the most common blood pressure monitoring types below.

Mercury sphygmomanometers

When it comes to measuring blood pressure, the gold standard has long been the mercury sphygmomanometer. Its reputation for accuracy is undeniable, but it does come with the caveat of necessitating a skilled professional and posing environmental concerns due to the presence of mercury, which can lead to issues with upkeep and proper disposal. Hence, those seeking at-home blood pressure monitoring may want to explore other options.


Aneroid blood pressure monitors are manual devices used primarily in clinical settings. These monitors are valued for their accuracy and portability when used correctly, making them a trusted tool for healthcare providers. Still and all, they require proper maintenance, calibration, and user expertise to ensure reliable results.


Digital blood pressure monitors come in several varieties, including those designed for the upper arm, wrist, or finger. These devices can deliver fast results, store your readings for progress tracking, and some advanced models can even spot irregular heartbeats. It is important to remember that while they offer the convenience of at-home monitoring, selecting a reputable, validated monitor and using correct measurement techniques is essential for obtaining precise blood pressure readings.

Benefits of using wrist blood pressure monitors

Designed for convenient at-home heart health monitoring, the best wrist blood pressure monitors include a variety of features. Below, we are going to dive into the main benefits that come with using these wrist BP cuffs.

  • Catering to the needs of people in larger bodies. Managing blood pressure for those with larger upper arms or suffering from obesity can be quite challenging with traditional upper arm monitors due to cuff size limitations. In these scenarios, wrist blood pressure monitors offer a practical alternative.
  • Convenience. Monitoring blood pressure at home can be a proactive approach to controlling it, as it allows for regular measurement, even on a daily basis, if necessary.
  • Portability. People who need to keep a check on their blood pressure, especially when they are on the move or traveling, will find wrist BP cuffs extremely handy. Their compact size allows for convenient packing, providing easy maintenance of a heart health monitoring routine even when away from home.
  • Ability to track readings over time. Memory functions are a standard feature in the best wrist blood pressure monitors. They enable the archiving of multiple readings, offering the means to track changes in blood pressure and identify any recurrent trends or patterns.

When to consult a medical professional?

Consulting a medical professional is paramount when blood pressure readings fall outside the normal range. Be it elevated blood pressure, stage 1 or stage 2 hypertension, or hypertensive crises, all necessitate prompt action to avoid potential health issues like heart disease and stroke.

If you consistently have readings in the elevated stage (systolic 120-129 mm Hg), stage 1 hypertension (systolic 130-139 mm Hg or diastolic 80-89 mm Hg), or stage 2 hypertension (systolic 140 mm Hg or higher, or diastolic 90 mm Hg or higher), it is essential to seek medical advice for evaluation. Hypertensive crises, with dangerously high readings, are emergencies and demand immediate medical care.

Blood pressure measuring graph

How to choose the best wrist blood pressure cuff?

If you're asking yourself, "What is the best wrist blood pressure monitor?" you're not alone. Selecting the right one amidst a plethora of options can be daunting. However, several key considerations can help you narrow down your choices and find the best wrist blood pressure cuff for your needs. Let's take a closer look at these considerations below.

  • Validation. When choosing a wrist blood pressure monitor, prioritize models that have been cleared by regulatory agencies like the FDA. This adds value and validation to the accuracy of the device.
  • Interface. Equally important is to look for a BP wrist cuff that is easy to use and operate. An easy-to-use design can make monitoring your blood pressure more convenient.
  • Display. A clear and not difficult-to-read display is essential for interpreting blood pressure readings accurately. Look for wrist blood pressure cuffs with large, backlit displays that provide high contrast and visibility.
  • Memory function. Consider the memory capacity that the blood pressure cuff offers. The memory function allows you to store and recall past blood pressure readings, facilitating tracking changes over time or sharing them with your healthcare provider.

Best wrist blood pressure monitors — conclusion

The best wrist blood pressure monitors are a viable alternative that you can use both at home and in medical settings when an upper arm monitor is not practical. Wrist BP cuffs offer convenience, portability, and the ability to track readings over time, making them a practical choice for many users. Some of these features can be especially beneficial for those with large upper arms.

With all that noted, despite their convenience, wrist blood pressure monitors may not be as reliable as their arm counterparts. Therefore, their use should be approached with attentiveness, as achieving accuracy with wrist BP cuffs requires strict adherence to manufacturer recommendations and consistent monitoring practices.

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