New York State Reports First Monkeypox Case in a Minor

New York state has reported the first known case of monkeypox in a minor. Previously two cases of monkeypox in children have been reported in the US.

According to data released by the New York State Department of Health, one person under 18 years old has tested positive for monkeypox. The report, which excludes residents of New York City, does not specify the age or gender of the minor.

There are currently 2,744 confirmed cases in New York state, which declared the monkeypox outbreak an imminent threat to public health in July.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced two cases of monkeypox in children in July. According to the CDC’s director Dr. Rochelle Walesnsky, both cases are traced back to the individuals who come from men who have sex with men community.

The CDC says that at this time, the risk of monkeypox to children and adolescents in the US is low. However, the virus can infect anyone if they have close, personal skin-to-skin contact with someone who has monkeypox.

In this outbreak, most cases of monkeypox have been associated with sexual contact between men.


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