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Best Cheap Health Insurance in Mississippi in 2024

If you don't already have health insurance, it's likely to be on your radar. Health insurance can prevent costly out-of-pocket expenses for routine healthcare and emergency visits. If you live in Mississippi and are hesitant to purchase health insurance because of the cost, this article can help you navigate the challenges of securing an affordable plan.

Best affordable health insurance in Mississippi: shortlist

We have researched Mississippi insurance providers and have shortlisted our top five affordable health insurance options. They include:

  1. Cigna — Best preventive coverage
  2. BlueCross BlueShield — Most comprehensive provider network
  3. Molina — Best value for money
  4. UnitedHealthcare — Best variety of plan options
  5. Ambetter/Magnolia — Best customer service

In our search for the most cost-effective health insurance, we considered the monthly cost, deductible, extent of coverage, and customer satisfaction levels.

However, the suitability of a health insurance plan highly depends on your and your family’s individual needs and budget, thus, there might be other health insurance plans that are more appropriate to your and your family’s individual needs. Please compare the quotes from all available health insurance providers or seek the expertise of a health insurance agent or broker, before making a decision.

Best cheap health insurance providers in Mississippi in 2024

Cheap insurance doesn't necessarily mean substandard insurance. These providers offer coverage at a relatively affordable price tag.

1. Cigna

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Cigna provides affordable health insurance plans for Mississippi residents with $0 virtual and preventive care. Cigna offers financial assistance to eligible individuals and additional coverage for diabetes and asthma/COPD. Their plans have both individual and family deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

2. BlueCross BlueShield of Mississippi

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BlueCross & BlueShield of Mississippi (BCBSMS) offers a range of health insurance policies to its members in Mississippi, including individual plans like Blue Care Co-pay 6000. However, specific details about coverage may vary depending on the selected plan. Members can access summary information about individual plans on the BCBSMS website.

3. Molina

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Molina Healthcare provides a variety of services and programs to members in Mississippi, including medical care, prescription drugs, virtual care services, and community resources. They also offer free annual exams and low-cost plan options.

4. UnitedHealthcare

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UnitedHealthcare provides health insurance plans in Mississippi, including Medicaid and Medicare plans, Dual Special Needs Plans for those who qualify for both, individual and family ACA Marketplace plans, and supplemental insurance plans for dental and vision coverage.

5. Ambetter/Magnolia

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Ambetter/Magnolia Health provides various health insurance plans in Mississippi, including Bronze, Silver, and Gold level plans. These plans offer different levels of coverage with varying monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Ambetter/Magnolia Health Insurance offers a wide variety of programs and resources that promote whole health and well-being.

Best health insurance companies in Mississippi: a comparison

Affordability is subjective and varies depending on individual circumstances. However, based on the average monthly cost, Molina Healthcare and Ambetter/Magnolia Health Insurance are considered more affordable than Cigna and UnitedHealthcare.

Insurance providerNumber of network providersAverage monthly costStates coveredAffordability ranking (1=most affordable; 5= most expensive)
Cigna1.5 million$443Nationwide$$$$
BlueCross BlueShield of Mississippi (BCBS)1.7 million$546Nationwide$$$
Molina Healthcare1.3 millionVaries15 states$
UnitedHealthcare1.3 million$546Nationwide$$$$$
Ambetter/Magnolia Health InsuranceUnavailableVaries16 states$$

* Average monthly costs are based on a single individual plan. Plans vary depending on the type of plan, health status, geographical location, and other factors.

It's important to note that this table is only a general comparison, and each insurance company may provide different plans with varying costs and coverage. Researching and comparing plans before choosing a health insurance provider is always recommended.

How we ranked the best affordable health insurance in Mississippi

To find the best affordable health insurance, we examined monthly costs, payments due prior meeting the deductible, coverage, and customer satisfaction.

  • Cost. Most insurance companies offer prices based on how much you’re willing to pay.
  • State availability. Not every insurance carrier is available in every state. We examined companies offering affordable health insurance in Mississippi.
  • Benefits and features. Some insurance plans offer more benefits than others.
  • Customer satisfaction. Healthcare.gov offers quality ratings based on member experience, medical care, and how well they run their company.
  • The number of networks. If you choose a healthcare plan, you want to know you can use it where you want.

We also reviewed each company's finance and reputation to help you choose the best affordable insurance plan to meet your needs.

How do I pick the best cheap health insurance plan in Mississippi?

While cost is a factor, you want to ensure you're getting the best policy to cover routine visits and unexpected emergencies. Weigh your healthcare needs against your budget to determine what you can afford.

Before deciding on a plan, some steps to take include:

  1. Reviewing your current budget to determine how much you can earmark for health insurance premiums.
  2. Researching the benefits and coverage offered by each plan.
  3. Asking family and friend for recommendations.
  4. Speaking to insurance representatives at various agencies about plan coverage and costs.

What to know about health insurance in Mississippi?

The metal tier health insurance system in Mississippi is the same as in other states. The four metal tiers are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and they differ based on how the cost of healthcare services is split between the insured individual and the insurer.

General plan estimates are as follows:

TierInsurance paysYou pay

Metal tiers do not dictate the level of care the insured individual will receive, as all health insurance tiers should cover essential health benefits, including emergency care and medications.

Can I get free health insurance in Mississippi?

Medicaid is available in Mississippi at no cost, covering more than a half million residents. Medicaid provides basic health care services for low-income individuals and families, including doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, and preventive care.

Mississippi also offers a free government health insurance plan to help pay medical bills, cover doctor visits, pay for prescription drugs, and provide free health insurance for pregnant women.

Temporary health insurance in Mississippi

There may be times when you only need short-term health insurance. Short-term plans provide temporary coverage when you're between Affordable Care Act (ACA) or employer plans. Short-term health insurance policies are available for up to 364 days with a renewal option of up to 36 months.

If you need to obtain temporary health insurance, contact the Mississippi Insurance Department (MID) or a licensed insurance agent for more information and assistance.

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