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Best Cold Plunge Tubs in 2024: Indoor and Outdoor

Cold plunges are gaining popularity in the fitness and biohacker community as a holistic approach to promote rejuvenation, endurance, and overall well-being. However, this trend has been around for centuries in many cultures, particularly in Scandinavian and Japanese communities.

Consequently, we have embarked on a journey to unveil the true potential of cold plunges and their therapeutic benefits for both mental and physical well-being. What are the best cold plunges on the market? What can one anticipate by embracing this trend? Discover the answers to these questions among our selection of 12 top-notch tub choices.

Best cold plunge tub: shortlist

  1. Sun Home Saunas — best cold plunge tub for beginners
  2. Inergize — best cold plunge bathtub for athletes
  3. Redwood Outdoors — best cold plunge tub for home with easy installation
  4. Plunge — best cold plunge tub for all seasons
  5. HydraGun — best cold plunge tub to de-stress
  6. Luxury Spas — best cold plunge bathtub for busy schedules
  7. Lifepro — best budget-friendly at home cold plunge tub
  8. Dreampod — best cold plunge tub to elevate energy levels
  9. Ice Barrel — best cold plunge for full body immersion
  10. Coldture — best cold plunge for indoors and outdoors
  11. Dundalk Leisure Craft — best design on a cold plunge bathtub
  12. Edge Theory Labs — best tech-savvy cold plunge

How we ranked the top cold plunge bathtubs?

The cold plunge craze has resulted in a blossoming of products tailored to different users, from fitness lovers and biohackers to those simply curious about the latest cold trend. However, an abundance of products does not mean better options, and finding the best tub for a cold plunge may become as daunting as a first-time ice immersion.

Consequently, we have streamlined the process, delivering key criteria to turn cold plunging into a convenient and comfortable experience, even for first-timers:

PriceTemperatureUsabilityMaintenanceBrand transparency
$124.99⁠–$6735.0037°F⁠–105°F (3⁠–40 °C)Indoor, outdoor, and portable tubsEasy maintenanceDisclosure of materials and manufacturing practices
  • Price. We opted for high-quality products that compromise different features adapted for different budgets.
  • Temperature. Our selection encompasses products with a wide range of temperature options for both experienced and beginners in cold plunging. Moreover, we also included products with a heating mode for those seeking to indulge in warm hydrotherapy.
  • Usability. The ranking features products targeted for different spaces, including indoor and outdoor tubs. Moreover, we also prioritized portable devices that are easy to install and carry.
  • Maintenance. While cold plunges have been celebrated for their therapeutic properties, some tubs may present some cleaning challenges. For this reason, we have considered those products with premium filtration and easy maintenance over time.
  • Brand reputation. As cold plunging becomes prevalent, an increasing number of brands are emerging on the market. Yet, not all providers have the best interest of consumers, often neglecting quality and transparency. Consequently, we have selected brands that openly disclose materials and production practices.

Best cold plunge tubs: reviews

We have embarked on the mission of finding the best cold plunge tubs that, in our opinion, stand out as high-quality products on the market.

Hence, we have scoured the depths of the internet, looking for products that can be a good match for diverse preferences. Our ranking features tubs with apps to customize settings from your phone, devices enabling full-body immersion, those with the possibility to switch the icy bath into a jacuzzi, or even products designed for minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Discover our diverse selection below and find that perfect companion for a refreshing dive.

1. Sun Home Saunas — best cold plunge for home

Sun Home Cold Plunge™

Cold plunges are becoming a sensation to optimize wellness in the fitness and biohacking community, with celebrities such as David Beckham, Oprah, and Joe Rogan raging about its wellness-boosting properties. However, many providers often neglect those who wish to get initiated in the plunge universe, featuring complex devices that can pose operating and cleaning challenges.

Sun Home Cold Plunge revolutionizes this concept by introducing a fully portable plunge that unites experts and beginners with a dual cooling and heating system and a mobile app to optimize water temperature. Whether you are seeking to recover from intense exercise, melt the stress of a busy day, or simply refresh and re-energize the body, this plunge may be your go-to.

The plunge is not only intuitive but also easy to maintain. With no plumbing requirements and a convenient drain technology, it may ensure its durability in the long term.

It is available for $5099.00 and includes a 1-year warranty and free shipping.

2. Inergize — best cold plunge for fitness lovers

Inergize Cold + Hot Plunge Tub

For those athletes seeking a comfortable indoor cold plunge, Inergize has created a unique 4.3 ft tub that enhances support in the sit bones, back, and neck — becoming an essential device to de-stress and recharge after an intense workout.

Cold water has been used for many years to enhance muscular recovery, becoming a key technique to support athletes during competition. Scientific research seems to back up these claims, as various studies have linked cold water therapy with soreness and fatigue improvement in muscles. Inergize aims to reap this promising potential, supporting fitness lovers in their recuperation.

Moreover, the cold plunge is easy to set up, requiring only 15 minutes to install for both indoor and outdoor usage. Once the tub is prepared, you can select your preferred temperature on the app. Inergize Cold + Hot Plunge Tub has two settings, cold and hot, so you can switch up between 37°F and 105°F depending on your preferences.

It is available for $4490.00 and includes free shipping and a one-year warranty.

3. Redwood Outdoors — most easy to install cold plunge tub

Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub Kit

Redwood Outdoors introduces a classic tub design for those cold plunge lovers looking for a convenient and comfortable device. Alaskan Cold Plunge Kit can be controlled remotely with an app or through its interactive screen for a quick dive. Additionally, the product comes fully assembled, eliminating the need for intricate installation procedures.

Cold water therapy has been linked with stress relief and improved mood. A 2023 study on short-term water immersion documented self-reported alertness, attentiveness, and an overall decrease in stress. Moreover, it has also been associated with improved sleep in athletes. However, the latter evidence is limited, with further studies needed to support these findings.

A standout feature of this plunge is its large capacity, with 130 gallons to support a fully immersive cold experience. It is available for $4699.00 and includes a 1-year warranty.

4. Plunge — best cold plunge tub for all seasons

The Plunge

It may be daunting to find a cold plunge for all climates and seasons, especially when most of them are built for outdoor usage. The Plunge aims to become a cold therapy solution all year round, with an acrylic and fiberglass reinforced design that withholds the test of time.

This cold plunge is engineered to tap into the therapeutic properties of cold water, re-energizing the body and potentially supporting the immune system. Limited studies have explored this property, finding favorable evidence of immunity support, especially concerning tolerance to stress and respiratory infections.

Furthermore, the product is easy to install, with no plumbing required, and an ozone sanitation system to streamline its clearance. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and includes two sizes — standard and XL.

The cold plunge is available for $4990.00 and includes a 1-year warranty and free delivery.

5. HydraGun — best cold plunge tub to unwind


Cold water has been associated not only with physical benefits but also with positive outcomes on the mind. Many cold plunge fanatics report feeling more energy, better mood, and overall revitalization after an immersion. HydraGun celebrates the mood-boosting potential of cold plunge with their unique Supertup portable design — crafted to alleviate stress in both body and mind.

Supertub not only aims to rejuvenate but also integrates it seamlessly into any space with no plumbing needed. Holding a strong commitment to quality, the plunge is a standout in the market, with automated power-saving modes to reduce footprint.

It is available for $3999.00 and includes a 2-year warranty and a 30-day risk-free guarantee

6. Luxury Spas — best cold plunge for demanding schedules

Luxury SPAS Cold Plunge I Pro

Going for a dip in cold water is suggested to have therapeutic benefits on both body and mind. However, finding time for an ice immersion amidst busy schedules may be challenging for some. Cold Plunge I Pro addresses this concern with a unique design crafted for time scarcity. With a 1 HP chiller to rapidly cool the water below 41°F, the plunge can be prepared in less than 3 hours, delivering a restorative experience.

The brand also aims to make plunging easy and accessible, streamlining the experience with a built-in circulation pump and filter to keep the water clean. Moreover, it also features high-density insulation and a UV cover to protect the plunge outdoors.

It is available for $6735.00 and it includes a 7-year structural warranty.

7. Lifepro — best affordable at home cold plunge tub

Lifepro Allevachill™ Recovery Ice Tub

When it comes to cold plunging, numerous expensive devices populate the market, neglecting those seeking affordable and straightforward choices. Allevachill™ Recovery Ice Tub brings the ultimate solution, with a large water capacity (92.5 gallons) tub to indulge in a chill session.

According to the brand, the device is specially engineered to relieve stress, accelerate recovery, and reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.

Easy to set up and use, the tub includes a carrying bag to travel and enjoy a refreshing session everywhere you go. Moreover, it also includes an all-weather lid to protect and ensure the durability of the cold plunge.

It is available for $124.99 and includes a lifetime warranty.

8. Dreampod — best cold plunge tub for recharge

Dreampod Ice Bath FLEX with Chiller

Dreampod, powered by Nordica, introduces a cold plunge device for those seeking post-workout recovery and recharge. Easy to use and install, Dreampod Ice Bath FLEX includes a chiller to maintain an optimal temperature during the water immersion.

Cold plunging is renowned for its tapestry of benefits on the body, including inflammation reduction, muscle recovery, and improved athletic performance. While ongoing studies continue to explore these benefits, it is suggested that water immersion can enhance blood flow, recharge, and power up the body.

Dreampod boasts a unique design with high-quality fiberglass, plastics, and a double-hull GRP base with foam insulation for cold retention. Additionally, it includes an anti-slip floor to prevent potential accidents.

It is available for $4300.00 and includes 1-year warranty and free shipping.

9. Ice Barrel — best cold plunge tub for full body immersion

Ice Barrel 400

The Ice Barrel 400 aims to revolutionize the cold plunge universe with a minimalistic and durable design suitable for outdoor and indoor usage. With its upright design, the Ice Barrel supports full-body immersions, providing revitalization and rejuvenation when the body requires it most.

This cold plunge is crafted from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), a material that is non-toxic, BPA-free, and medical-grade. Moreover, the barrel is also sourced from recycled plastic, ensuring that your dive is not only eco-friendly but also free of oils, toxins, and other contaminants.

The barrel is lightweight and easy to integrate into various spaces. However, it is important to note that it needs a space that can support 750 pounds due to its large water capacity (105 gallons).

It is available for $1199.99 and includes a lifetime warranty.

10. Coldture — best cold plunge for indoors and outdoors

Coldture The Barrel Cold Plunge Tub Bundle

Coldture introduces a compact and water-efficient tub designed to keep the water at deep chill levels (37 °F), ensuring a refreshing experience to de-stress and rewind the body. Portable and with a Wi-Fi control to customize each session, this cold plunge may be the perfect companion for those looking for an exceptionally cold plunge for outdoor and indoor usage.

The Barrel Cold Plunge Tub Bundle is easy to install and operate, with a 2-step disinfection and filtration system that optimizes maintenance, ensuring its overall durability. Moreover, it is tailored to different temperature preferences, ranging from 37 F to 105 F with the possibility of switching from cold to hot water on demand.

This device may also be a good fit for those who do not have a lot of space available, with a 95cm x 100cm tall design that can be suitable for diverse environments, including gyms, rooms, porches, or basements.

It is available for $4986.00 and includes free shipping and a 1-year warranty.

11. Dundalk Leisure Craft — best cold plunge design

Dundalk Leisure Craft The Arctic Plunge Tub

For those seeking a robust and high-quality cold plunge, Dundalk Leisure Craft, powered by Divine Saunas, delivers a top-notch hydrotherapy experience. Featuring curated materials to seamlessly integrate the tub in any space, The Arctic Plunge Tub combines functionality and aesthetics on a cold plunge device.

Constructed with knotty red cedar and with a premium plastic shell, the plunge balances and keeps an optimal temperature — having a ready-to-go bath for a morning or nighttime dip. Moreover, the plunging can be elevated with a chiller unit, a key element to keep the water fresh for a reinvigorating immersion.

The device comes fully assembled, including wooden steps for a comfortable immersion and a garden hose-connectable floor drain to ensure effortless maintenance. Dundalk Leisure Craft offers two types of chillers to elevate the experience — Coldture chiller and Penguin chiller with filter kit.

It is priced at $2679.00 and includes free shipping.

12. Edge Theory Labs — best cold plunge for tech-savvy fanatics

While many cold plunges integrate apps to select and schedule cold plunge sessions, The Edge Tub Elite takes the experience one step further with a completely customizable cold plunge session, making it the perfect companion for tech-savvy cold plunge fanatics.

The tub is not only portable but easy to install, featuring a bag and a chiller with wheels to take on the go. Moreover, it is easy to clean, with a filtration and sanitation system that keeps the water fresh.

Sturdy and robust, the Edge Tub unites cold and hot lovers with a temperature range of 37 to 104 degrees. The temperature and desired mode can be selected effortlessly on the app, where users can connect through group classes, breathing sessions, and coaching calls.

It is available for $5490.00 and includes a 1-year warranty.

Comparison of the best indoor and outdoor cold plunge tubs

ProductPriceBest forTemperature rangeChillerHot systemPortableOther features
Sun Home Saunas$5099.00Indoor and outdoor37.5 °F–104 °F (3-40 °C)YesYesYesApp to customize sessions
Inergize$4490.00Indoor and outdoor37 °F–105 °F (2.7-40.5 °C)YesYesYesApp to customize sessions
Redwood Outdoors$4699.00OutdoorNot specifiedYesNoNoLarge tank capacity (130 gallons)
Plunge$4990.00Indoor and outdoor39 °F (3.8 °C)YesNoNoApp to customize sessions
Hydragun$3999.00Indoors 37.4°F (3.0°C)YesNoYesEasy maintenance
Luxury Spas$6735.00Indoor and outdoor41 °F (5.0 °C) YesNoNoInsulated UV Rated Cover
Lifepro$124.99OutdoorN/A NoNoYesHighly portable
Dreampod$4300.00Indoors Not specifiedYesNoNoAnti-slip floor
Ice Barrel$1199.99OutdoorsN/A NoNoYesAllows upright submersion
Coldture$4986.00Indoor and outdoor37 °F –105 °F (3-40.5 °C)YesYesYesWi-Fi control
Dundalk Leisure Craft$2679.00OutdoorN/A NoNoNoHigh quality materials

What is a cold plunge and should you do it?

Cold plunge involves immersing the body, and sometimes the head, in cold or iced water for a short period. Cold water immersion has shown some potential benefits to enhance various bodily processes, including mood, body fatigue, and stress, among others.

However, most of the benefits associated with this practice are based on subjective claims and anecdotal cases. For this reason, we have embarked on a mission to elucidate the true potential of cold plunging and what scientific consensus exists to support its reported properties:

  • Mood and well-being. Cold plunges may have the potential to enhance mood and alleviate stress. Moreover, a recent research study on the benefits of cold water reported subjective positive feelings in alertness, attentiveness, and energy levels of those who practiced cold plunging.
  • Physical recovery. Cold plunges have been used for many years in the athlete community to alleviate muscle fatigue and increase performance. Even though more studies and trials are still needed to confirm its effectiveness, some limited evidence has shed light on its potential. While a study from 2017 found that cold water may enhance performance recovery, another study conducted on football players reported lower perceived muscle soreness and temporary recovery of strength.
  • Sleep. A research study from 2021 investigated the effects of CWI (cold water immersion) on runners’ sleep and found enhanced slow-wave sleep during the first part of the night. However, further scientific studies are needed to support the positive outcomes of cold plunging on sleep quality.

Can you experience side effects from cold plunging?

Even though cold plunges are generally safe and present promising physical and mental benefits, it is noteworthy to acknowledge some of its potential side effects:

  • Cardiac and pulmonary risks. Immersion in cold water may compromise various challenges for the body due to cold shock. These may include physiological changes in cardiorespiratory function, causing hyperventilation and increased heart rate. Moreover, due to these physiological changes, it might pose a risk in some individuals with cardiac issues.
  • Hypothermia. Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature drops below 35 °C, failing to maintain homeostasis and proper body function. Exposure to cold or iced water during long periods may result in hypothermia, leading to life-threatening risk if not treated accordingly.

Who should avoid taking cold plunges?

Before using any cold plunges, it is essential to review the product and find out if it is suitable for your needs, particularly in the case of having certain medical conditions. Those facing cardiac and pulmonary diseases should exercise caution with these products and always consult with their doctor on the frequency and overall usage.

Furthermore, all individuals, especially those inexperienced with cold water, should perform immersions under supervision and continuously monitor their bodies to prevent any adverse reactions. It is also essential to adhere to the recommended timing, as exceeding cold water immersion may increase the likelihood of developing hypothermia symptoms.

How to do cold plunging the proper way

Taking a cold bath may seem daunting for many. However, there are some tips and tricks to streamline the experience:

  • Prepare the bathtub. Firstly, it is important to set up your cold plunge. If you can customize your session with an app, select an optimal temperature and timing. In case your cold plunge does not have an app, you can adjust the settings manually and fill it up with water or ice. Consider beginning with a lukewarm temperature and gradually decreasing it to get used to the feeling of cold water.
  • Engage in breathing exercises. Prioritize breathing exercises to relax and soothe your body and mind before the immersion. A good option is to follow the Wim Hof method before the immersion.
  • Set up the timer and jump in. Having a timer nearby is essential to know when you need to get out of the tub. As a beginner, you can start with a few minutes and increase time with experience. Immerse your feet first and work your way up until you reach your chest. Hands and toes can be kept outside, especially during those first dips.
  • Breathe and meditate. Once you are in the tub, your body’s response may be shivering and hyperventilating. However, it is important to engage in deep breathing to help calm your body throughout the bath.
  • Exit slowly and warm up. Once the timer stops, you can exit the tub. It is important to get out slowly and partake in light stretching or exercise lightly to warm up naturally.

Outdoor cold plunges vs. indoor cold plunges

When it comes to at-home cold plunge tubs, many designs, features, and materials may lead to wondering what type of tub aligns best with your preferences and particular needs. To help streamline your decision, we have compiled some key differences between both tubs, but keep in mind that some of the products can be used in both instances:

TypePortabilitySpaceTemperature controlMaintenanceTank capacityAccessibility
Indoor cold plungesPortable and lightweight For smaller spacesEasily adjusted Easy maintenance Small tank capacity All year
Outdoor cold plungesDurable but less portableFor big spacesMay present some challenges due to external temperature influenceInfluence of weather and climate, especially if it is kept without a lidLarge tank capacityAffected by weather conditions

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