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Best Red Light Therapy for Knee: Top-Rated Devices

Is knee pain holding you back from living to the fullest — leading an active lifestyle or getting a sound night's sleep? With over 50 years of renowned benefits for pain relief, red light therapy, also known as low-level light therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation (PBM), may be your choice for knee pain relief.

We understand the struggle of choosing the top-rated product in the market. That’s why we created a list of what we consider the best red light therapy for the knee based on specific quality aspects.

Best red light therapy for the knee: top products shortlist

  1. Novaalab — overall best red light therapy device for knee pain
  2. Nushape — best red light therapy knee wrap
  3. Kineon — best portable device for knee pain relief
  4. Lifepro — best red light therapy device with a long warranty
  5. Mito Red Light — best flexible knee therapy device
  6. Infraredi — best price for red light therapy for joint pain

How did we compile the list of the best knee red light therapy devices?

When choosing the best knee therapy devices, we have conducted a thorough product review based on the following quality and safety measures.

Wavelength630–660 nm (red) and 830–850 nm (near-infrared)
Irradiance10–200 mW/cm²
Coverage areaVersatile for different joints and body areas
SafetyFDA clearance, CE, RoHS, and TGA certification
PriceReasonable with available discounts
Customer reviewsTrust and positive feedback
  • Wavelength. As one priority quality aspect, we considered wavelengths ranging from 650–880 with suggested pain-relieving benefits. Wavelength is measured by nanometers (nm) for red light therapy devices.
  • Irradiance. This is a safety and effectiveness aspect we considered, which indicates the amount of energy received by a given area. The irradiance for the red light therapy devices for knee pain on our list ranges between 10–200 mW/cm².
  • Coverage area. We considered red light therapy wraps and belts that offer versatile body part coverage, making them suitable to address more than knee pain.
  • Safety. When selecting the best 6 red light therapy devices, we prioritized the ones with adherence to safety and quality standards, such as FDA clearance, CE, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) certifications.
  • Price. Red light therapy devices are often higher priced. Thus, we selected brands that offer additional discounts or interest payments.
  • Customer reviews. Praised for efficacy and user-friendliness, the best knee therapy devices we selected have been acclaimed by customers for their ability to deliver effective pain relief.

Best red light therapy for knee devices 2024: overview

Red light therapy may contribute to a number of therapeutic benefits, ranging from wound healing to pain and inflammation relief. The exact benefits are determined by several factors, including light source and penetration depth, wavelength, irradiance, and more.

These are the factors we are going to explore and highlight in the following product review section, in addition to price, pros, and cons. Go on reading our thorough review of the 6 best red light therapy devices for knees to help you improve your mobility.

1. Novaalab — overall best red light therapy pad for knee pain

NovaaLab Light Knee Pad

When looking for the best red light therapy device specifically designed for relieving knee pain, consider Novaalab’s Deep Healing Pad. This is an FDA-cleared II Class device; it holds RoHS and CE certificates.

The Novaa Deep Healing Pad is a medical device that combines red light and infrared light technology to address knee pain. As the provider claims, this red light device may help to address the pain in knee joints, nerves, and muscles up to 2" deep.

Note that the provider asserts the device's capability to address medical conditions, albeit without established scientific evidence. However, they claim that the device is designed according to scientifically suggested wavelength and irradiance specifications.

Novaalab's Novaa tech specs

  • Irradiance. Between 25 and 200 mW/cm², depending on how far from the skin you use it
  • Wavelength. 660 nm (red light), 850 nm (infrared light)
  • Warranty. 2 years
  • LEDs. 360 light chips
  • Return policy. 60-day money-back guarantee

The provider of the Novaa Deep Healing Pad for the knee offers a single wrap for $600 and 2 pads at $599.80. These prices may seem high, yet you can enjoy huge discounts the provider offers or take advantage of the 4 interest-free payments.

2. Nushape — best versatile red light therapy knee wrap

Nushape Mini Red Light Therapy Device

Nushape Mini red light therapy device, as the name implies, is a comfortable and versatile wrap that you can use not only for relieving knee pain but also for other body parts, including shoulders, arms, face, etc.

Nushape Mini utilizes red light therapy, which has been linked to a range of therapeutic uses, such as addressing sore muscles, knee pain related to arthritis, and inflammation through cellular repair.

Again, be cautious regarding the exaggerated claims of the provider. While the device may be used to help manage knee pain, it should not substitute or delay medical treatment for the underlying causes of pain.

The manufacturer identifies that the device reaches the deep layers of the skin by operating at a power density of 37 joules per cm².

Nushape Mini tech specs

  • Irradiance. 37 J/cm²
  • Wavelength. 660 nm (red light) and 850 nm (near-infrared)
  • Warranty. 1 year
  • LEDs. 160 LEDs
  • Return policy. 30-day money-back guarantee

Nushape Mini red light therapy device is offered at a price of $349. You can use the 4 interest-free payment method and get fee-free delivery.

3. Kineon — best portable red light therapy device for knee pain

The MOVE+ Pro LED & Laser

If you are prone to a more mobile lifestyle, the Kineon MOVE + Pro could be the perfect red light therapy option for the knee, fitting conveniently into your travel suitcase for its compact size.

The Kineon MOVE + Pro is configured with 3 modules, each containing two emission areas with LEDs and infrared lasers. According to the provider, these characteristics may help to reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Kineon's red light therapy device is designed with adjustable straps to suit various body sizes. They also help to target the hard-to-reach places on the body.

Besides being acclaimed for adhering to available research regarding red light therapy, the MOVE + Pro is FDA-cleared for safety.

Kineon MOVE + Pro tech specs

  • Irradiance. 5 mW per laser diode, 50 mW per module, deep red LEDs: 80 mW per emission area
  • Wavelength. 650 nm (deep red), 808 nm (infrared)
  • Warranty. 1 year
  • LEDs and lasers. 24 LEDs and 30 lasers
  • Return policy. 30-day money-back guarantee

The original price of the Kineon MOVE + Pro red light therapy device is $699. The provider offers spreading the cost with 4 interest-free payment options, plus it is FSA/HSA-eligible, allowing you to save 30–40%.

4. Lifepro — best red light therapy for knee pain with a lifetime warranty

Lifepro AllevaRed Light Therapy Belt

Offering a lifetime warranty, the creators of the Lifepro AllevaRed light therapy belt demonstrate a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This is an addition to the acclaimed rigorous scrutiny, safety measures, and potential pain-relieving effects.

AllevaRed light therapy device is suitable not only for alleviating knee pain, but can be used in different parts of the body. The device may help reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, reduce joint and muscle pain, and, as claimed by the provider, reduce fat cells. Yet, not that the evidence regarding these benefits is still limited.

The Lifepro AllevaRed LLLT device has 4 intensity levels incorporating both red and near-infrared modes. According to the manufacturer, the device may also be used on pets. Yet, be mindful to read the instructions and see a vet to avoid harming your four-legged friends.

Lifepro AllevaRed tech specs

  • Irradiance. Not specified; overall power: from 0.9 W to 16 W, based on the intensity level
  • Wavelength. 660 nm (red) and 850 nm (near-infrared)
  • Warranty. Lifetime
  • LEDs. Not specified
  • Return policy. 30-day money-back guarantee

Lifepro AllevaRed low-level light therapy for knee pain is sold at $237.49. Besides offering a significant discount and free shipping in the USA, the manufacturer makes this device more accessible with 4 interest-free or FSA/HSA payment options.

5. Mito Red Light — best red light therapy for light and intensity combinations

Mito Red Light Therapy Belt

With 5 adjustable intensity levels and the option to utilize red light, near-infrared light, or both simultaneously, users can tailor their therapy sessions to suit their specific needs and preferences with the Mito Red Light Advanced device.

The Mito Red Light therapy device is acclaimed to be FDA-cleared and is ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) Certified. It is also FCC, RoHS, and CE-certified to meet the high safety standards for electric devices.

Its lightweight design, coupled with the built-in power bank, ensures that your devices stay charged when multitasking, allowing you to stay productive on the go. Mito Red Light therapy is an innovative device with 1215 chips per belt. According to the provider, these characteristics offer a larger coverage area, promising a comprehensive approach to relieving knee pain and discomfort.

Mito Red Light tech specs

  • Irradiance. 10 mW/cm²
  • Wavelength. 660 nm (red) and 850 nm (near-infrared)
  • Warranty. 1 year
  • LEDs. 1215 LEDs
  • Return policy. 60-day money-back guarantee

The regular price of Mito Red Light therapy is $499, yet you can enjoy the significant discounts available through the link below. This FDA-cleared device is eligible for purchase with FSA/HSA funds and offers the convenience of payment in four interest-free installments.

6. Infraredi — best price for red light therapy device for joint and knee pain

Infraredi joint wrap

When looking for an affordable at-home and the best red light therapy for joint pain, consider Infraredi Joint Wrap. Not compromising the quality, this wrap offers a comfortable experience specifically designed to reduce pain in major joints by featuring high-quality LEDs that emit infrared and red light.

Infraredi is an Australia-based company offering a number of red light therapy devices for various uses. Red light panels and the joint wrap for knee pain reduction are entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

Based on the customer reviews on the provider's website, 97% of the users report the effectiveness of Infraredi joint wrap for pain and inflammation relief in the knees, regained mobility, and vibrant skin.

Infraredi Joint Wrap tech specs

  • Irradiance. Not specified
  • Wavelength. 660 nm (red) and 850 nm (near-infrared)
  • Warranty. 3 years
  • LEDs. 60 LEDs
  • Return policy. 60-day money-back guarantee

While Infraredi may not be eligible for FSA/HSA and does not offer additional discounts, its price of $199 is notably lower than similar products. Additionally, the option to spread the cost over 4 payments reduces the financial burden.

Best red light therapy for knee devices: comparison

BrandPrice*IrradianceWavelengthCoverage areaWarranty
Novaalab$600.00Between 25 and 200 mW/cm²660 nm (red), 850 nm (infrared)Knee2 years
Nushape$349.0037 J/cm²660 nm (red), 850 nm (near-infrared)Elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and face1 year
Kineon$699.005 mW per laser diode, 50 mW per module, deep red LEDs: 80 mW per emission area650 nm (deep red), 808 nm (infrared)From joints to neck, back, hips, and head1 year
Lifepro$237.49Total power: from 0.9 W to 16 W, based on the intensity level660 nm (red), 850 nm (near-infrared)Suitable for various body partsLifetime
Mito Red Light$499.0010 mW/cm²660 nm (red), 850 nm (near-infrared)Lower back, abdomen, quadriceps, and more1 year
Infraredi$199.00Not specified660 nm (red), 880 nm (infrared light)Suitable for all major joints3 years

* — significant discounts are available through the links provided by Healthnews.

What are the benefits of using red light therapy for knee pain?

Red light therapy may offer health benefits for the skin, stimulation of collagen production, and faster repair. The suggested benefits of using red light therapy for knee pain are the following:

  • Inflammation relief
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Improved mobility

Some studies show that incorporating light therapy with a therapeutic exercise program may lead to the reduction of pain intensity in individuals with knee osteoarthritis. Thus, red light therapy should be viewed as an adjunct tool in addressing knee pain rather than the main treatment modality.

Overall, red light therapy may provide a non-invasive and generally safe method for managing knee pain, promoting tissue healing, and improving quality of life. Yet, consultation with a doctor is essential before using red light therapy or any other form of treatment, especially for individuals with underlying health conditions.

How to use red light therapy devices for knee pain?

First off, consult with your healthcare provider to understand the specific causes of knee pain or learn if the red light therapy is suitable for you based on your medical history. Stick to the instructions from your doctor and the manufacturer when using the red light therapy for knee pain that typically involves the following steps:

  1. Preparation. Prepare the knee area, make it dry, and clean from any lotions or creams.
  2. Positioning. Position the red light device directly on the knee joint to cover the entire area of pain.
  3. Duration. Experts suggest starting with shorter sessions, up to 15 minutes. According to some providers, longer sessions for 20–30 minutes once daily may be suitable for chronic knee pain.
  4. Frequency. The recommended session frequency of red light therapy for knees is generally provided by the manufacturer or your healthcare provider, depending on the device features and the pain intensity.

Always read instructions carefully to minimize the risk of injuries and ensure the optimal functioning of the device.

Safety considerations and precautions

While there are numerous studies on low-level light therapy in general, there is a scarcity of research on specific red light therapy devices, meaning that their safety and efficacy are not established.

The safety of red light therapy in children, pregnant and breastfeeding individuals is not established either, given the lack of studies with these populations. You should always adhere to the instructions, including the recommended treatment time, in order to minimize the risks of adverse effects. Moreover, choose an FDA-cleared device that may give reassurance that the product compares favorably in terms of safety and efficacy to other similar devices on the market.

Knee pain may be a result of various factors: injury, overuse, arthritis, bursitis (inflammation of bursae in your knee), etc. While red light therapy devices may be used in conjunction with a medically approved treatment plan, they should not replace it or delay seeking professional help.

Red light therapy devices vs. other knee pain treatment devices

Therapy typeWorking principle Possible benefitsApplication mode/siteScientific backing
Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)A combination of low levels of red and near-infrared lightStimulate joints and tissues to potentially improve circulation, relieve pain and inflammationWrapped around the knee, but could be used on all major jointsIn elderly patients with knee osteoarthritis, red and infrared light treatment was linked to functional improvement and pain relief
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)Delivers neuromuscular electrical stimulationMay potentially strengthen the muscles around the knee joint by providing stimulation to your quad musclesWrapped around the knee and paired with an appIn people having knee osteoarthritis, 12-week-long intervention of NMES was linked to improved knee pain
Vibratory StimulationDelivers high-frequency vibrations through the skin to the sciatic nerve Enhanced quadriceps function, improved gait, reduced knee pain, and increase in flexionWrapped around the kneeIntermittent vibratory stimulation device worn for 4 weeks was linked to improved pain and greater increases in flexion

How to choose the best red light therapy device for the knee?

Besides the quality aspects we used for our evaluation process, consider the following precautionary steps when choosing the best red light therapy device for knee pain relief:

  • Safety features. Make sure the device has heat management and automated shut-off features.
  • Warranty. Select red light therapy devices for knees that come with a warranty, offering peace of mind and adding quality assurance. This may also include a return policy in case of a dissatisfactory experience.
  • Ease of use. Obtain devices with intuitive and simplified operations to avoid misuse, injuries, device damage, and unnecessary hustle.
  • Brand reputation. Buy your red light therapy device for knees from reliable manufacturers that adhere to quality and science, as well as show success records from customers.
  • Scientific approach. Although there is still a need for more clinical studies regarding red light therapy devices, seek out brands designing products based on available scientific evidence.

Best red Light therapy for knee device 2024: conclusion

In summary, our review of the best red light therapy devices for the knee suggests that they may offer a non-invasive approach to addressing inflammation and reducing pain. Although larger studies are needed to establish safety conclusively, these devices may be valuable for managing knee pain.

More to this, before opting for the best red light therapy for the knee, take notes from the quality and safety aspects outlined above, as well as talk to your doctor.

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