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Best Smart Rings in 2024: Top 5 Smart Rings Reviewed

As technology continues to miniaturize and become more energy-efficient, smart rings have emerged as part of the larger trend of self-tracking technology. These tiny yet mighty rings represent a fusion of fashion and innovativeness, offering a range of features and functionalities, among those — health monitoring.

In light of this, we have put together a list of the best smart rings that are currently dominating the market. Every featured product comes with its own specification profile and a nomination, formulated to streamline your decision-making process.

Best smart ring: a shortlist

  1. RingConn — best smart ring for men
  2. Oura — best smart ring overall
  3. Ultrahuman — best smart ring for health tracking
  4. Circular — best smart ring with a slim design
  5. SLEEPON — best smart ring for sleep monitoring

How have we compiled the best smart rings?

When compiling this list of the best smart rings available on the market, we considered multiple criteria. So, should the idea of owning a smart ring ever cross your mind, the following points would come in handy:

Features and functionalityDesign and comfortBattery lifeCompatibilityWater resistance
Widely adopted metricsAesthetic and fittingLong-lastingCompatible with your smartphone's operating systemIP68, IP67, or other
  • Features and functionality. When it comes to the best smart rings, their value truly stems from the features they offer. Therefore, we sought out those that could track your sleep, measure heart rate, and provide insights, among other functions.
  • Design and comfort. With design and comfort going hand in hand in creating a wearable accessory, we made an effort to include those best smart rings in our list, which strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and fit.
  • Battery life. Considering that battery life significantly influences how seamlessly the smart ring blends into your daily routine, our top priority has been to include health rings that can run for several days or even up to a week on a single charge.
  • Compatibility. Given the importance of compatibility, especially in terms of how effectively the smart ring integrates with your current devices, we have opted for smart rings that support the traditional smartphone operating systems — iOS and Android.
  • Water resistance. For wearable technology, smart rings in particular, water resistance holds paramount value as it allows them to withstand exposure to water during your everyday activities. All the best smart rings on our list are water-resistant, with some featuring commonly used ratings like IP67 and IP68.

5 best smart rings in 2024: overview

The smart ring market combines technology and fashion, offering consumers convenient and functional accessories for modern living. Within our list, you will find the top 5 smart rings, each nominated for its specific features catering to various preferences and needs.

1. RingConn — best smart ring designed for men

RingConn smart ring

If you lead an active lifestyle and your main priority is monitoring your workload during training sessions, you may find RingConn the ideal option.

RingConn, like its smart ring alternatives in our lineup, offers an extensive array of features and functionalities. It not only tracks your fitness performance, including calories and steps, but also provides sleep stage and quality analysis, monitors the stress index, and offers all-day heart rate and blood oxygen saturation tracking.

RingConn’s specifications:

Battery lifeUp to 7 days
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Water resistanceIP68
SizingFrom 6 to 14 — differs from US Standard

Adding to its features, the RingConn smart ring provides you with a daily score that reflects your activity level. This score takes into account your movement, distance covered, as well as periods of inactivity, such as the time spent sitting or standing.

RingConn is currently available for the price of $279. When you buy, you will be given a choice among three finishes: moonlit silver, midnight black, and pale gold. Best of all, your RingConn smart ring comes with full app control, and you won't be subjected to any additional subscription fees.

2. Oura — best smart ring on the market

OURA horizon smart ring

For those who have dived into the smart ring market before, there is a high probability that you have encountered the name Oura at least once or twice. Touted as an engineering breakthrough, the Oura Ring gets our vote for the overall best smart ring 2024.

Renowned for its award-winning design, the Oura smart ring comes fully loaded with a multitude of features. These include sleep and readiness scoring, measuring blood oxygen levels, rest mode, as well as 24/7 heart rate tracking, and post-workout insight analyses.

Oura Ring’s specifications:

Battery life*Up to 7 days
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Water resistanceWater resistant up to 100m
DesignChoose between plateau or uninterrupted
SizingFrom US 6 to US 13

* — Subject to change based on the features you are using, charging practices, and other factors.

Notably, the Oura Ring's monitoring and detection capabilities have inspired independent research at institutions such as UCSF, UC San Diego, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the US Army, and the US Navy.

You can acquire the Oura Ring in a classic plateau design, starting at $299. Prices are subject to change based on design and color preferences. With your purchase, you also opt in for Oura's membership.

3. Ultrahuman — best smart ring to monitor health

Ultrahuman Ring AIR

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR, proclaimed by its creators as the world’s most comfortable wearable, provides a range of health-tracking features. These include the monitoring of the body’s vital signals, such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, as well as tracking and decoding the REM, deep, and light stages of sleep.

Ultrahuman has taken an additional stride in terms of personalization by engineering this smart ring to deliver tailor-made insights into your data and nudge you toward healthier habits, all in real time.

Ultrahuman’s specifications:

Battery lifeUp to 6 days
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Water resistanceWater-resistant up to 100 meters
SizingFrom US 5 to US 14

Despite being abundant in features, Ultrahuman’s offering is lightweight — registering just 2.4 grams on the scale and measuring 8.1 mm in width and 2.45 mm in thickness. Though, mind you that the weight and thickness may vary depending on the selected size.

The Ring AIR by Ultrahuman is currently priced at $349. Along with the purchase, you will also receive a Ring AIR charger. The ring itself is available in four colors — aster black, matte grey, bionic gold, and space silver.

4. Circular — best slim-designed smart ring

Circular Ring Slim

The Circular Ring Slim, deemed by its creators as the world's thinnest tracker, offers a host of health-tracking features, encompassing the monitoring of heart rate and breathing patterns, as well as measuring blood oxygen levels. Enhanced further by guided breathing and sleep-tracking mechanisms, this smart ring is tailored to those prioritizing healthy lifestyles.

Circular has taken an additional stride in terms of its tracking capacity with the introduction of Kira, an integrated intelligent assistant. Kira steps in to provide customized insights when needed, making the user experience even better.

Circular’s specifications:

Battery lifeUp to 5 days
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Water resistanceSuitable for light water exposure
SizingFrom US 6 to US 13

Despite being abundant in features, Circular's offering is lightweight — registering just 2 grams on the scale and measuring 8.8 mm in width and 2.2 mm in thickness.

The Circular Ring Slim is currently priced at $262. With your purchase, you will also unlock unlimited access to the Circular app and receive all future updates. This means you won't miss out on any new features — they will be available to you right away.

5. SLEEPON — best smart ring for tracking sleep

Sleepon Go2sleep smart ring

The final entry on our list is the Go2sleep — a smart ring from SLEEPON designed for those who want to keep a close eye on their sleep patterns.

With its heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring functions, Go2sleep goes beyond the ordinary sleep tracker. This smart ring offers minute-by-minute sleep reports that are, in fact, exportable for further analysis.

Go2sleep’s specifications:

Battery lifeUp for 2 nights
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Water resistanceIP67
SizingOne size — 22 X 30 X 18 mm

Beyond the listed characteristics, the smart ring from SLEEPON has a built-in ring retrieval feature. Additionally, it integrates bio-alarm clock technology, capable of awakening you during your lightest sleep phase in the morning, minimizing grogginess upon awakening.

Go2sleep is available for just $99, making it one of the most affordable smart rings on the market. It comes with a wireless charger, an additional USB cable, three silicone holders, and a user’s manual.

Comparison of the best smart rings of 2024

BrandPriceBattery lifeDesignMembership feesCompatibilityWater-resistant
RingConn$279.00Up to 7 daysSquared-offNoneiOS and AndroidYes
OuraStarting from $299.00*Up to 7 daysPlateau or uninterrupted$5.99 a monthiOS and AndroidYes
Ultrahuman$349.00Up to 6 daysSleekNoneiOS and AndroidYes
Circular$262.00Up to 5 daysSlimNoneiOS and AndroidYes
SLEEPON$99.00Up for 2 nightsBulkyNoneiOS and AndroidYes

* — Prices may vary depending on factors such as color, design, and your choice to include a sizing kit.

How smart rings enhance daily productivity

Worn on your finger like traditional rings, smart tech rings are next-generation self-tracking devices that integrate technology into everyday life. They have the potential to enhance daily productivity by simplifying everyday tasks and keeping you connected to sensitive information, all without disrupting your routine.

These small yet powerful gadgets encompass a range of functionalities and feature packages. Offering quick access to vital information and real-time updates, these rings can monitor heart rate, sleep patterns, fitness performance, and more, depending on the technology supported by the smart ring.

Smart rings for health typically come in various sizes and designs, with some even offering additional customization options, including different outer shells. As for charging, methods may vary depending on the model. However, smart rings usually use wireless charging. This involves placing the ring on a charging dock or pad connected to a power source.

How does a smart ring work?

At its core, a smart ring is a wearable device embedded with a plethora of sensors, including, but not limited to, green LEDs for heart rate, red LEDs for blood oxygen, and infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, among various others.

Offering compatibility with the widely used operating systems — iOS and Android — most smart rings establish connections via Bluetooth. This seamless connection allows them to sync with smartphone applications, offering detailed insights into daily activity, heart rate fluctuations, and sleep patterns.

With smart rings, personalized health tracking becomes an integral part of daily life, allowing for effortless data-centric access to information that holds personal importance.

Features and benefits of smart rings

Engineered to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, smart rings come packed with an array of features and benefits. Further below, we delve deeper into the primary benefits associated with these smart rings.

  • Heart rate monitoring. Continuous heart rate monitoring can help you identify trends and understand how different activities or stressors affect your heart rate.
  • Sleep monitoring. Smart rings can analyze your sleep patterns, including the stages and quality of your sleep. This allows you to take the necessary measures and make adjustments for better sleep practices.
  • Activity tracking. With the functionality to count your steps, measure distances traveled, estimate calories burned, and provide activity reports, the best smart rings assist you in both tracking your progress and adopting a somewhat more active lifestyle.
  • Stress levels. By continuously monitoring pressure levels during work or daily activities, smart rings have the capability to offer insights into your stress levels. They can then send alerts, prompting you to take a break, recalibrate your emotional state, and start practicing relaxation techniques.
  • Personalized insights. From data analysis and behavioral patterns that can reveal your most active times of the day or the impact of certain activities on your heart rate, to predicting fertility windows, smart rings are adept at delivering personalized insights.

Smart rings for fitness tracking

Given that the finger is an ideal source for accurate heart rate data due to its sensitivity to movement and accuracy across all skin types, smart fitness rings provide a convenient method to track your fitness and health metrics throughout the day.

Their subtle design and smooth integration with apps make smart rings that track health serviceable companions for workouts. Typically featuring built-in sensors, these rings provide real-time insights and personalized feedback, which, in the end, may assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Oura ring alternatives

As praised as the Oura smart ring is for being one of the best tech rings to ever hit the market, it might not be the ideal choice for everyone. Now, if that person happens to be you, fear not — there are several Oura ring competitors in 2024. ​​From fitness rings to those rings that monitor health and even blood pressure rings, the options are diverse and plentiful. Those who prioritize specific features may be drawn to products like Sleepon's Go2sleep, with its detailed minute-by-minute sleep reports, or Circular Ring Slim, designed to be worn constantly without you even noticing it.

Additionally, given the steep price point of the Oura ring, those mindful of costs may be steered toward the affordability of cheaper Oura ring alternatives like RingConn and Ultrahuman. These two top-tier tech rings offer impressive health-tracking features in their own right without straining your budget as much.

Are smart rings safe to wear?

Smart rings are created with user safety in mind and subjected to testing to meet safety standards before entering the market. However, as with any wearable technology, smart rings should be approached with caution. Users should consider allergies, proper sizing, and skin sensitivity before proceeding with a purchase.

In the grand scheme, smart rings can be safely integrated into everyday life by choosing a reputable brand, following instructions, and monitoring individual responses.

Are there different sizes available for smart rings?

Much like traditional rings, smart rings that monitor health are produced in various sizes to guarantee a comfortable and secure fit for a diverse range of users. When searching for a smart ring, you will usually encounter sizing choices that align with standard ring sizes.

The best smart rings featured in our list are available in the following sizes:

OuraFrom US 6 to US 13
RingConnFrom 6 to 14 — differs from US Standard
UltrahumanFrom US 5 to US 14
CircularFrom US 6 to US 13
SLEEPONOne size — 22 X 30 X 18 mm

Keep in mind that a properly fitting smart ring should feel comfortable and secure on your finger. The correct size is essential not only for comfort but also for accurate data collection, particularly if the ring includes sensors such as heart rate monitors.

Are smart rings compatible with all devices?

Even though compatibility depends on factors such as the operating system of your smartphone, the connectivity methods used by the smart ring, and the manufacturer's design choices, smart rings typically function with both iOS and Android smartphones through Bluetooth connectivity.

Considering this, it is advisable to do some research to make sure that the smart ring you are interested in functions seamlessly with your smartphone and aligns with your expectations regarding its features.

Best smart rings — conclusion

Smart rings are emerging as versatile self-tracking devices, seamlessly integrating technology into our daily lives. From continuous activity monitoring and heart rate tracking to sleep analysis and personalized fitness insights, these intelligent health rings may provide an in-depth view of our physical health and mental well-being. For those dedicated to closely monitoring their health, smart rings offer promising companionship.

Among those on our list, one in particular stands out — the Oura Ring. And even though it may not suit every shopper due to its high price tag, it currently towers over other smart ring options.

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