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Mendi Review in 2024: Brain Training Device

Mendi is a neurofeedback device that uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to help measure brain activity. It is a headset meant to be worn during brain training exercises to measure blood flow in the brain.

The Mendi headband automatically connects to an app on your iOS or Android mobile device. It uses non-invasive fNIRS sensors, which measure blood flow in the brain's prefrontal cortex to provide neurofeedback to help you measure, control, train, and improve brain function. The app tracks your progress, allowing you to take control of your attention, avoid distractions, and enhance your mental resilience.

In this Mendi review, we take a look at whether the Mendi device actually works and is worthy of your attention.

Quick review of Mendi

Mendi utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide an at-home headset to monitor blood flow in the brain's prefrontal cortex to help improve focus and attention. This table breaks down some of the characteristics of the Mendi device in an easy-to-read format.

PriceBenefitsTechnologyMobile appEquipmentManufacturer Country
$299Elevate your focus, attention, and mental resilience through the use of neurofeedbackUses functional near-infrared spectroscopy to measure blood flow and transmits the findings to a mobile deviceYes, available on iOS and Android devicesComes with a Mendi headband and charging cableSweden

What is Mendi neurofeedback device?

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Mendi is a neurofeedback system that uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to measure blood flow and oxygenation within the brain's prefrontal cortex. This non-invasive technology can detect the amount of oxygenated blood that is being delivered to the brain, and this correlates with increased activity in the area being measured.

The prefrontal cortex is an area of the brain that plays an important role in attention, concentration, as well as emotion regulation. Mendi provides immediate neurofeedback, allowing you to visualize the neural activity in your prefrontal cortex as you train your brain through the app.

When you purchase the Mendi neurofeedback device, it comes with the Mendi headset, a charging cable, free access to the Mendi brain app for iOS and Android devices, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Pros and cons of Mendi

What Mendi brain training can help achieve

The Mendi neurofeedback device uses neuroimaging techniques to monitor brain activity using an easy-to-use mobile headset. Although more studies are needed to confirm the clinical benefits of this device, we have compiled a list of what Mendi can help achieve.

  • Measure blood flow within the prefrontal cortex. Functional near-infrared spectroscopy is effective in identifying the degree of oxygenation within the blood, which correlates to improved blood flow.
  • Differentiate levels of blood flow. The Mendi device has been shown to detect differences in blood flow with increasingly complex tasks; however, more studies are needed to confirm the initial findings.
  • Provides immediate feedback regarding concentration. The prefrontal cortex helps to focus our attention on tasks at hand; therefore, increased blood flow correlates with enhanced functioning of this area of the brain.

How to use the Mendi neurofeedback device

The easy-to-use Mendi device can be used at home, in the office, or anywhere you can find a quiet place to perform a training session. The following sections describe the steps involved in using the Mendi neurofeedback device.


The initial setup requires you to download the Mendi app from the Apple or Google Play stores. Once the app is downloaded and the Mendi headset is fully charged, you are ready to use the device. By pressing the Mendi logo, you can turn on the device. It will blink a white light as it connects to the app using wireless technology, and once a solid light appears, you are ready to begin.

Put on the headset

The headset should then be placed with the three sensors against your forehead and the adjustable band tightened for a snug but comfortable fit. The bottom of the device should align with your eyebrows. It will typically take four to six seconds to begin showing results on your phone.

Start training session

In the app, select the length of the training session you wish to complete. While sitting in a quiet place, away from direct sunlight, relax and clear your mind. Next, focus on the ball on the app, try thinking of nothing else, and watch as the ball goes up. The steeper the incline, the more blood flow that is being detected in the prefrontal cortex.

Track your progress

Over time, you will complete many training sessions and be able to track your progress using the app. The journal feature within the app provides a record of each session and allows you to monitor your improvements. With each training session, your brain function should improve, and you should see improvements in your tracking and focus.

Mendi neurofeedback device pricing

The Mendi neurofeedback device is available only through the manufacturer at this time and can be shipped to over 40 countries with free international shipping (duties and taxes may still apply). Each order contains the Mendi headset, a charging cable, and access to the free Mendi brain health app, and is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. The current competitive pricing for this device is $299.

Compared to other neurofeedback devices, the Mendi device offers great value for effective training.

Does Mendi have side effects?

The Mendi neurofeedback device uses non-invasive functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNRI) sensors to gather brain activity data. This technology is harmless and has not been associated with any negative effects. This allows the technology to be used by participants of all ages, from young children to seniors.

This device is worn around the forehead using an adjustable headband. Despite this, the headset may cause local irritation of the skin or headaches if not comfortably adjusted. Fortunately, these side effects are temporary and can be resolved by properly placing the device; however, if they persist, discuss them with your doctor.

Mendi reviews: what are the customers saying?

The customer reviews for the Mendi neurofeedback device on the Trustpilot website gave it a 3.9-star rating on a 4-star scale. This rating resulted from 66% of consumers giving it a perfect 4-star rating. However, there are reviews indicating they have failed to achieve any benefit from the device or have complaints regarding the app's functionality.

Similar to other biofeedback devices, there will be a certain number of people not responding to the training method. Therefore, it's difficult to correlate every review to what your experience will be when using this device.

Mendi review — conclusion

We'll break down our assessment of the Mendi neurofeedback device into two parts: what we appreciate and what we find less favorable.

What we like

The use of home-based functional near-infrared spectroscopy to measure the blood flow in the prefrontal cortex signifies a technological advancement. This allows the application of biofeedback wherever you can find a quiet place to complete the relatively short training sessions (315 minutes long), providing access to this neurofeedback therapy in areas where it is otherwise unavailable.

In our opinion, the Mendi device can identify changes in blood flow within the prefrontal cortex and is well-tolerated by users.

What we don't like

We think the app may be a little too basic for some users and would benefit from additional games to facilitate the training sessions. In addition, although the functionality of the device has been established, the potential benefits of this device are still unproven, and there is a lack of scientific evidence to support that it can help with various mental health conditions.

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