5 PEMF Mat Benefits You Need to Know

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a non-invasive treatment that applies electromagnetic fields to human tissues. These low frequencies might stimulate healing processes at cellular and molecular levels, enhancing healing processes in the body and contributing to overall wellness.

The PEMF therapy has been used for over 70 years in clinical settings, but the development of portable PEMF mats made this treatment more accessible to individuals seeking health and wellness benefits at home.

What is a PEMF mat?

A PEMF mat is a device that applies low-frequency electromagnetic waves to human tissues. These mats are composed of coils or loops generating a pulsed electromagnetic field, a control unit, a power supply, and a coverage material.

These mats combine the principles of biophysics and cellular biology to apply the PEMF therapy. The thermal and non-thermal effects generated by mats might induce various chemical and biological responses in cells. The therapeutic potential of the mats depends on factors such as the strength and frequency of the electromagnetic field and the duration of exposure.

Top benefits of using a PEMF treatment

PEMF mats have emerged as a tool in personal health and wellness management. Below, we will discuss the top potential benefits:

1. Pain relief

One of the potential benefits of PEMF is pain relief in some healthcare conditions, like osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that leads to wiring down cartilage in joints, causing pain and stiffness. Two randomized controlled trials showed that the patients with cervical osteoarthritis and knee osteoarthritis experienced lower pain levels after applying PEMF treatment. Another study showed the potential benefits of using mat for fibromyalgia, which is a chronic condition causing widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue. The individuals using the treatment experienced reduced pain intensity.

The therapy also showed potential in reducing the symptoms of other diseases but it is worth mentioning that not all the studies have demonstrated the impact of PEMF in pain management. The benefits of this therapy would depend of the health conditions of an individual who should consult with a health professional to discuss if this treatment would be appropriate.

2. Improved mobility

Another advantage of PEMF therapy is its potential effect on improving movement. As discussed above, the treatment might help with symptoms of joint osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia — diseases that also hamper mobility. The electromagnetic fields emitted by the mat might also improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation. These are key factors that contribute to better joint mobility and muscle function.

Among various studies, a trial performed in a Southeast Asian community demonstrated that older participants improved their mobility and increased muscle mass after using PEMF. The therapy can also potentially improve recovery and mobility after a bone fracture. Researchers have shown that adding pulsed electromagnetic field treatment during cast immobilization could enhance the range of motion.

3. Increased blood flow and circulation

The PEMF might regulate blood circulation and pressure, as well as enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. For instance, a randomized controlled trial showed that healthy participants and participants with diabetes benefited from better blood flow to the feet when an electromagnetic field was applied. Researchers also found that applying PEMF can improve blood circulation into ischemic skin model in rats. This model simulates, in laboratory conditions, tissue with reduced blood supply which might be caused by certain injuries. The results suggest that, in certain instances, PEMF can stimulate blood circulation in abnormal tissue conditions.

While several studies have shown the potential effects of PEMF on blood flow and circulation, the physiological mechanisms remain still unclear.

4. Stimulation of stem cells

Several studies have explored the effects of PEMF on stem cells, which are crucial as they help the body regenerate. The results showed that the treatment could stimulate stem cells to increase their number more quickly, which can be important during the healing process. The impact of PEMF was particularly studied in the context of bone health.

In test tube experiments with mesenchymal stem cells, the PEMF treatment stimulated cells to differentiate into osteoblasts (bone cells). Therefore, PEMF can potentially be advantageous for regenerative medicine to speed up the healing of bone fractures. However, these experiments were performed in a lab setting, and further evaluation in clinical trials is required to confirm these potential benefits.

5. Reduced inflammation

While inflammation is a natural response of the body to injury or disease, prolonged and chronic inflammation can lead to various health issues. PEMF may help to mitigate inflammation by modulating the production of cytokines, which are inflammatory mediators produced by the immune system.

A review study summarized the anti-inflammatory effects of PEMF in lab tests on various cell types, such as immune cells (macrophages), muscle cells, or stem cells. Studies have shown that PEMF can decrease the production of cytokines in lab tests, restoring them to healthy levels and suggesting a potential effect of PEMF in modulating inflammation and immune responses.

What is PEMF therapy used for?

This versatile and non-invasive treatment method, which uses pulsed electromagnetic fields, can be used in both clinical and home settings to promote the regenerative processes of the body. While the effectiveness of PEMF depends on the individual's health condition, these therapy sessions might offer several benefits. PEMF therapy sessions might be used in rehabilitation to speed up recovery from fractures and injuries and to improve mobility.

Since PEMF may promote blood circulation, it can be applied to stimulate blood flow to tissues where the blood vessels have been affected by diseases such as diabetes or ischemic conditions. Some studies suggest the positive effects of this magnetic therapy on reducing inflammation, and therefore, it can be applied to stimulate the immune system and overall wellness.

How to use a PEMF mat

After consulting with a healthcare professional to determine if a PEMF mat is right for you, incorporate these step-by-step instructions to use it effectively. Remember to check the manufacturer's instructions for more specifics:

  1. Find a comfortable, flat area with access to a power socket.
  2. Connect your PEMF mat to a power source.
  3. Select appropriate settings according to your health needs.
  4. Lie down, ensuring the area you wish to target is on the mat.
  5. Initiate the session through the control panel and relax.
  6. After completing the session, fold the mat, maintain it, and store it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

PEMF therapy offers a non-invasive solution which might stimulate the healing of the tissues. Consider using a PEMF mat as a part of your daily routine to achieve better well-being. Remember to discuss with a healthcare professional if this therapy is right for you, and combine it with other wellness practices such as exercise, good sleep, and a healthy diet.

What are the best PEMF mats in 2024?

If you’re looking to buy a PEMF mat, making an informed purchase decision is crucial. PEMF technology is on the rise, but the market already has countless options available.

The Healthnews team understands the significance of conducting meticulous research to recommend such products. Our team evaluated the best PEMF mats and highlighted several key factors to guide your purchase: price, adjustability, ease of use, and size.

  1. HigherDOSE — best overall infrared PEMF mat
  2. Grooni Earthing — best eco-friendly infrared PEMF mat
  3. Omnipemf — best targeted PEMF therapy mat
  4. BON CHARGE — best infrared PEMF mat with 4 gemstones
  5. Hooga — best infrared PEMF mat with adjustable settings
  6. ZAQ — best infrared PEMF mat with 5 advanced therapeutic options
  7. PHYMAT — best PEMF mat on a budget
  8. OMI — best PEMF-only full-body mat


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