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Best NMN Supplements in the UK in 2024: Where to Buy?

As the international delivery of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) products may sometimes pose high shipping and customs costs, people living in the United Kingdom may search for local options for their NAD-boosting supplements.

Understanding these challenges, we hand-picked the 5 best NMN products and evaluated them with the help of the Healthnews research team to assist you in the selection process.

Continue reading the review article to find the best NMN supplements available in the UK, considering their proposed benefits, dosage, purity, cost, and brand reputation to align with your health goals.

Best NMN supplement in the UK: shortlist

  1. Purovitalis — overall best NMN in the UK
  2. Omre — best NMN + resveratrol product
  3. Charava — best eco-friendly packaging for NMN product
  4. VitalityPRO — best NMN made in the UK
  5. AgeMate — best NMN in the UK with improved capsule stability
  6. UltraHealth — most transparent NMN brand in the UK
  7. Cymbiotika — best NMN with antioxidants
  8. GenuinePurityTM — best U.S.-made NMN available in the UK

How we ranked the top NMN supplements in the UK

We examined our choices of the best NMN products in the UK based on the following criteria.

Third-party testingIndependent lab testing
FormulaEvidence-backed dosage and ingredients and delivery method
Price per serving£0.93–2.60
  • Purity. We have checked the certificate of analysis (COA) for the 5 NMN brands on our list to determine whether the lab testing results correspond to the supplement facts on the product labels.
  • Manufacturing. Our selection of NMN products underwent manufacturing in facilities adhering to cGMP standards.
  • Third-party testing. While third-party testing is not obligatory for NMN products, brands that conduct such analyses enhance their reliability by maintaining transparency regarding product quality for their customers.
  • Formula. We prioritized NMNs with evidence-based formulations, including dosage, additional ingredients, and delivery methods for better absorption.
  • Price per serving. We considered NMN products with a price range of £0.93–2.60 per serving to suit different budgets.

Best NMN supplement in the UK in 2024: overview

This is a dedicated section for a broader overview of NMN products to buy in the UK. We identified the unique approach of each supplement brand we selected and highlighted their pros and cons, specific quality criteria, and more.

Before purchasing any of these NMN products, it's important to consult with your doctor. NMN is not currently marketed as a "dietary supplement," and it's essential to ensure compliance with rules and regulations in your location.

1. Purovitalis — overall the best NMN to get in the UK


Purovitalis is a reputable longevity supplement brand based in the Netherlands shipping products in the E.U. countries and the UK. The brand offers high-quality and third-party tested NMN at an affordable price per bottle and per delivery.

Purovitalis NMN is sourced from Longevir™ — a quality ingredient supplier in the E.U. The manufacturer enhanced the bioavailability of its NMN, incorporating the liposomal delivery method utilizing sunflower lecithin.

You can find the COA on the product page. According to testing results, Purovitalis liposomal NMN is 99% pure, contains no contaminants or major allergens.

The recommended daily dose of Purovitalis by the brand is 2 capsules delivering 250 mg of liposomal NMN. This is a dose mostly seen in scientific evidence.

Purovitalis sells bottles containing 30, 60, and 120 capsules. A one-time purchase of the bottle for 60 servings costs £50 (£1.66 per serving), making it a comparably cost-effective option for NMN in the UK.

2. Omre — best NMN + trans-resveratrol product in the UK


Omre combines two renowned longevity compounds — NMN and trans-resveratrol — in one capsule for the suggested maximum benefits for cellular rejuvenation. Besides, the capsules contain BioPerine®, which, according to the provider, may increase the resveratrol bioavailability.

Omre, a reputable UK-based supplement company, specializes in crafting health products formulated with scientific research as a foundation. One such product is NMN + Resveratrol, designed with ingredients and doses used in some studies, suggesting potential health benefits.

With a daily intake of 2 capsules, you'll receive 500 mg each of NMN and trans-resveratrol, along with 5 mg of black pepper extract. The provider of Omre NMN recommends taking 2 capsules together with food containing healthy fats.

Based on the COA, Omre NMN and trans-resveratrol are of 98% purity. Another quality factor is the brand’s dedication to cGMP-manufacturing standards.

One bottle of Omre NMN + Resveratrol offers 30 servings for £48 (£1.60 per serving).

3. Chavara — best eco-friendly packaging for NMN product

Charava NMN

To ensure the NMN capsules are protected from heat and direct sunlight while also prioritizing environmental safety, Chavara NAD+ Activator is packaged in recyclable dark glass bottles.

Additionally, Charava is a brand committed to excellence in longevity supplements. Certified in ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management, and producing in GMP facilities, the brand shows consistent quality, sustainability, and safety.

This product offers the highest NMN amount —1000 mg of NMN per 2 capsule serving daily. Chavara enjoys huge customer satisfaction, with the majority of users reporting positive effects after consumption.

In addition to adhering to the above-mentioned quality standards, Chavara NAD+ Activator NMN undergoes third-party testing in the UK to guarantee customer safety. The manufacturer has also developed a vegan formula, making its products suitable for a broader audience.

You can choose to subscribe for monthly deliveries to save 10% or opt for a one-time purchase of a 30-day supply for £69.99 (£2.33 per serving).

4. VitalityPRO — best NMN product made in the United Kingdom

VitalityPro nmn

VitalityPROis yet another trusted supplement company making and delivering NMN products in the UK. The lab-tested active ingredients of the products are sourced from worldwide high-quality suppliers.

Instead of the widely used liposomal delivery method, developers behind VitalityPRO use delayed-release capsules, which are suggested to keep the active compounds intact to pass through the stomach and reach the intended area in the GI tract for absorption.

By openly sharing the third-party testing results on the product page, the brand ensures transparency with its customers. The COA confirms the 99% purity of nicotinamide mononucleotide.

The manufacturing process of VitalityPRO NMN products takes place in cGMP-compliant and ISO 9001:2015 quality-certified manufacturing sites in the UK.

The provider recommendations for daily intake range between 2, 3, or 4 capsules, delivering 500 mg, 750 mg, and 1000 mg of NMN. To ensure you are taking the right doses, it is best to consult with your doctor.

VitalityPRO offers bottles with 60, 90, 180, and 720 serving amounts. A one-time purchase of a 60-capsule bottle is £39 (£1.30 per serving).

5. AgeMate — best NMN in the UK with improved capsule stability

AgeMate NMN Capsules

Most of the NMN you take can be destroyed by stomach acid before it reaches the small intestine for absorption. To address this issue, AgeMate has developed a formula with acid-resistant capsules designed to protect the NMN as it passes through the GI tract, ensuring that a higher amount reaches the intestines for optimal absorption and desired effects.

The provider ensures that the capsules of its Pure NMN for Longevity are non-GMO and made in GMP-certified facilities in the UK. AgeMate products undergo third-party quality testing in the UK and the U.S. You can check the COA on the product page.

AgeMate may also be the most affordably priced NMN product on our list, both in terms of quality and serving amount. The brand recommends taking 2 capsules daily to receive 500 mg of NMN.

Customers taking AgeMate NMN appreciate the quality of the product and packaging. After supplementation, they report feeling more energy, better sleep, and a clearer mind. Yet, remember that these effects may vary from person to person depending on various factors.

A one-time purchase of an AgeMate NMN bottle will cost you £35.00 (£1.16 per serving). However, to make your supplementation more affordable, you can select the monthly subscription plan for a 20% discount on each bottle.

6. UltraHealth — best NMN in the UK in regards to transparency

UltraHealth NMN

If you are looking to buy NMN in the UK, then exploring the brand’s testing results, product stability reports, and other metrics would be a good idea. UltraHealth offers exactly this by displaying their COAs openly on the product page.

UltraHealth NMN is said to be formulated in delayed-release capsules (enteric) to carry the active ingredients to the small intestine for absorption.

UltraHealth partners with GSK International as its parent company — based in London and adhering to cGMP-compliant manufacturing. The company provides science-backed longevity supplements. One of them is the liposomal NMN product with 99% purity confirmed by third-party labs.

Brand’s recommended daily dosage is 1 vegetarian capsule, delivering 250 mg of NMN.

One bottle of UlraHealth Liposomal NMN contains 60 servings and costs £56 (£0.93 per serving).

7. Cymbiotika — best NMN in the UK with an antioxidant effect


Cymbiotika combines NMN with 4 ingredients showing antioxidant effects — apigenin, green tea extract, trans-resveratrol, and green coffee bean extract. According to the provider, the aim of adding antioxidants in the formula of its NMN is to reduce oxidative stress that may be associated with premature cellular aging.

Note that some people may be sensitive to caffeine in the formula. Apigenin, as proposed by the brand, administered with 400 mg of NMN, may have some metabolic and healthy aging benefits.

The purity percentage of the NMN is not indicated on the product page, and the brand doesn’t provide COA. Yet, the ingredients are claimed to be non-GMO, plant-based, major allergen-free, and sourced from trusted suppliers internationally.

A one-time purchase of Cymbiotika for 30 servings is £69.95 (£2.33 per serving). While Cymbiotika NMN is made and based in the U.S., it delivers products internationally, including the UK and some E.U. countries.

7. GenuinePurity™ — best U.S.-made NMN available in the UK

GenuinePurity™ Liposomal FISETIN

GenuinePurityTM, a brand by Leading Edge Health, is a trusted brand in the United States and Canada with a long history of providing quality supplements, one of which is its Liposomal NMN. And if you’ve been looking for an authorized U.S.-based brand delivering to the UK, this provider may be the choice for your longevity journey.

The inclusion of liposomal technology ensures that the NMN is protected from the stomach's harsh, acidic environment, allowing for maximum absorption in the intestines.

With a convenient serving size of just one capsule daily, you receive 250 mg of NMN — a dose considered safe and effective in current human studies.

GenuinePurity™ demonstrates a strong commitment to quality and safety. Each batch of their Liposomal NMN+ undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure it is free from allergens and contaminants and maintains stability under different temperatures.

For customers in the USA, GenuinePurity™ offers free shipping, yet international customers in Canada, Australia, and the UK can also benefit from affordable shipping options.

One bottle of GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN is priced at £62 (£1.03 per serving) and provides a 2-month supply. For those looking to save on long-term usage, there are cost-effective options available when ordering in bulk, with significant savings on the 3 or 6-bottle packages.

Comparing the best NMN supplements available in the UK

BrandPricePrice per servingServing sizeNMN amount per servingAdditional ingredientsFormPurity
Purovitalis£50.00£1.662 capsules250 mgNoneLiposomal capsules99%
Omre£48.00 £1.602 capsules500 mgTrans-resveratrolNon-liposomal capsules98%
Charava£69.99£2.332 capsules1000 mgNoneNon-liposomal capsulesNot specified
VitalityPRO£39.00£1.302–4 capsules250 mgNoneDelayed-release capsules99%
AgeMate £35.00£1.162 capsules250 mgNoneAcid-resistant capsules99%
Ultrahealth£56.00£0.931 capsule250 mgNoneDelayed-release capsules99%
Cymbiotika£69.95£2.332 capsules400 mgApigenin, green tea extract, trans-resveratrol, green coffee bean extractNon-liposomal capsulesNot-specified
GenuinePurityTM£62.00 £1.031 capsule250 mgNoneLiposomal capsules96%

Why should you consider supplementing with NMN?

According to the available research, NMN is a precursor for another important molecule in the human body — NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), often referred to as the “youth molecule”. Some longevity enthusiasts and health-conscious people may consider taking NMN products to help increase their NAD+ levels.

Although NMN is also suggested to help slow down aging processes, there is still a huge gap in the scientific field regarding this claim. Still, available data highlights the following suggested benefits of NMN administration:

  • Cognitive health. Limited studies with mice having Alzheimer’s suggest that NMN may help improve cognitive function by enhancing the energy metabolism in the brain.
  • Metabolic health. Another study with mice demonstrated that NMN may play a role in metabolism by increasing the NAD+ levels. This process may also play a role in age-related weight gain suppression, as shown in the studies with rodents.
  • Muscle endurance. Studies with a limited number of runners showed that NMN administration with muscle endurance exercises may help improve blood flow and have some benefits for muscle-related parameters.

Keep in mind that there are various health and longevity benefits attributed to NMN which are not supported by scientific findings. Thus, before taking any product, consult with your healthcare provider.

How do I buy NMN supplements if I am in the UK?

NMN products are available for purchase in the UK in online retailer stores or official brand websites. However, some NMN brands from the U.S. and European countries also deliver their products to the United Kingdom.

When buying NMN products in the UK, you should also look for quality products from reputable brands. Check the product website for third-party testing certificates, proof of cGMP manufacturing standards, and clear usage instructions.

Please be aware that according to the FDA, NMN currently has been excluded from the dietary supplement category and cannot lawfully be marketed as a dietary supplement in the U.S. In the UK, NMN is classified as a novel food, with limited information available regarding its legality for manufacturing and inclusion in dietary supplements.

However, it is important to note that since we are not a manufacturer or retailer, we do not take any responsibility for the availability of the product as a dietary supplement while its future status is under investigation.

Additionally, if you are looking for alternatives to NMN in Europe or the UK, you can consider other NAD+ precursors, such as NR or resveratrol, which may also play a role in NAD+ regulation in the body.

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GenuinePurity™ demonstrates a strong commitment to quality and safety. Each batch of their Liposomal NMN+ undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure it is free from allergens, and contaminants and maintains stability under different temperatures.For customers in the USA, GenuinePurity™ offers free shipping, yet international customers in Canada, Australia, and the UK can also benefit from affordable shipping options.One bottle of GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN is priced at £62 (£1.03 per serving) and provides a 2-month supply. For those looking to save on long-term usage, there are cost-effective options available when ordering in bulk, with significant savings on the 3 or 6-bottle packages.

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