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GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ Review: Ingredients, Prices, And Benefits

NMN supplements have been shown to support vitality, improve sleep, and support cellular health. To render these benefits, NMN products should meet specific requirements, including dosage, ingredients, and formulation.

One such supplement is GenF20® Liposomal NMN+, developed to help people address age-related health decline. Positive customer feedback for GenF20® speaks about the high quality of this manufacturer and its products.

To establish the trustworthiness of the customer feedback, we curated this GenF20® review evaluating the suitability of this brand's liposomal NMN supplement for younger and older individuals.

GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ supplement overview

GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ is a one-ingredient supplement with evidence-based doses. The NMN as an active ingredient in the supplement has been third-party tested and established to be 98% pure — one of the highest purity available on the NMN market.

Here is a more detailed review of the GenF20 NMN supplement.

  • What is GenF20® Liposomal NMN+? GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ is an anti-aging supplement that promotes healthspan for people looking for science-backed solutions. It’s a precursor to NAD+ molecule, central for almost all body functions.
  • Intended use. The primary intention of supplementing with NMN is to solidify the feeling of youthfulness, strength, and alertness. Scientific findings related to NMN’s ability to prolong lifespan can be enticing for many people.
  • Price. GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ supplement is reasonably priced at $69.95. This might be a bit higher than other providers, yet it’s justified by daily dosage and quality formulation.
  • Benefits. The benefits claimed by the provider of GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ are a strong immune system and heart, bone, muscle, and brain health.
  • Side effects. The side effects of GenF20® are possible with misuse. Some of the reported side effects of a high intake of NMN supplements are related to liver function.

Pros and cons of GenF20® Liposomal NMN+

You can also compare the pros and cons of other best NMN supplements on the market and select the one of your preference.

About GenF20®

GenF20® is a supplement developed by Leading Edge Health. This is a health-oriented brand located in Canada that serves its customers in over 130 countries.

GenF20® NMN is an anti-aging formulation with a novel liposomal drug delivery method for maximum absorption. The liposomes are made from organic sunflower lecithin to keep NMN intact, traveling through stomach acid into the targeted cells.

GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ is a one-ingredient formula with a science-backed dose. Producers do not promise immediate anti-aging effects in the short term, yet they believe this supplement may help you regain youthfulness.

Ingredients of GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ supplement

GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ contains only one active ingredient — β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (β-NMN). This is a naturally occurring and active form of NMN generally used in supplements.

To formulate the capsule, the manufacturer included other inactive ingredients.

IngredientAmount per capsuleSuggested benefits
250 mgDNA repair, cellular, heart, brain, bone, and muscle health, better metabolism
Vegetable celluloseN/AKeeps the capsule vegan, supports ingredient stability in the capsule
Phospholipid complexN/AMaking up liposomes to maximize bioavailability
Vegetable stearateN/AUsed as an anticaking agent

NMN is the key ingredient in this supplement, providing anti-aging effects. Other ingredients are used only to create the capsule. NMN increases your NAD+ levels — responsible for supplying cells with energy.

Benefits of the GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ supplement

GenF20® NMN may help you improve your body’s ability to resist age-associated health decline by increasing the NAD+ levels. Some scientifically observed benefits of NMN supplements are the following:

  • Better metabolism. NMN was shown to improve age-related metabolic issues and hence suppress weight gain shown in animal studies.
  • Improved sleep. Increased NAD+ is involved in regulating circadian rhythms by activating the SIRT1 gene.
  • Faster DNA repair. PARP1 is an essential protein involved in DNA repair and is NAD+ dependent — balanced NAD+ in the body can promote this activity.
  • Improved memory. Memory lapses or neuronal damage are significant signs of aging. But NMN supplementation was shown in animal studies to protect the brain and prevent neurodegeneration.
  • Energy production. NAD+ depletion with age is also a cause of muscle, skeletal, and cellular energy decline. Ingested NMN is suggested to convert into NAD+, increasing ATP levels — essential for energy production.

Side effects of the GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ supplement

GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ supplement is generally safe to consume. However, as with other supplements, more evidence is needed, and misuse may lead to adverse health concerns.

This supplement is formulated with doses used in scientific studies — 250 mg of NMN. A placebo-controlled trial showed that with higher than 250 mg of NMN, some of the adverse events among a few participants might be:

  • Rashes on the skin
  • Tingling or numbness
  • General weakness
  • Unclear speech
  • Fever

Some scientists, such as David Sinclair and Andrew Huberman, suggest using 500–1000 mg NMN daily for effectiveness. However, it’s critical to follow safety guidelines and talk to your doctor before supplementation with higher doses to avoid side effects.

1 capsule daily is a convenient serving size recommended by GenF20®. You can take it with any meal of the day. With one daily serving, you will receive 250 mg of NMN — a dose considered safe in current human studies.

Another reason the provider offers this serving size is that its NMN is protected with liposomes. A significant amount of non-liposomal NMN gets destroyed in the acidic environment in your stomach.

Thus, higher doses may be needed with ordinary NMN to ensure your body receives at least some of it. With liposomal formula, however, you can be guaranteed to receive the amount indicated on the label.

How much is GenF20® Liposomal NMN+?

GenF20® sells its Liposomal NMN+ at an affordable price, as well as offers discounts when buying multiple bottles.

BottlePrice after discount
1 bottle$69.95
3 bottles$199.95
6 bottles$349.95

One bottle of GenF20® contains 60 capsules, and if you follow the daily recommended doses, this is enough for a 2-month supply. The provider advises you to order 3 bottles for significant savings on your 6-month journey to life extension.

Moreover, the brand offers a 67-day full money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the purchase.

Note that the prices may vary depending on the chosen currency.

Buy 6 bottles and save over $100!

How much is the shipment for GenF20® Liposomal NMN+?

Free shipping of GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ is granted for domestic orders in the USA. The shipping prices may vary for international orders depending on the destination country and shipping method.

The shipping prices will be deducted after you place an order and fill in your shipping information.

Quality, transparency, and safety

For a health-oriented company, quality, transparency, and safety are some of the foremost aspects to adhere to.

GenF20® NMN reviews and third-party testing are displayed on the official website, showing the product quality and the brand’s transparency.

Being clean from harmful additives, allergens, and ingredients of animal origin, GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ may be suitable for a wider circle of users.


Sourcing is crucial for assuring supplement quality and meeting sustainability and ethical requirements.

Buying ingredients from China may be affordable, but NMN sourced from Chinese suppliers is not always high-quality.


cGMP and FDA-compliant manufacturing is the second critical step in developing quality supplements.

Registered facilities should adhere to the highest hygiene and equipment quality standards to avoid contaminants in the final product.

Third-party testing

After the NMN is developed, the company should send it for independent lab testing.

This is another quality standard to guarantee the product is free from allergens, contaminants and stability under different temperatures.


The purity standard for NMN supplements is more than 95%. It is established with third-party testing.

Purity means that the amount indicated on the label corresponds to that in the capsule.

How long does it take for GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ to start work?

With 250 mg NMN is GenF20® Liposomal NMN+, you may see the effects in 12 weeks. Some people may report energy improvement and better sleep after a week of supplementation.

Most human studies, conducted with 250 and 300 mg doses, lasted 4–12 weeks. The reported anti-aging effects included:

  • Better metabolism
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Muscle and skeletal endurance
  • Higher energy levels
  • Sounder sleep
  • Increased NAD+ levels

What can I expect from GenF20® Liposomal NMN+?

The results with GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ can be individual to everyone. Do not only rely on GenF20® reviews by customers regarding the period of effectiveness, as they may depend on the individual genetic background, health status, and lifestyle.

The common benefits to expect with GenF20® NMN include

  • Energy maintenance
  • Sleep quality
  • Less joint pain
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Brain clarity
  • Boosted libido

It is possible that you feel no expected tangible results. Yet, remember that NMN works primarily on the cellular level. To assess the effectiveness, it’s recommended to conduct a blood test before and after the supplementation.

What is GenF20® Liposomal NMN+ best for?

Among the best NMN supplements, GenF20® is considered the best NMN with high bioavailability.

GenF20® is ranked as the best NAD+ precursor in terms of serving size among the best NAD+ supplements.


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