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Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 Supplement Review

If you are looking for an honest Invity NMN review, you have come to the right place. These NMN products are designed to assist in DNA repair and cellular rejuvenation, as well as to protect against inflammation.

Invity NMN products are a combination of 6 science-backed ingredients. With two capsules daily, Invity offers 400 mg NMN as an ultimate NAD+ booster.

About Invity

Invity is a company that specializes in developing and producing anti-aging dietary supplements and skincare products.

The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Singapore. Invity's products involve high-quality ingredients to support overall health and wellness. The brand promotes longevity by exploring the science behind phytochemistry and nutrition.

Quick overview

Invity is a wellness brand providing longevity solutions through its anti-aging products. The premium DNA repair, antioxidant, and rejuvenating formula of Ultimate NMN 12000 and its benefits are now available to consumers.

The manufacturers claim that combining these ingredients can enhance energy levels, support cognitive function, promote healthy aging, and improve overall health and well-being.

  • What is NMN? The molecule known as NMN is present in every living organism by nature. It's a precursor to NAD+, a coenzyme that plays a crucial role in energy metabolism and DNA repair.
  • Intended purpose. Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 is used for increasing NAD+ levels for anti-aging, clarity of mind, overall well-being, and stamina.
  • Price. Invity offers reasonably-priced NMN supplements. Although the cost may appear higher compared to other brands, the quantity of NMN and the other 5 active components in the product make it a cost-effective choice.
  • Benefits. Invity NMN claims to deliver several benefits, including increased NAD+, enhanced cognitive function, improved hair and skin, and protection against oxidative stress.
  • Side effects. There aren’t any known harmful side effects at recommended doses, and the supplement is considered safe in most cases.

Ingredients of Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 supplements

Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 comes in a combination of 6 active ingredients. These are scientifically proven antioxidants and amino acids believed to protect against oxidative stress and assist in DNA repair mechanisms.

Here are the ingredients comprising Invity NMN supplements:

IngredientsAmount per capsuleBenefits
Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN)200 mgEnhanced energy metabolism, reduced age-related weight gain, improved insulin sensitivity
Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)75 mgSleep aid, anti-inflammatory effects, brain health, and joint health, faster recovery after exercise
Fucoidan50 mgImmune support, lower inflammation, anti-allergic effects
Alpha-lipoic acid50 mgNeuroprotective and anti-inflammatory, cardio protective effects
Trimethylglycine (TMG)50 mgPrevention against fat accumulation and oxidative stress, assistance in maintaining a healthy liver and energy metabolism
Pterostilbene25 mgAnti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects, neuroprotection, and anti-aging benefits

Other ingredients composing the capsule are the following:

  • Hypromellose — a vegetarian alternative to the gelatin used to make the capsule shell.
  • Trimagnesium citrate — added to prevent the sticking of the ingredients in the capsule.
  • Chlorophyllin copper complex — Used to give the capsule its green color.

Benefits of Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 supplements

There are several benefits that come with the usage of Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 supplements:

  • Elevated healthspan. Maintaining optimal NAD levels is crucial for maintaining good health and youthfulness, as NMN has been found to revitalize cells and support DNA repair.
  • Clarity of mind. The combined benefits of alpha-lipoic acid, PEA, and NMN include supporting healthy blood flow to the brain, resulting in improved cognitive functions and heightened focus.
  • Endurance and muscle recovery. NMN has been shown to support endurance and muscle recovery in athletes by potentially improving oxygen intake.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects. The anti-inflammatory properties of pterostilbene and fucoidan help reduce inflammation in the body and boost the immune system.

Moreover, Invity NMN reviews from customers report energy and sleep enhancement following the supplementation.

Are there any known side effects of Invity NMN supplements?

Invity NMN supplements are generally considered safe when taken as directed. However, as with any supplement, some people may experience side effects.

Here are some potential side effects of NMN supplements:

  • Gastrointestinal issues. Some people may experience gastrointestinal issues such as nausea, diarrhea, or abdominal discomfort when taking NMN supplements.
  • Allergic reactions. NMN overconsumption may lead to skin rash and itching. Allergies are possible with other active ingredients, for example, alpha-lipoic acid.
  • Sensorial effects. Some individuals may experience changes in sleep patterns or sensorial effects such as tingling or awareness of their ankles, toes, or wrists due to the initial increase in NAD+ when using products containing NMN.
  • Interactions with medications. NMN may interact with certain medications, such as blood thinners or chemotherapy. So, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before taking NMN supplements if you are taking any medications.

Furthermore, Invity's NMN supplements are not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The recommended dosage for Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 is 1–2 capsules daily, taken with water daily before or after a meal. With two capsules daily, you will receive 400 mg NMN.

Based on general recommendations, safe doses of NMN are 250–500 mg/day for people under 35 and up to 1g/day for people over 35.

Taking them at least 2 hours apart from other medications is generally recommended, but these recommendations do not apply to everyone. If you are taking any medications, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor.

How much are the Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 supplements?

The product is available in 60-capsule packages for $229. When you add the product to your shopping cart, you’ll receive a surprise deal with a significant price reduction!

For orders fulfilled through domestic shipping within the USA and Singapore, Invity offers a 30-day return policy.

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If you are looking for different doses, NMN without additional ingredients, or want to compare the costs, you can check the list of best NMN supplements in 2023.

How much is the shipment for Invity Ultimate NMN 12000?

The cost of shipping for Invity NMN supplements may vary depending on factors such as the shipping location and the shipping method selected. The Invity website offers free shipping for US and Singapore orders.

For international orders below $120, the fee is $15, whereas orders above $120 are shipped internationally free of charge.

Quality, transparency, and safety

The key to building trust between companies and their customers lies in transparency. Invity claims to use only high-quality ingredients that are rigorously tested for purity and potency.

In terms of transparency, Invity provides detailed information about its products and ingredients on its website, including a full list of ingredients, dosage recommendations, and frequently asked questions.


Choosing NMN supplements from reputable manufacturers with proven extraction methods is essential.

Invity produces its supplements using high-quality ingredients sourced from around the world.


Supplement companies must abide by FDA and cGMP guidelines to guarantee the purity and safety of their products.

At Invity, all supplements are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities and comply with cGMP and HSA standards.

Third-party testing

Third-party testing is conducted by reputable laboratories and verifies the purity and stability of the supplement's ingredients.

Invity makes its third-party test results available to actual customers upon request, indicating a level of transparency and accountability.


The purity standard for NMN is typically 95–99%. Supplements with lower purity may contain harmful compounds such as contaminants or heavy metals.

The purity of NMN supplements is verified by third-party organizations, and this information should be disclosed on the supplement's label and website.

What to use NMN for?

NMN is taken to increase levels of longevity genes, NAD+, sirtuins, FOXO3, and more. Additionally, it may provide cognitive benefits, improved energy, better sleep, and increased physical activity.

Research shows moderate NMN use can reduce age-related weight gain, enhance metabolism and insulin sensitivity, and protect chromosomes. This keeps DNA and genetic information more secure.

How long does it take for the Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 to start working?

Users of Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 products report positive results within 2 weeks to 1 month.

The time it takes for Invity NMN to start working may vary depending on the individual and their health status.

Some Invity customers may notice improvements in energy, focus, and overall well-being within a few days of taking the supplement, while others may take longer to experience any benefits.

It's important to remember that supplements are not a quick fix and should be taken consistently over time to see the best results.

Invity recommends taking their NMN supplements daily for at least 3–4 weeks before expecting to see any noticeable changes.

What is Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 best for?

Invity Ultimate NMN 12000 is considered the top supplement for reducing inflammation in the list of the best NAD+ supplements.


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