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Mind Lab Pro Review in 2024: Is It Worthy Of Your Attention?

The popularity and positive customer feedback about this nootropic drove our curiosity to introduce this Mind Lab Pro review to understand if it’s worth trying.

The human brain is complex and powerful. Yet, its function may decline due to natural aging, certain health conditions, as well as environmental and psychological stressors. Here is when nootropics come into play, improving cognitive and mental processing.

Mind Lab Pro, designed as a Universal Nootropic®, is a scientifically-backed supplement assisting people in more efficient information processing, attention, and decision-making. Users may also benefit from the memory-enhancing effects of its ingredients.

Mind Lab Pro reviews from customers are diverse — talking about its price, ingredients, and side effects. Let us delve deeper into this product to discover how it works and where to buy it.

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Quick review of Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro claims to be the world’s first Universal Nootropic®. The brain pills in the sustainable bottle are certified by the Clean Label Project for containing no unnecessary additives, GMOs, or allergens.

The ingredients in Mind Lab Pro nootropic are pure and of high quality. To maintain transparent communication with its customers, the producers unveiled the ingredients and their efficacy through human clinical trials. Mind Lab Pro contains 11 ingredients, some sourced from reputable manufacturers offering patented formulations.

Main ingredientsVitamins B6, B9, B12, citicoline, bacopa monnieri, lion’s mane, phosphatidylserine (PS), L-tyrosine, L-theanine, rhodiola rosea, maritime pine bark extract
Number of capsules60
Recommended dosage2–4 capsules daily
Main benefitsBrain health, information processing, improved memory, stress resistance, protection of nerve cells
Third-party approvalAvailable upon request
Clinical trialsPublished in peer-reviewed scientific journals
Special offerBuy 3 bottles, get 1 FREE + FREE shipping

What is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a brain supplement known as the world’s first Universal Nootropic®. It is formulated to enhance cognitive function by supporting brain energy, activating neurotransmitter production, and protecting against neurodegeneration.

This nootropic, along with its sister company Performance Lab®, has been launched by Opti-Nutra™. The company utilizes the latest manufacturing technologies, research, and high-quality ingredients.

While Performance Lab® represents a wide range of supplements, Mind Lab Pro is the only, yet, multitasking product in the brand’s portfolio. Both of these bands are based in the UK.

Mind Lab Pro nootropic undergoes rigorous third-party testing before reaching the customer to ensure quality and safety. The University of Leeds in the UK conducted two human clinical trials to establish the efficacy of this nootropic and its ingredients. The peer-reviewed studies are available online.

In addition to reported effectiveness, users also positively review Mind Lab Pro’s customer support and the money-back guarantee.

Does Mind Lab Pro work?

Mind Lab Pro nootropic has been scientifically reviewed to work. Two clinical trials suggest that 30-day supplementation with Mind Lab Pro leads to better information processing, improved memory, and concentration.

However, the scientists acknowledge that more research is needed to ascertain which ingredients are responsible for these health benefits.

Concluding from users’ feedback on review platforms, Mind Lab Pro consumption helped them with energy regain, brain fog, and focus. Yet, some people also noted no significant changes after short-term use.

Explaining that this nootropic works differently for everyone and specific ingredients take different times to demonstrate their benefits, the provider recommends supplementing for at least 30 days to see the results.

However, if you still do not observe any changes during this period, the company offers a full money-back guarantee without further questions not to pose extra stress.

Pros and cons of Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro benefits reviewed

The benefits you can receive from Mind Lab Pro range from cognitive enhancement to energy boost and stress reduction. These effects are reviewed to result from the brain vitamins, adaptogens, and nootropic compounds in Mind Lab Pro.

The suggested benefits of Mind Lab Pro include the following:

  • Mood regulation
  • Memory improvement
  • Information processing
  • Increased energy levels

Mood regulation

The adaptogens in Mind Lab Pro have been long known to have stress-reducing properties. They also strengthen the body’s ability to resist stress and anxiety.

L-theanine, rhodiola rosea, and vitamin B6 are the ones involved in improving mood. The latter, as an essential vitamin, has been found to play a role in the production of GABA neurotransmitters — relaxing the brain under stress and regulating mood.

Memory improvement

A clinical trial with Mind Lab Pro suggests that the supplementation with this nootropic may improve memory in adults. This includes immediate and delayed recall and spatial memory.

Researchers believe that bacopa monnieri in the nootropic may be responsible for enhancing memory. Based on earlier studies, they indicate phosphatidylserine (PS) may also improve memory, specifically the formation of short-term and long-term memory consolidation.

Information processing

For people who experience difficulty concentrating, making decisions may seem challenging. This can be caused by daily fatigue, age, or intrinsic and extrinsic stressors.

A clinical trial suggests that after ingesting Mind Lab Pro nootropic for 30 days, adults showed enhancements in focus, sustained attention, and rapid reaction times, thus, faster decision-making.

Increased energy levels

The scientists behind Mind Lab Pro aim to provide you with a daily energy boost without caffeine. Thus, they use herbal extracts, potentially improving blood and oxygen flow to the brain and the whole body.

Mind Lab Pro customer reviews also hint at the effectiveness of these supplements on energy maintenance, even after long working hours.

Mind Lab Pro ingredients

11 science-backed ingredients comprise Mind Lab Pro, making it a multitasking, universal nootropic for a larger group of individuals. Below is the list of ingredients, their doses, and proposed benefits.

IngredientAmount per capsuleSuggested benefits
Vitamin B62.5 mgInfluences the release of calming GABA neurotransmitter, helps the body convert food into energy, essential to slow down brain aging
Vitamin B9100 mcgEssential for brain health, involved in energy production, may prevent premature brain aging
Vitamin B127.5 mcgHelps maintain nerve and blood cells healthy, involved in energy production, may protect from neurodegeneration
Citicoline250 mgGood for cognitive function and memory, may help reduce ADHD symptoms
Bacopa monnieri150 mgA strong antioxidant protecting brain, may improve focus, memory, and mood
Lion’s mane mushroom500 mgMay protect against neurodegeneration by stimulating nerve growth factor production
Phosphatidylserine (PS)100 mgMay support cognitive function, including focus, attention, and memory in older individuals
N-acetyl L-tyrosine175 mgInvolved in the production of dopamine for motivation, as well as enhanced working memory
L-theanine100 mgMay activate alpha brain waves to deliver calm and stress reduction, as well as shortens reaction times
Rhodiola rosea50 mgMay improve mental performance and reduce fatigue, stress, and anxiety
Maritime pine bark extract75 mgMay have antioxidant effects and increase blood flow to the brain

N-acetyl L-tyrosine

N-acetyl L-tyrosine (NALT) is derivative of L-tyrosine and is considered a more bioavailable nootropic form. This is an amino acid acting as a precursor to dopamine and thus may play a role in increasing motivation and better mood.

A research study discusses the ability of L-tyrosine to enhance working memory, especially in challenging tasks, while fatigued or experiencing sleep deprivation.

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea is an approved adaptogen by the Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products. It was shown to put you in a better mood and reduce stress.

Rhodiola rosea may also influence the release of stress hormones and help in energy metabolism. A limited number of studies suggest it can improve cognitive performance and reduce fatigue.


Citicoline shows numerous benefits for cognitive enhancement. It plays a significant role in nerve cell production and repair. Citicoline is naturally present in the brain, and the supplementation supports acetylcholine production, which is involved in memory and learning.

Citicoline has also been shown to improve attention in people with neurodegenerative disorders and those after stroke.


Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a chemical in the human brain essential for cognitive functions, including sustained attention and focus. Specifically, it has been shown to support these functions in older adults with memory complaints.

PS is involved in glucose metabolism vital for maintaining brain energy.

This ingredient in Mind Lab Pro may also benefit people with ADHD by reducing the symptoms of inattention and impulsivity.

Lion’s mane mushroom

Lion’s mane is a medicinal mushroom widely used in nootropic formulas. Evidence suggests its antioxidant activity and role in Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) production.

Evidence from animal studies suggests that it may reduce anxiety — a finding which is also supported by one clinical study with menopausal women.


L-theanine is an amino acid present in green tea leaves. It has gained popularity as an adaptogen for its stress and anxiety-reducing effects.

In addition, L-theanine has been reported to improve working memory and reaction times in middle-aged and older individuals.

Moreover, when consumed with caffeine, it may enhance alertness and accuracy in demanding tasks.

Other ingredients

Other Mind Lab Pro ingredients are vitamins B6, B9, and B12. The combined supplementation of these vitamins has been found to support brain health and slow down age-related neurodegeneration.

Bacopa monnieri and maritime pine bark extract are potent antioxidants protecting the brain against oxidative stress and supporting energy production. While Bacopa monnieri may increase brain ATP levels, maritime pine bark may improve blood flow into the brain.

Mind Lab Pro dosage: how much should you take?

2 capsules is the generally recommended dose for Mind Lab Pro nootropic. However, the provider encourages using 4 capsules for the best results.

Adults are recommended to take 2 capsules before food in the morning to boost brain processing. Later at lunchtime, you may take 2 more capsules for further cognitive assistance.

Note that increasing the recommended doses may lead to adverse effects, thus, should be consulted with a doctor.

Mind Lab Pro price

Mind Lab Pro is reasonably priced. However, if the cost of a single bottle for a 30 or 20 days supply seems high, you can take advantage of their multi-buy options.

1-month supply2-month supply4-month supply
Price per serving$2.30$2.30$1.73
Quantity60 capsules120 capsules240 capsules

The prices become more affordable thanks to the free shipping offered with all the plans. When ordering a 4-month supply, the shipping will also be faster.

Also, the provider accepts payments in cryptocurrencies.

Who should take Mind Lab Pro supplements?

People who want to boost their cognitive abilities may benefit from the nootropic properties of Mind Lab Pro. This brain supplement is suitable for the following people:

  • University students
  • CEOs or business owners
  • Emergency workers
  • People with ADHD
  • Older individuals
  • Career-oriented people
  • Athletes

Mind Lab Pro contains no caffeine, so it shouldn’t interfere with sound night sleep. It has relaxing effects due to adaptogens, thus may help people with sleep difficulties.

As shown in trials, Mind Lab Pro improved information processing and focus while working on demanding tasks. Thus, it may be one of the best nootropics for students.

The property of this nootropic to assist in decision-making and attention may be a desirable benefit for CEOs and business owners.

Mind Lab Pro side effects: are there any?

There may be side effects accompanied by using Mind Lab Pro supplements in case of misuse. Likewise any other dietary or nootropic supplement, the brand cannot guarantee safe consumption without adverse effects if you do not follow guidelines.

Some of the possible side effects may be:

  • Headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • Faster heartbeat
  • Irritability

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals under 18, and people with known health conditions should avoid using nootropics without consulting their doctor first.

Significantly, Mind Lab Pro was third-party tested for purity and manufactured in cGMP and FDA-compliant facilities for safety and quality. This way, the provider aims to guarantee the consumers get a safe final product posing no significant adverse effects.

People taking prescription medications or having underlying health concerns should talk to their healthcare provider before taking Mind Lab Pro to avoid ingredient interactions.

How long does it take Mind Lab Pro to work?

The provider recommends taking this nootropic for at least 30 days to see the proposed benefits. Though, they also mention that you may feel the effects in 30 minutes.

Most cognitive benefits related to supplementation with Mind Lab Pro were reported after 30 days in the human clinical trials.

It’s worth noting that the benefits and the time they take to appear are individual, depending on health status, genetic background, and lifestyle. If you do not see changes after supplementation and want to increase the doses, you should talk to your doctor first.

Mind Lab Pro quality, safety, and potency

Quality, safety, and potency are essential aspects to look for when buying a nootropic that really works. Mind Lab Pro adheres to transparency and displays this information on its website.

Below in this section, we reviewed Mind Lab Pro’s quality, safety, and potency based on studies, third-party testing, and manufacturing standards.


Mind Lab Pro aims to be one of the highest-quality nootropics on the market. For this reason, they comply with the preferences of a wider group of people and follow sustainability strategies.

The patented quality ingredients are packed in NutriCaps® made from pullulan prebiotic. Mind Lab Pro presents nootropics free from unnecessary additives, contaminants, or harsh stimulants, such as caffeine.


The manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro aim to guarantee this nootropic is safe for consumption by running third-party testing.

They source the ingredients from established and reliable providers. While the formula is developed in the UK, the manufacturing of Mind Lab Pro happens in cGMP and FDA-compliant facilities In the USA.

To make it safe for people with certain allergies, they refrain from soy, gluten, nuts, or wheat. The nootropics are non-irradiated and non-GMO.


Mind Lab Pro is one of the few nootropics that has been tested for its potency in human clinical trials. As a result of two independent trials, the scientists concluded that Mind Lab Pro is a potent nootropic able to enhance memory, information processing, focus, and attention.

This nootropic contains science-backed ingredients observed in research studies to work for enhancing cognitive functioning. In addition, these ingredients come in decent amounts, falling within the range commonly used in other nootropic supplements.

Mind Lab Pro reviews: customer feedback

This nootropic is highly praised among people using nootropics. But it’s worth noting that the Mind Lab Pro reviews are diverse, ranging from efficacy evaluation to price and delivery.

You can find negative and positive feedback on the provider's official website displaying over 2200 customer reviews. They reflect that what works for one may not necessarily work for others. However, most users report cognitive and physical improvements with Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro is also sold on Amazon, displaying more than 900 reviews — including both negative and positive. People struggling with ADHD talk about the effectiveness of Mind Lab Pro in reducing the symptoms. Others mention improved sleep, memory, and increased energy levels.

Some customers are concerned about the product price and the long delivery time. The providers of Mind Lab Pro address this issue by offering big savings when buying in bundles, plus fast and free delivery.

Mind Lab Pro vs. other brain pills

Mind Lab Pro stands out among other brain supplements for several reasons.

  • It contains ingredients delivered in prebiotic and vegan capsules. Some other brain pills may not be suitable for vegans and people with allergies.
  • You do not need to take additional vitamin Bs, as it provides the daily recommended dosage.
  • This is a universal nootropic meaning it addresses both brain health and cognitive processing.
  • Two human clinical trials showed its effectiveness for memory and information processing. Most other brain supplements are not even third-party tested.
  • Mind Lab Pro is third-party tested and manufactured in FDA- and cGMP-compliant sites.
  • It may increase energy levels without containing caffeine. Most nootropics contain caffeine.

These features can be observed in other best nootropics for brain health. However, you may need to compare the ingredients, costs, and suggested benefits to choose the most suitable for you.

Mind Lab Pro Review Conclusion

Our Mind Lab Pro review revealed that this is a quality supplement for brain and psychological well-being with its effectiveness demonstrated in clinical trials. We think that thorough testing, clinical trials, and manufacturing processes give the customers reassurance they are getting a supplement with science-backed ingredients.

We would recommend Mind Lab Pro to people looking for caffeine-free energy and alertness boost. Vegans and people with allergies may also take this nootropic which contains no products of animal origin or allergens.

Remember that you should consult a doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

What we like

We like that Mind Lab Pro stays transparent with its customers showing negative and positive reviews on its official website.

The fact that it sources its patented ingredients from reputable manufacturers shows its dedication to being a high-quality nootropic among its competitors.

The effectiveness of Mind Lab Pro nootropic has been observed in two clinical trials conducted by Leeds University in the UK.

We like that the nootropic is free from additives and certified by the Clean Label Project. The providers are concerned about global issues and thus aim to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly supplements.

What we don’t like

Mind Lab Pro may be comparably higher priced. Some customers share their concerns about this fact as well. But buying bundles may make it affordable for a more extended period of use.

The general daily dosage recommendation is 2 capsules, also indicated on the label. Yet, the provider suggests taking additional 2 capsules for the best results.

Customers mention longer delivery times, which may be a concern for people running out of their monthly supply. The fast delivery is applied to the orders for a 4-month supply.

For people who want to give a try to the nootropic before ordering monthly supplies, Mind Lab Pro doesn’t offer samples. They clarify that the manufacturing process is costly and do not offer freebies to keep the nootropic affordable.

However, they offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee if you try the supplement and feel no improvements.

Why you should try Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro has proven to be the best nootropic for energy, motivation and productivity

Great option when working out for results as a nootropic pre-workout supplement

Worthy supplement that improves attention and memory


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