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Renue by Science Supplements Review in 2024

Renue by Science is a renowned supplement brand offering a range of products designed to promote longevity and overall well-being. Their offerings include Lipo NMN, Trans-Resveratrol, and more, each with unique benefits. The brand uses liposomes for maximum absorption, ensuring the effectiveness of its supplements.

Renue by Science boasts a lengthy list of supplements, offers certificates of quality for each product, and is one of the pioneers in the longevity field.

Keeping in mind the ever-growing market of NMN supplements, we explored other NAD+ boosters that would compare with Renue by Science as worthwhile alternatives, such as GenuinePurity™ (formerly known as GenF20), offering the same effectiveness at a lower price while enjoying a better customer experience.

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Why did we choose GenuinePurity™ out of the best NMN supplements on the market?

Go on reading this review article to learn why you should consider GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN as an alternative to Renue by Science.

Renue by Science supplements overview

Renue by Science offers a variety of supplements, with a focus on NMN products, designed to enhance bioavailability and promote longevity. Their selection includes popular supplements like Lipo NAD+ Complete, Resveratrol, Berberine, and TMG.

  • Ingredients. Renue by Science uses liposomes to encapsulate active ingredients, enhancing their absorption and effectiveness. Their NMN products are designed for sublingual, intranasal, transdermal, and liposomal delivery, each with unique strengths.
  • Price. The Renue by Science Lipo NMN is priced at $84.95, Liposomal Trans-Resveratrol at $41.95.
  • Benefits. Renue by Science's supplements are designed to restore NAD+, a crucial molecule for cellular health and longevity. They offer NAD+ precursors and NAD+ optimizers with different delivery methods for varying needs.
  • Certifications. Renue by Science products are tested in ISO-certified & cGMP-certified labs for quality, purity, and potency. All products are non-GMO and free from preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

Renue by Science product reviews and alternatives

In this section, we will review some of the main Renue by Science and the alternative products to uncover their key features, benefits, and recommendations. This review is completed using a thorough methodology to ensure its accuracy.

Renue by Science Lipo NMN


Renue by Science Lipo NMN emerges as a highly pure and bioavailable NAD+ supplement. The absorption of nicotinamide mononucleotide is enhanced with powder-based liposomes — an innovative technology protecting the ingredients through the gastrointestinal tract.

This single-ingredient supplement suits biohackers who opt for pure formulas allowing stacking. Renue by Science Lipo NMN product has been tested by third-party labs showing 99% purity and no contaminants.

One bottle of this NMN contains 45 servings. The provider recommends taking 2 capsules daily to obtain 500 mg of NMN. You can take the capsules with or without food.

The provider sources its raw materials from different manufacturing companied from China.

Renue by Science Lipo NMN is sold at $84.95.

Renue by Science NMN alternative: GenuinePurity™ (formerly GenF20 NMN)

GenuinePurity™ NMN

GenuinePurity™ (formerly GenF20) Liposomal NMN is a worthwhile alternative to Renue by Science Lipo NMN, not lagging behind with its quality and purity. This NMN product is developed by one of the major supplement brands in the USA — Leading Edge Health.

According to numerous customer reviews for this brand, the company is dedicated to providing fast delivery, as well as quality products that show the promised efficacy.

The brand utilizes sunflower lecithins for its liposomes, enhancing NMN's bioavailability. The third-party testing certificate of analysis (COA) published on the product page shows 96% NMN purity.

GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN is manufactured in facilities complying with FDA and cGMP standards for safety. It’s a single-ingredient formula that delivers 250 mg of NMN with 1 daily capsule.

You can obtain your two-month supply of GenuinePurity™ NMN in one bottle containing 60 capsules for $69.95 ($1.17 per serving). This is a comparably lower-priced and cost-effective NMN alternative than the Renue by Science Lipo NMN.

Comparison of Renue by Science and GenuinePurity™ NMN

AspectsRenue by ScienceGenuinePurity™
Shipping in the USA$4.95 for orders under $50Free shipping in the USA for all orders
Customer reviews3.4 based on 2 NMN reviews4.4 based on 179 customer reviews
Serving size2 capsules1 capsule
Servings per bottle4560
Price per serving$1.89$1.17
Multi-buy discountsNoYes
Third-party testedYesYes
NMN formLiposomal capsulesLiposomal capsules
NMN amount per capsule250 mg250 mg
ManufacturingcGMP and FDA-compliant cGMP and FDA-compliant

Renue by Science Lipo Trans-Resveratrol


Renue by Science's Liposomal Trans-Resveratrol is a supplement designed to protect the body against age-related conditions such as dementia and arthritis and improve cellular health. It is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols, which act as antioxidants.

The product uses a liposomal delivery system for superior absorption that may protect the active ingredient from digestive enzymes and deliver it directly to the bloodstream. Liposomal Trans-Resveratrol may also support cellular energy, and mitochondrial function, and activate ingredients from digestive enzymes, delivering them directly to the bloodstream.

The product contains 90 servings per bottle, and the recommended dosage is 1 daily capsule containing 125 mg of trans-resveratrol. Renue by Science emphasizes rigorous testing procedures, with each batch tested in the US before processing, ensuring safety and purity. The company is committed to transparency, posting test results with batch numbers on its website.

Each 90-capsule bottle of Renue by Science's Liposomal Trans-Resveratrol is priced at $41.95.

Renue by Science Resveratrol alternative: Purovitalis Resveratrol


If you are looking for higher resveratrol doses with reasonable price, then Purovitalis Liposomal Resveratrol capsules may be a good alternative for Renue by Science resveratrol supplement.

The recommended daily dosage for Purovitalis is one capsule containing 240 mg of resveratrol. One container includes 60 capsules for a 2-month supply. The company utilises micronized resveratrol which is believed to be easily absorbed.

On top of that, the manufacturer used liposomal technology to enhance the bioavailability of resveratrol through the gastrointestinal tract. The source of Purovitalis resveratrol is Japanese knotweed extract which gets packed into easy-to-swallow capsules in the EU, in cGMP-certified facilities.

One bottle of Purovitalis resveratrol costs $45.00 ($0.75) which is a reasonably priced supplement based on the dosage and serving size. Additional 10% discount is applied to monthly orders with subscription.

Comparison of Renue by Science and Purovitalis resveratrol supplements

AspectsRenue by SciencePurovitalis
Shipping in the USA$4.95 for orders under $50Free shipping in the USE for orders above $75
Customer reviewsDoesn't display customer reviews for resveratrol supplement4.8 based on 80 customer reviews
Serving size1 capusle1 capsule
Resveratrol sourceUnknownJapanese knotweed extract
Third-party testedYesYes
Resveratrol formLiposomal capsulesLiposomal capsules
Resveratrol amount per capsule125 mg240 mg
DiscountsNo10% with a monthly subscription
ManufacturingcGMP and FDA-compliantcGMP and FDA-compliant

About Renue by Science

Renue by Science, founded by Bryan Nettles in 2017, is dedicated to providing the highest quality and claims to have the most extensive range of bioavailable longevity products at the lowest price. The company consults with a wide range of experts and clinical doctors to understand the latest research and combines that with customer feedback. They have made great strides in improving the bioavailability of NAD+ products and have a strong reputation among their growing customer base.

Quality is a top priority for Renue by Science, with meticulous and extensive third-party testing on their products, including raw material, purity, and stability testing, as well as testing the final product.

Renue by Science NMN: what are the options?

Renue by Science offers a diverse range of longevity supplements to cater to the unique needs and preferences of its customers. The brand understands that different individuals may have varying preferences when it comes to supplementing, and thus, they have developed NMN and resveratrol products in various forms.

If you are looking for other options for NMN and resveratrol, the market offers more affordable and effective alternatives. GenuinePurity™ and Purovitalis are just two of those longevity brands offering similar benefits with their quality supplements. While GenuinePurity™ offers high-purity NMN capsules only, you can find NMN on the Purovitalis portfolio in powder form.

Renue by Science alternatives come as comparably lower-priced options for NMN and resveratrol, not compromising on the quality. The variety of options allows customers to choose the product that best fits their lifestyle and health goals.

Benefits of the Renue by Science supplements

Renue by Science supplements are designed to enhance health and longevity. The brand's primary focus is on NAD+ boosting products, which are known to support various aspects of health, including neurological health, cognition, muscle health, vitality, cardiovascular health, metabolic health, the immune system, hearing, and psychological state.

One of the key benefits of Renue by Science supplements is their patented liposomal delivery system. This system encapsulates active ingredients in liposomes, protecting them until they reach the bloodstream and greatly enhancing their bioavailability.

The increased bioavailability means that the supplements are more effective, as a higher proportion of the active ingredients can be absorbed by the body. According to the Renue by Science reviews from customers, this is one of the key factors people opt for when looking for supplements for their health and longevity.

Side effects of the Renue by Science supplements

The side effects of Renue by Science supplements, particularly those containing nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), are not explicitly mentioned in the provided information. However, NMN supplements, in general, are deemed safe for the majority of individuals when consumed in accordance with the recommended guidelines.

It's advisable to seek advice from a healthcare practitioner before initiating any new supplement routine, particularly if there are pre-existing health issues or concurrent medication usage.

The benefits of NMN can vary based on the health status of each person. Some individuals may observe enhancements in energy levels and general well-being within a few weeks, whereas others might require a longer duration to manifest noticeable effects.

How much is the shipment for Renue by Science?

The shipping cost for Renue by Science and GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN varies depending on the location of the order.

Renue by Science
USAFree shipping$4.95 for orders below $50
UK$12.86 for HK shipping $18.00 for orders under $89.00
Australia$12.86 for HK shipping$22.00 for orders under $89.00
EU countries$13.17 for HK Air Mail shipping$29.00 for most international orders

Customer feedback about Renue by Science products

Renue by Science's products have received positive reviews from customers, as reflected in testimonials on the Renue by Science website and other websites. Users have noticed an increase in energy levels and improved recovery after using the sublingual NMN. Some have even reported that their immune system seems to function better overall, and they have not fallen sick since starting the supplement.

Other customers have noticed improvements in their hair and skin after using liposomal NMN and fisetin supplements. Additionally, customers with chronic illnesses have reported subtle yet powerful changes after using NMN for a couple of weeks, including better sleep, recovery, and improved mood.

Customer feedback about GenuinePurity™ products

GenuinePurity™ feedback from customers on review platforms reflects the efficacy and dedication of the brand to providing top-rated service to its users. Among more than 150 GenuinePurity™ reviews, some people report higher stamina and no need for afternoon naps to regain energy.

The faster shipping is another feature people praise this brand for. People over 50 note improvements in their movements and reduction of joint pain. Maintaining transparency, GenuinePurity™ shows the reviews for less satisfied customers.

Note that everyone's body is different, and what works for someone may not work for others. Hence, use both GenuinePurity™ and Renue by Science NMN supplement reviews from customers as a reference of how these two products compare and work for people and which of them might be suitable for your health needs.

Remember to talk to your doctor before buying any new supplement.

Our conclusion about Renue by Science supplements

Renue by Science stands out with its wide selection of different products, including NMN, combined multi-ingredient, and anti-inflammatory products. Given the vast offering, we believe that Renue by Science provides options for everyone’s needs.

However, people looking for alternatives to Renue by Science NMN or resveratrol may opt for trying the ones GenuinePurity™ and Purovitalis offer at comparably lower and reasonable prices.

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