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Best Apps for Couples in 2024: Connect & Grow Together

Shared experiences and intimate conversations are key to strengthening bonds between partners. In today's world, couples face unique challenges that were not present in the past, largely due to the way technology has transformed our lives and, consequently, our relationship dynamics.

Daily distractions and the constant barrage of stimulation make it difficult to connect with our partners on a deeper level, often leading to feelings of being misunderstood, neglected, or isolated. If not addressed in a timely manner, the issues may lead to resentment that would be harder to reverse later.

To help couples navigate these challenges and cultivate healthier relationships, we created a list of our top 7 best relationship apps. These apps are designed to help partners foster closer connections and rekindle their love. Explore our recommendations and enhance your relationship.

Best apps for couples 2024: shortlist

  1. HeyRitual — best overall relationship app to improve connection
  2. Flo — top app for learning about your partner
  3. Talkspace — best couples therapy app for relationship guidance
  4. Paired — best app to improve romantic relationships
  5. Between — best couple communication app
  6. Lover — best intimacy app to rekindle your sex life
  7. Better Help — best app for affordable couples therapy

How did we choose the best apps for couples?

If you want to find out about our criteria that helped us decide the best couple apps, check out this section below.

User experiencePriceFeaturesCustomer support
Easy to navigate apps$6.24–$436.00Offers services that may improve relationshipsQuick and responsive customer services
  • User experience. When choosing the top apps for couples, we placed a high priority on user experience, specifically focusing on apps that are easy to navigate and promote high engagement.
  • Price. When choosing the top apps for couples, affordability was a key consideration. We looked for apps that provide solid value for their cost, focusing on those that are reasonably priced yet still deliver essential features and a quality experience.
  • Features. In evaluating the best apps for couples, we focused on those offering personalized features. This approach ensures users receive unique services tailored to their specific needs, potentially enhancing their relationship experience.
  • Customer support. For choosing the best app, we concentrated on selecting those with high ratings for their quick and responsive customer service, according to user reviews.

Overview of the best couples' apps in 2024

Disclaimer — While couples therapy apps may be used as useful tools to support your relationship, they are not suitable for more acute relationship problems or crisis management. In cases where relationship problems stem from mental illness, issues with substance misuse or violence, you are encouraged to seek immediate, hands-on professional support that should be sought elsewhere.

1. HeyRitual — best overall relationship app to improve connection and rekindle couple's joy

Hey Ritual app

Hey Ritual is a user-friendly app designed to help improve relationships through a mix of solo and couple activities. It connects users with therapists for video sessions and offers a variety of self-paced lessons tailored to specific relationship goals to rekindle couples' joy.

Whether you're working through challenges alone or with your partner, Hey Ritual provides guidance and support with its easy-to-follow structured lesson plans. The app stands out by ensuring access to quality therapy and practical exercises, making it easier for users to communicate better and understand each other more deeply.

The minimal subscription plan with HeyRitual costs $260 a month and is ideal for those looking to enhance their relationship. Hey Ritual combines professional advice with the convenience of an app catering to modern relationship needs.

2. Flo — top app for learning about your partner and their body

Flo for Partners

Flo for Partners transforms the journey of understanding female health into a shared experience. Designed as an extension of the world-renowned Flo app, it offers partners valuable insights into menstrual cycles, fertility, and pregnancy.

The app aims to foster empathy and support within relationships by providing medical insights and practical tips. Partners gain access to easy-to-digest stories, in-depth articles, and engaging multimedia content covering everything from period pain to the nuances of conception.

Flo for Partners educates and encourages participation in a shared health journey, making it easier for partners to support each other effectively.

With a monthly subscription cost of $24.99, Flo for Partners is an innovative tool for couples looking to deepen their connection and understanding of women's health and well-being.

3. Talkspace — best couples app for convenient therapy online

Talkspace app

Talkspace introduces a pioneering approach to couples therapy, blending convenience with professional support through its HIPAA-compliant app (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Designed for the modern relationship, it facilitates a straightforward journey to improved communication and understanding between partners.

In just four steps—beginning with a quick assessment and culminating in the start of therapy—couples are matched with a licensed therapist suited to their specific needs. They can then choose a plan that fits their budget and lifestyle, engaging in therapy via messaging or live video sessions from anywhere.

Talkspace offers the flexibility to switch therapists without extra cost, ensuring a perfect fit for every couple's unique journey. With the cost of $436 a month, this app is praised for its effectiveness and convenience.

Talkspace offers a pathway to stronger, healthier relationships without the traditional barriers of scheduling and commuting.

4. Paired — best app to improve romantic relationships

Paired is the leading app designed to foster happiness and enhance the quality of couple relationships. By facilitating fun and meaningful conversations, Paired acts as a guide to a happier relationship through daily questions, quizzes, and expert advice.

According to the Paired, an independent study conducted in March 2021 revealed a 36% improvement in relationship quality among users over three months. The app helps couples communicate more openly, resolve conflicts effectively, and deepen their emotional and sexual intimacy.

Founded by Kevin Shanahan and Diego Lopez, motivated by a vision to utilize technology for relationship health, Paired is backed by preliminary research findings and expert insights.

With a subscription of $6.24 a month, it's the perfect tool for couples aiming to make ongoing conversations not just more accessible but also more enriching and enjoyable.

5. Between — best couple communication app for private conversations

Between is a private app designed for couples, transforming your phone into a couple’s sanctuary. With its core feature, a shared calendar, couples can sync schedules, ensuring both are up-to-date with joint and individual plans, streamlining communication, and reducing misunderstandings.

Beyond scheduling, Between offers a secure, two-user space for messaging with unique, love-themed stickers to enhance conversations. Its memory box allows couples to store and share photos, videos, and notes, keeping precious moments at their fingertips. Additionally, special features can highlight and celebrate important dates, with customization options like setting a personal photo as the app’s home screen.

Tailored for couples deeply intertwined in each other’s lives, Between has free features and a yearly subscription of $13.99 a month. This app promises to help organize, share, and celebrate your life together, making it an indispensable tool for relationship management.

6. Lover — best intimacy app to rekindle your sex life

Lover is a pioneering digital therapeutic app designed to enhance sexual well-being through private and practical solutions. Developed by Dr. Britney Blair, a renowned clinical psychologist specializing in sexual medicine, Lover offers a unique approach to addressing sexual issues.

With personalized plans based on daily exercises and guided by audio and video, the app aims to transform your sex life, boasting an 87% improvement rate among users, according to the Lover app.

Additionally, the app is confidential and easy to use and provides expert coaching, interactive tools, and engaging games to foster connection and intimacy.

With a monthly subscription cost of $9.99, the Lover app is recognized by the FDA's Safer Technologies Program. Start your journey towards a fulfilling sex life with Lover's science-backed, education-focused platform.

7. Better Help — best app for affordable couple's therapy

For couples seeking to strengthen their relationship, Better Help provides an affordable platform that combines convenience with impactful relationship-building tools.

This app stands out by offering individual and couples therapy designed to improve communication, deepen emotional connections, and possibly help resolve conflicts. It connects couples with relationship experts for guidance tailored to their specific needs that may offer progress towards mutual goals whilst enjoying privacy.

Better Help app is also flexible, allowing couples to work on their relationship at their own pace from the comfort of their home. The app costs $360 monthly, making it a valuable resource for partners looking to enrich their bond and grow together.

With its user-friendly interface and supportive community, it's the go-to app for couples committed to fostering a healthier, more fulfilling partnership.

Best couples apps 2024: comparison

AppPriceServicesAvailable platformsPositive reviewsNegative reviews
HeyRitual$260 monthlyExpert relationship guidanceGoogle Play and AppleStructured lesson plans, 1:1 sessions with experienced therapists, affordable, well-thought-out lesson planN/A
Flo$24.99 monthlyPeriod, fertility, pregnancy week-by-week tracking, educational contentAndroid and AppleFunctional features, easy to use, quality educational contentUsers have expressed free or premium bot assistant being too repetitive
Talkspace$109 per week$436 monthlyCouples therapyAndroid and AppleAbility to text your counselor at any time of the day or night, twice a day responseSome customers experience chat glitches
Paired$6.24 monthly, $74.99 billed annuallyDaily couple questions, relationship games, quizzes, exercises, and expert video guidanceAndroid and AppleAffordable, pens up different conversations, has engaging quizzes and activitiesFree version may appear basic, the app has removed vital discussion feature
BetweenHas available free features with Between Plus yearly subscription of $13.99Chats, anniversary tracking, photos and video sharingAndroid and ApplePersonal app for texting and sending love notesYou cannot see when the partner is online or offline, no option to directly reply to a specific message
Lover$9.99 monthly, $119.99 billed annuallySex therapyApp Store and Google Play StoreEasy to follow instructions, combines learning with pleasureSome customers experienced glitches
Better Help$90 per week, $360 monthly (charged every 4 weeks)Couples therapyAndroid and AppleWide network of therapists, great customer service, helps to narrow down the type of help you needTherapists don't always respond promptly, and clients cannot view reviews of therapists before making their choice

Enhancing connections: The role of apps in modern relationships

In recent years, concerns have arisen about how smartphones and social media might negatively affect relationships by diminishing intimacy and offering an intentional escape from relationship pressures. Despite these concerns, technology can also play a positive role in strengthening connections between partners.

According to the review by clinical psychologist Margaret E. Morris, who studies technology assistance in relationships, technology is essential for all couples, especially those in long-distance relationships, enabling them to stay connected through texting, “sexting,” video calls, and photo sharing. Some couples share daily life snippets or enjoy virtual dates via video chat, which helps maintain a sense of closeness.

Moreover, personal technologies are increasingly repurposed to benefit relationships. For example, using apps to control sex toys may maintain connection, spark excitement, and create a more realistic physical contact experience for long-distance couples.

Couple-focused apps, for example, can enhance communication through therapy, build empathy, and help partners work towards common goals. Although the ways couples use technology can differ. Proactive use of technology may help to strike a difficult conversation on sensitive topics, address or resolve conflict, and reveal relationship dynamics that otherwise might be swept under the rug.

The key benefits of the best relationship apps

Check out some of the vital benefits that relationship apps might offer:

  • Sparked curiosity. The app might encourage intriguing conversations between you and your partner. You might find yourself asking more questions and learning new things about your significant other. Feeling like your partner is genuinely curious about you may also help a woman increase interest and stop avoiding having sex.
  • Convenience. With features like shared calendars, task lists, and instant messaging, intimacy apps offer a convenient way to manage daily life and stay connected, even with busy schedules.
  • Improved sexual desire. Often, a release of trapped emotions like resentment can help fix intimacy issues, break dry spells, and bring partners back together. Additionally, a couple of apps may share sex education to make an intimate life more exciting.
  • Personal growth. By offering insights into one's own and one's partner's behaviors and needs, relationship apps can promote personal growth and mutual understanding within the partnership.

Tips for selecting the best couples app

When selecting the best app for couples, consider the following key factors:

  1. Define the goal. Identify the main reason you're seeking a couple's app, for example, to improve communication, track shared tasks, plan dates, or enrich intimacy. Choose an app that aligns with your specific needs.
  2. Personalization. Apps that offer personalized content, such as tailored activities or advice based on your relationship's dynamics, can be more beneficial.
  3. High level of engagement. The app should encourage interaction and engagement between partners, promoting growth and understanding in the relationship.
  4. Privacy and security. Ensure the app has a strong privacy policy and security measures to protect your personal conversations and data.
  5. Check the reviews. Look for apps with high user ratings and positive reviews that highlight the app's effectiveness and usability.
  6. Features and functionality. Consider the features offered, such as messaging, task sharing, calendar integration, or relationship advice, and ensure they meet your relationship's needs.
  7. Customer support. Look for apps that offer customer support and receive regular updates to improve functionality and add new features.
  8. Price. Evaluate the pricing structure, if applicable. Consider if the app offers a free version or trial period to test its features before committing to a purchase.

Privacy and security concerns with couple's apps

Before sharing personal information on any app, users should carefully review its privacy policy and security features to safeguard against privacy and security risks. These concerns primarily stem from potential data breaches that could reveal sensitive details shared within the app, such as messages, photos, and location information.

The risk of unauthorized access looms if an app's security measures are insufficient. Additionally, there is the danger of personal data being sold to third parties without the user's consent, resulting in privacy invasions.

Best app for couples 2024: conclusion

In a world where technology often gets blamed for driving couples apart, it's refreshing to recognize its potential for bringing them closer. From facilitating communication in relationships to igniting curiosity and enhancing intimacy, relationship apps offer a myriad of benefits.

Whether it's improving sexual desire, sparking meaningful conversations, or simply managing daily life, these apps cater to various relationship needs.

However, it's crucial to choose wisely, considering factors like personalization, engagement, privacy, and functionality, to ensure a secure and enriching experience. So, while concerns about privacy and security persist, the positive impact of well-chosen relationship apps on couples' lives is undeniable.

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