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Best Grounding Mat 2024: Our Top Choices

In today’s fast-paced world, connecting with nature often takes a backseat to the demands of work and daily life, leaving us yearning for a better relationship with Earth. Building a stronger bond with nature may be crucial for our well-being, with many positive reports associated with "grounding" — direct skin contact with the Earth's surface.

Due to the lack of convenient ways to practice grounding in our busy society, the market has responded with grounding mats. These products are designed with conductive materials and believed to mimic Earth's electric charge, offering a myriad of potential benefits that range from inflammation and pain relief, to stress reduction and improvement of sleep problems.

While research continues to elucidate the full potential of these devices, we will be exploring 8 of the best grounding mats on the market, delving into their science, and shedding light on their promising prospect to boost wellness.

Best grounding mat: shortlist

  1. Grooni Earthing — best grounding mat for bed
  2. Earthing — best grounding mat for trips
  3. GroundingWell — best grounding mat for both domestic and international usage
  4. Earthing Harmony — best grounding mat for recovery
  5. Earth and Moon — best brand transparency in an earthing mat
  6. Hooga — best grounding mattress for yoga
  7. ATE Health — best budget-friendly grounding mat
  8. NIULAFR — best grounding mat for busy schedules

How did we compile the list of the best grounding mats?

Due to the innovative nature of grounding mats, many may struggle to find the most suitable product for their needs. For this reason, we have thoroughly researched the market and selected those grounding mats that truly standout in the criteria below:

PriceMaterialsBrand transparencyPortability
$22.28–250.00High quality and optimal for groundingDisclosure of manufacturing and sourcingLight-weight and portable
  • Price. We strived for a balance between quality and affordability, selecting those grounding mats that are suitable for a wide range of budgets.
  • Materials. We opted for mats engineered to deliver comfort and durability, featuring high-quality materials for optimal grounding and good conductivity. Moreover, we considered hypoallergenic fibers that are suitable for multiple skin types.
  • Brand Transparency. Grounding mats have recently stormed the market, with an increasing number of brands jumping in to offer mat options. For this reason, we have prioritized brands that disclose their production and manufacturing practices to ensure they partake in ethical processes.
  • Portability. We selected those brands that deliver lightweight and portable mats, streamlining the usage of these devices in various places and activities.

What is grounding?

Grounding or earthing is a technique that is proposed to connect individuals with the Earth's surface and can be performed with bare skin or through various devices, such as grounding mats. This contact with nature has been suggested to yield a myriad of benefits across many cultures and scientific literature.

A grounding mat, often crafted with carbon or other conductive materials, is believed to allow individuals to benefit from Earth's natural electric field when direct skin contact is not possible. These mats are connected to a grounded wall outlet or ground rod outside a window and are claimed to transport electrical charge to the conductive mat, allowing free electrons to travel through the body.

Even though the connection between grounding and health is still under study, some evidence has shed light on the potential benefits of this technique. It is suggested that Earth's charged electrons may grant antioxidant effects on the body, potentially addressing inflammation and other concerns, including pain, sleep problems, or stress.

How to choose the best grounding mat?

Choosing the best grounding mat for bed, work, or exercise may seem like a daunting task. However, it is important to acknowledge that “best” is often subjective, and there is no universal solution for these devices. Consequently, the best fit will depend on various aspects:

  • Materials. Grounding mats feature a wide variety of materials, from leather to carbon. Depending on your intended use, you may want to consider specific materials. For instance, breathable materials may be a good choice for exercise, while hypoallergenic fibers may be best for sleeping.
  • Cleaning. When considering a grounding mat, it is paramount to consider its cleaning procedures, as some mats may introduce certain challenges in washing and overall maintenance. Therefore, it is best to select fibers that are durable and withstand the test of time.
  • Ease of installation and use. A product that is easy to install and operate can contribute to a more frequent and enjoyable grounding. Furthermore, portability is also key to streamlining its usage, as it can be conveniently moved and employed in various activities.

Best grounding mats 2024: overview

We have curated a list of top-quality brands on the grounding market, each designed with particular features for a variety of individuals, whether they will be working, exercising, or sleeping with their earthing companion.

Let us discover the potential of this ancient technique with the grounding mats below — prepare to nurture and enhance your connection with Mother Earth:

1. Grooni Earthing — best grounding mat for sleep

Grooni Earthing's website rating —⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trustpilot rating — no reviews

Grooni Earthing & Grounding Sleeping Bed Mat

Grooni Earthing delivers a mat with carbon-infused fabric to benefit from Earth’s natural electric field — assisting in rejuvenating and calming the body all year round. The mat features breathable micro-perforations to keep the temperature cool during summertime and the option to pair the product with a regular sheet during winter, becoming the ultimate Earth companion throughout all seasons.

Grounding mats are devices connected to the Earth that help to establish a neutral electrical charge between the ground and the body. It is believed that these devices may hold a myriad of potential benefits, including anti-inflammatory, stress relief, and improved energy levels. Grooni aims to reap these potential benefits, creating a unique device engineered to aid with sleep and relaxation.

The grounding device features non-toxic materials, making it suitable for different skin types, including those with sensitivities. Grooni's mat is also flexible and tailored to various bed sizes.

It is priced at $189.99 and has a 1-year warranty.

Who is it for?

If you are on the hunt for a versatile grounding mat for year-round use, we are happy to introduce you to your new sleeping companion — Earthing & Grounding Sleeping Bed Mat Double.

Crafted with micro-perforations for a comfortable environment during summer and the option to pair it up with a blanket in winter, this product unites all seasons and grounding fanatics.

Moreover, if you are worried about the materials that go inside your mat, fear not, as Grooni Earthing crafts its products with non-toxic fibers for a restful and grounded sleep.

What do users like?

Grooni Earthing’s mat crowns itself as our top choice for its versatility, comfort, and excellent customer reviews. Users on the Grooni Earthing website express high satisfaction with the product, particularly in terms of sleep quality and energy levels.

What do users dislike?

While most users report overall satisfaction with the grounding mat and its performance, some customers have shared less positive feedback about the product. The most common complaint revolved around delays in the shipping of the mat.

About Grooni Earthing

Grooni Earthing comes with a mission — democratize the practice of Earthing. For this reason, they introduce a diverse selection of earthing mats for various pricing profiles. Some of their best-sellers include grounding sheets, mats, and PEMF mats.

We particularly like that Grooni Earthing strives to make grounding more accessible for its users, delivering affordable products aimed at targeting a variety of health concerns, including sleep quality, stress, and inflammation.

Pros and cons

Our verdict

Overall, we are highly satisfied with this grounding mat, particularly due to its versatility and comfort. We particularly like the fact it can be used all year round, with micro-perforations for the summer and the possibility of adding a blanket for coziness during the winter.

Our positive sentiment is also shared by many customers on the website who also express satisfaction with this mat. All of these factors, combined with a user-friendly and affordable design, make the product a top-notch option for any grounding enthusiast.

2. Earthing — best grounding mat for traveling

Amazon rating — 4.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trustpilot rating — 3.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Earthing Elite Sleep Mat Kit

Earthing introduces a mattress with a universal fitting size, becoming the ultimate ally for those who enjoy a nomad lifestyle. Crafted with durable materials and easy to clean, this mat is the perfect companion for any traveling adventure.

Earthing Elite Sleep Mat Kit is made with polyurethane resin and carbon, boasting hypoallergenic qualities to repel dust and mites. Moreover, its versatile design allows vertical and horizontal usage — fitting those who enjoy grounding solo or with a partner.

Earthing recommends using the mat with cotton, bamboo, or other natural bedding fabric and allowing direct skin contact to promote wellness and restoration throughout the body.

It is available for $140 and includes free shipping and 1-year warranty.

Who is it for?

Earthing Elite Sleep Mat may be the perfect ally for those looking for a versatile grounding companion. Its durable and easy-to-use design is perfect to pack on your luggage for grounding in any trip or travel adventure. Moreover, the mat is suitable for both solo and couples.

What do users like?

Earthing is one of the most renowned and acclaimed brands in the grounding community. Highly praised on Trustpilot, Amazon, or Reddit, it's clear that this mat is the number one option for many grounding lovers.

Numerous reviewers admit that they were initially skeptical about the benefits of grounding but became believers thanks to Earthing. The most commonly reported benefits include improved sleep quality, reduced fatigue, increased energy levels, and overall pain reduction.

What do users dislike?

The Earthing Elite Sleep Mat has received numerous positive reviews online, however, some users were not as satisfied with the product. The majority of complaints shared unhappiness with the poor quality and durability of the mat. Additionally, some customers have raised concerns about the return policy on Trustpilot.

About Earthing

Earhing was founded by Clint Ober, a dedicated grounding enthusiast with more than 20 years of experience researching this ancient practice. The mission of Clint and his team is to restore the lost connection between Earth and our bodies, delivering a wide range of products to practice and benefit from grounding.

We particularly like that this company is a pioneer in the market, crafting top-notch products with conductive materials that may harness the benefits of Earth's electrical charge. Moreover, we particularly enjoy the company's people-focused approach, which delivers quality products for diverse needs and customer preferences.

Pros and cons

Our verdict

We consider this mat an excellent choice for travelers due to its ease of use, flexibility, and ability to accommodate one or two sleepers. Moreover, it boasts hypoallergenic materials that make the mat fit any lifestyle or grounding habits.

For this reason, alongside the overwhelmingly positive reviews and reputation of Earthing, we consider this mat worthy of a spot in our ranking.

3. GroundingWell — best grounding mat with domestic and international plugs

Amazon rating — 3.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trustpilot rating — 3.3 ⭐⭐⭐

GroundingWell™ Mat

While many grounding brands offer portable and lightweight designs to take on the go, not many mats feature versatile plugs adaptable in different settings. GroundingWell™ Mat seeks to address this problem by delivering a unique product with various plug options for use both domestically and internationally.

Featuring a small and compact design, this mat is ideal for establishing grounding as a habit. Moreover, GroundingWell holds a strong commitment to quality, delivering resistant materials against overheating or malfunctioning.

The brand claims that it can be utilized to manage various health concerns, including fatigue, muscle discomfort, or stress. While research is still ongoing on the potential benefits of this product, some evidence suggests that it may have a positive outlook on self-reported pain and stress during sleep.

The mat is available for $139 and includes a cord, converter, and instructional guide. They also have a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Who is it for?

If you are seeking a portable and small mat, GroundingWell™ Mat may be a good choice. Its flexible and easy-to-use nature can make this option suitable for those traveling internationally and domestically, as the mat includes various plugs that adapt to diverse locations.

What do users like?

GroundingWell™ Mat has a good reputation among its customers online, particularly on Trustpilot, where users praise its effectiveness and support for sleep issues. Reviewers on the GroundingWell website share similar sentiments, reporting that the product contributed to relief from inflammation, improved energy levels, and overall rest.

What do users dislike?

In our research on GroundingWell™ Mat, we noticed that while most users were satisfied with the product, there were notable complaints about shipping and customer service. On Trustpilot and Amazon, users reported shipping delays, unanswered emails, and undelivered products.

About GroundingWell

GroundingWell delivers a wide range of grounding mats, sheets, and other products to harness Earth's natural energy. Their user-friendly designs and long-lasting materials make this brand the perfect option for beginners in the grounding market.

We particularly like that GroundingWell is heavily rooted in science as they showcase research papers and collaborate with professionals in the field. This commitment and love are also portrayed in the brand’s documentary about the benefits of long-term grounding, an innovative way to expand knowledge about this ancient practice.

Pros and cons

Our verdict

The GroundingWell™ Mat may be one of the best companions to take grounding on the go. Its blend of high-quality materials, comfort, and compact design make it a perfect match for work, sleep, or exercise — that's why it has become one of our favorite mats.

Moreover, the positive reviews of this product highlight the brand’s commitment to quality, with multiple users sharing positive experiences about the product. For all of these reasons, we had to include this outstanding product in our ranking.

4. Earthing Harmony — best grounding mat to rest and recover

Earthing Harmony’s website rating — 4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trustpilot rating — no reviews

Earthing Harmony Grounding & Earthing Universal Mat

Earthing Harmony's Grounding & Earthing Universal Mat is crafted to seamlessly integrate into desks, beds, carpets, and almost any other surface, facilitating a direct connection between Earth’s natural energy and your body. Earthing Mat recommends its usage at the end of the day, particularly when your body needs more rest and recovery.

The brand states that this product may help with a diverse range of concerns including sleep, stress, pain, inflammation, and overall wellness. These claims are currently under research, with various studies that point out the anti-inflammatory and potential pain-relieving properties of continuous grounding.

This mat is also convenient and easy to use, with a specialized cord that just requires plugging to start the grounding session.

It is available for $89.90 and includes a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Who is it for?

Many grounding brands offer mats for the bed or for practicing activities like yoga; however, few provide smaller mats for working or simply resting your feet or arms. That’s why we have included the Grounding & Earthing Universal Mat, so you can enjoy grounding during different activities and locations.

What do users like?

Although we did not find reviews of this product on Amazon or Trustpilot, we came across numerous positive reviews on Earthing Harmony’s website. Most customers were satisfied with the product and expressed that it helped with swelling, low energy levels, and overall rest.

What do users dislike?

Earthing Harmony is a relatively small provider in the grounding sphere; therefore, many users have yet to discover this remarkable brand. This is reflected in the few positive reviews online and the absence of negative ones.

About Earthing Harmony

While we enjoy many aspects of Earthing Harmony, we are completely impressed by the quality of its materials. This brand uses fabrics such as cotton, creating a cozy and comfortable environment for those who practice daily grounding.

Moreover, we particularly like the use of natural silver yarn and the incorporation of grid weaving techniques to ensure maximum transfer of electrons from the Earth directly to your skin.

Lastly, Earthing Harmony designs its products free from harmful chemicals, ensuring they are gentle with skin sensitivities — an aspect that our team greatly values.

Pros and cons

Our verdict

We think that the Grounding & Earthing Universal Mat may be one of the best options for both beginners and experienced grounding enthusiasts. Its versatile design seamlessly integrates into chairs, desks, sofas, or any of your favorite locations to practice grounding, making sessions convenient and easy.

Moreover, we particularly enjoy Earthing Harmony's scientific approach to grounding, which relies on clinical studies and continuous collaboration with experts to understand better this ancient practice and its potential benefits.

5. Earth and Moon — best earthing mat with high-quality production practices

Amazon rating — 4.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trustpilot rating — no reviews

Earth and Moon Grounding Bed Mat

Many brands avoid disclosing information on the production standards of their mats, leaving customers in the dark about the overall quality of their purchase. Earth and Moon is determined to change this malpractice, providing their customers with open transparency about the manufacturing and testing of their devices.

The brand claims that the safety of its customers always comes first, delivering a top-notch product that does not run on electricity and features a tester to ensure it is properly grounded.

Earth and Moon's mat not only prioritizes safety but also comfort — delivering a convenient and versatile mat for bed. Users are encouraged to establish grounding as a habit, sleeping or relaxing throughout the day and adapting usage time based on their preferences.

It is available for $149.99 and includes a grounding pad, grounding cable, USA safety adaptor, and 1 outlet tester. The product is available with a lifetime warranty and a 90-day return policy.

Who is it for?

If you are weary about the conductivity of your grounding mat, Earth and Moon's mat may be the perfect choice for you. Prioritizing quality and safety, it features a tester to ensure proper conductivity and grounding. Additionally, it's full-size design makes it a great match for couples.

What do users like?

Looking into Earth and Moon's reviews, we were very pleased to discover that this mat did not only impress our team but also many customers online. Boasting a 4-star rating on Amazon, many reviewers recommend this mat and highlight its effectiveness in sleep quality and energy levels.

What do users dislike?

While many users enjoy and recommend this mat, other customers are not as satisfied with the product. Some reviewers note the mat can be uncomfortable at night, particularly due to its plastic feel and excessive heat.

About Earth and Moon

Founded in 2019, Earth and Moon specializes in affordable grounding solutions to elevate well-being. Their mission is to bridge the gap between nature and modern life, aiming to help individuals reconnect with Earth and achieve their best version.

We particularly enjoy this brand's transparency on the quality and sourcing of the mats, utilizing durable materials that reduce waste and withstand the test of time.

Lastly, our team also appreciates Earth and Moon’s commitment to science, supporting the benefits of their products with scientific research. Additionally, they avoid using plastic in their packaging, which is another great plus.

Pros and cons

Our verdict

We consider the Grounding Mat for Bed (Size Full) a unique product in our ranking, particularly suitable for couples or beginners in the grounding sphere.

The transparency behind Earth and Moon has surprised our team, especially since they are not one of the big players in the grounding market. Additionally, we also appreciate their commitment to sustainability, utilizing high-quality, durable materials and plastic-free packaging.

Finally, we have selected this product for its positive feedback, with numerous users noting improvements in their sleep.

6. Hooga — best grounding mattress for yoga

Amazon rating — 4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trustpilot rating — 3.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hooga Grounding Yoga Mat

If you are looking for a versatile grounding mat for yoga sessions, your workplace, or simply to relax, the Hooga Grounding Yoga Mat may be a good match. Boasting a 71-inch long by 24-inch wide design, this mat is extra large to accommodate various activities and body types.

This grounding mat is crafted with durable materials, including high-quality SBR foam and conductive carbon vegan leather. Moreover, it is also designed to be skin-friendly, making it free from PVC and latex. The mat features an anti-skid surface, which is particularly beneficial if you will be exercising on the mat.

Hooga is portable and convenient to take on the go, becoming a great option for travel enthusiasts. Moreover, it is FDA-classified as a Class 2 medical device.

It is available for $89 and includes a 3-year warranty policy.

Who is it for?

If you are an exercise enthusiast looking to combine grounding and fitness, this mat may be a great choice. Its extra-large design accommodates diverse activities, and its soft vegan leather creates a comfortable environment to practice your favorite workouts.

What do users like?

Hooga, along with Earthing, is one of the most well-known brands in our ranking. Due to its popularity, the sheer volume of reviews made it difficult for our team to pinpoint its key pros and cons. Fortunately, most reviews about the product turned out positive, highlighting that the mat improves sleep, enhances relaxation, and feels great during meditation and yoga.

What do users dislike?

On the downside, some reviewers on Amazon expressed discontent with the product. The most common complaints are that the mat is too slippery and the connector frequently malfunctions.

About Hooga

Hooga is a wellness company that offers tech devices for a holistic approach to health, delivering red light therapy, far infrared, grounding, blue-blocking, color therapy, and PEMF products.

We enjoy Hooga’s commitment to customers, which includes extensive warranty policies and easy returns and refunds. Moreover, we enjoy its efforts to make products more accessible, such as HSA and FSA eligibility, as well as discounts for students, seniors, and military personnel.

Pros and cons

Our verdict

In conclusion, we consider Hooga’s mat a great incorporation to the shelf of any fitness enthusiast. Its long-lasting and comfortable design is an aspect that both our team and reviewers appreciate, earning it a spot in our ranking.

We also highly value Hooga’s transparency and commitment in the grounding market, ensuring the mat is accessible and of high quality for customers.

7. ATE Health — best affordable grounding mat

Amazon rating — 4.2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trustpilot rating — no reviews

ATE Health Grounding Mat Kit -Universal Grounding Mat

While the market is experiencing a grounding mat blossoming, not many providers deliver premium products considering diverse budget profiles. Consequently, many may find the world of grounding unaccessible. ATE Health aims to defy current pricing expectations, delivering an eco-friendly mat that unites affordability and quality alike.

The brand claims that the product can be an optimal way to enhance well-being and address various health concerns. While grounding properties are still under study, an RCT from 2019 has shed light on its potential to assist with pain and overall improvement in life quality.

The mat is available for $39.99 and includes a mat, grounding cord, wristband, and user’s guide.

Who is it for?

This mat may be a good match for eco-friendly enthusiasts looking for an affordable yet high-quality product. Its compact and portable design also makes it ideal for travelers or grounding aficionados who enjoy taking their mat anywhere they go.

What do users like?

Despite being a relatively small player in the grounding landscape, ATE Health's good reputation is spreading quickly. With very positive reviews on Amazon, this mat is highly praised for improving pain and energy levels. Moreover, users note that it is very easy to install and use.

What do users dislike?

While many users enjoy ATE Health’s grounding mat, a few have expressed dissatisfaction with the product, noting issues with the cables and an unusual smell upon unpacking.

About ATE Health

Although we enjoy ATE Health's grounding mat, we did not find manage to find much information about the creators behind the product.

This provider only sells grounding devices on Amazon and other retailers' websites and does not seem to provide any information about the founders, mission, or behind-the-scenes of the product.

Pros and cons

Our verdict

Although we couldn't find much information about the creators of this grounding mat, we really enjoy its compact and easy-to-use design. We consider that it can be a great match for travelers and eco-friendly lovers.

Furthermore, its positive reviews highlight the quality and effectiveness of this mat, making it a remarkable choice in our list. Its affordability further enhances its appeal, making it accessible for diverse budgets.

8. NIULAFR — best grounding mat for those with time scarcities

Amazon rating — 4.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trustpilot rating — no reviews

NIULAFR Grounding Mat

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, NIULAFR offers the perfect companion for those with time scarcities. Crafted for both beginners and grounding experts, this mat is convenient to use in various settings.

NIULAFR suggests that the mat may be a potential ally to improve mental and physical health, especially if it's combined with a balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. These claims have demonstrated some validity in the science field, with some studies pointing to a reduction of stress, improvement of heart rate variability, and relief of muscle tension after grounding.

It is available for $22.28 and comes in various size options.

Who is it for?

NIULAFR’s mat is easy to clean and crafted with anti-slip materials, making it the ultimate grounding mat for relaxation and work. Moreover, its user-friendly design makes it an excellent choice for both beginners and experts in the grounding sphere.

What do users like?

The reviews of this mat are mostly positive, especially on Amazon. Users report experiencing better sleep, calmness, and less stiffness in the body. Additionally, some reviewers share that the mat is flexible and suitable for a wide range of surfaces.

What do users dislike?

On the downside, some users disliked the design of the product, finding it excessively thin and fragile. Also, a few comments mentioned the device broke down or malfunctioned after some usage.


NIULAFR is determined to re-establish the unique connection between humans and Earth. With this purpose, it offers a vast selection of grounding devices, including sheets, pillows, and mats, among others.

Although the brand does not have an online page, its Amazon store includes a section where it explains its mission, the benefits of its products, and the type of materials used. This transparency is very refreshing on Amazon, as not many brands provide comprehensive information about their brand or products.

Pros and cons

Our verdict

Suitable for both beginners and experienced users, NIULAFR’s mat is a fantastic choice for practicing grounding while working, relaxing, or sleeping. Our team was really impressed by the flexibility of this device, making it easy to carry to the yoga studio, work, or wherever you choose to practice this habit.

Another aspect that we highly enjoyed about this mat is its affordable price, which makes it an accessible option for various budgets.

Best grounding mats 2024: comparison

ProductPriceMaterialsBest forProducts includedWarranty
Grooni Earthing$189.99Carbon infusedSleepingMat, ground checker, coil cord, and usability manual1 year
Earthing$140.00Polyurethane, resin, and carbonSleepingMat, coil cord, U.S. outlet checker, U.S. safety adapter, product tester, and ground rod1 year
GroundingWell$139.00Not specifiedWorking and relaxingMat, connection cord, grounding converter, and instructional guideN/A
Earthing Harmony$89.90Not specifiedWorking, relaxing, and exercisingMatN/A
Earth and Moon$149.99Not specifiedSleeping and relaxingGrounding pad, grounding cable, USA safety adaptor, and 1 outlet testerLifetime warranty
Hooga$89.00SBR foam and conductive carbon vegan leatherExercise, work, and relaxationGrounding mat and grounding cord3 year
ATE Health$39.99Leather, SBR foamWorking Mat, grounding cord, grounding wristband, user’s guideN/A
NIULAFR$22.28Vinyl-free PU resin, conductive carbonExercise and workGrounding wire, multimeter, and matN/A

Why is Earthing & Grounding Sleeping Bed Mat Double the best?

Our team faced numerous challenges in selecting and ranking the providers in this list. Each product shined for something unique and remarkable; however, the Earthing & Grounding Sleeping Bed Mat Double quickly emerged as our favorite choice. Its exceptional versatility, comfort, and strong reputation earned this mat a well-deserved top position in our article.

This mat does not only stand out for its high quality but also for its usability throughout the year, addressing common concerns such as excessive heating or discomfort associated with other mats. Furthermore, it is free from toxic materials, providing a peaceful and gentle grounding experience with the skin.

Lastly, its variety of size options and positive user feedback were decisive factors that convinced us that this mat deserved to be praised and recognized as a leading product on the market.

What are the benefits of a grounding mat?

Grounding mats have recently stormed the market with many reports of pain relief, reduced inflammation, enhanced mood, and overall improvement of life quality. However, these claims have only been self-reported, leading many to wonder, “Do grounding mats work?”.

We have explored scientific consensus on the matter, elucidating the following benefits:

  • Pain. Grounding has been hypothesized to deliver a myriad of benefits to the body, particularly when it comes to pain. Several studies have analyzed the relationship between these two aspects, linking grounding to positive outlooks on the overall reduction of pain. A study on therapy massagists suggested that grounding could assist with pain, as well as induce relaxation and increase mood. Another study also discovered subjective decreased levels of nighttime pain during sleep, helping individuals increase overall performance during the daytime.
  • Inflammation. Inflammation has rapidly become the center of scientific research regarding grounding, with several studies pointing out that it may have beneficial effects on well-being. While research is still ongoing, there has been some evidence suggesting that the cardinal signs of inflammation are reduced or eliminated over time, with several markers improved and potentially quicker wound healing.
  • Mood. Some reports have linked exposure to nature and grounding with mood, with a study from 2015 with 40 adult participants elucidating that 1 hour of grounding improved overall mood in participants.
  • Sleep. While further research is needed to grasp the relationship between sleep and grounding, some experiments have pointed out beneficial effects of grounding in sleep. Moreover, a study with 12 individuals in 2004 associated grounding with a decrease in cortisol levels and self-reported sleep and stress improvement.

Safety considerations and precautions

While many flock from page to page, seeking the best grounding mat, their safety and precautions are often overlooked. Additionally, grounding devices are relatively new on the market, and further long-term studies are needed to evaluate their overall safety and efficacy.

Nonetheless, we have compiled some hazards associated with these mats so you can focus on what truly matters — connection with nature:

  • Interference with medical devices. Grounding mats' electrical currents may interfere with the functioning of certain devices. For this reason, individuals with a health condition should consult with their doctor about the usage of grounding mats.
  • Electric shock. Even though grounding mats are generally safe, it is essential to follow certain precautions upon their usage, especially when installing the device for the first time. You may want to consider a grounding tester to ensure the electrical outlet is optimal for your new mat. If still in doubt, consulting with the provider is a must to prevent any adverse events operating the device.
  • Allergies. Certain materials may cause allergic reactions or skin discomfort in certain individuals. A careful review of the materials should be considered to ensure the overall safety of the mat.

Even though grounding mats may be an optimal way to connect with nature, their full potential is still unknown. For this reason, they should not be used to treat any conditions or health concerns. Always consult with your healthcare provider on the use of these devices for your specific needs.

Best grounding mat 2024: conclusion

Many cultures have practiced grounding for centuries, reporting several physical and mental advantages. While research is still underway to elucidate the effectiveness of this technique, devices such as grounding mats have become increasingly popular, particularly in today’s world, where many find it almost impossible to have direct contact with Earth’s surface.

Furthermore, some initial evidence has shed light on the potential of these devices to create electrical balance — unraveling as a promising aid to assist with inflammation, pain relief, stress, sleep problems, and overall well-being.

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Earthing is one of the most renowned and acclaimed brands in the grounding community. Highly praised on Trustpilot, Amazon, or Reddit, it's clear that this mat is the number one option for many grounding lovers.

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