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Stress Relief Products of 2024: Top Recommendations

As of 2024, the market offers myriad stress relief products for adults, including apps, devices, supplements, and even bedding. Whether you are looking for daily tranquility, restful night’s sleep, or support in coping with anxiety symptoms, you can find your favorite from our list of the 10 top-rated stress-relief products.

Go ahead and read our review of the items to discover the one that aligns with your goals and budget while also having the potential to aid in stress relief.

Stress relief products: a shortlist

  1. Sens.ai — best at-home stress relief device
  2. BATCH — best CBD product for relaxation
  3. Puffy — best relaxing weighted blanket for adults
  4. Sensa — best app for mental health
  5. Nurosym — best clinically-validated device to relieve stress
  6. Future Kind + — best supplement for stress management
  7. Apollo — best wearable for improving resilience to stress
  8. NuLeaf — best CBD gummies for stress relief
  9. Quiet Mind — best weighted pillow for relieving anxiety
  10. Nature’s Craft — best price for a product for stress relief

How did we compile our list of stress relief products?

We've curated our list of the best stress relief products by applying 6 criteria, accompanied by a thorough evaluation of the items conducted by the Healthnews research team.

Product typeDevices, supplements, apps, bedding
CompositionScience-backed formulas and design
SafetyUser data security, manufacturing standards, and testing
Customer reviewsUser feedback regarding quality
PriceReasonably priced
  • Product type. We have reviewed items that help relieve stress from various categories, including apps, devices, supplements, and bedding, allowing you to choose the product most suitable to your preferences.
  • Composition. Our primary focus was on the scientific evidence regarding the effects and formula of these products. Each product stands apart with its unique composition, quality criteria, potential benefits, usage, and convenience.
  • Safety. Safety refers to user data security measures, adherence to manufacturing standards, and comprehensive testing procedures, contributing to the reliability of our products.
  • Customer reviews. We considered user feedback for the products on our list to obtain valuable insights into product quality, as well as brand transparency and communication with its customers.
  • Price. The prices of stress relief products vary based on their type and suggested effects. We focused on selecting products offering reasonable pricing, ensuring wider accessibility.

Top picks of stress relief products: overview

The following section is dedicated to a detailed overview of our top picks for the best products for stress relief in 2024. Based on the criteria mentioned above, we identified the products based on their usage intention and specific quality features, scientific evidence behind their suggested benefits, and pros and cons.

1. Sens.ai — best at-home stress relief brain-training device

Sens.ai Headset

Sens.ai is a 5-in-1 brain training system combining neurofeedback, light stimulation technology, brain function assessment, heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback, and meditation.

Connect your Sens.ai device to the app, which is available for Android and iOS, and choose one of the three core modes. The “Train” mode uses HRV and neurofeedback to train for your desired outcome, for example, enhanced relaxation. “Boost” mode uses light stimulation to potentially enhance your cognitive function and mood.

The “Boost” and “Train” modes together have over 12 programs and meditation sessions to choose from, including those for clarity and calmness. Finally, the “Assess” mode tracks your brainwave activity when processing new information in order to help you ascertain that training is working.

Additionally, people seeking relaxation may benefit from the other tab called “Mission” — a guided course of training lasting from 3 to 8 weeks.

Although there is no data or clinical study on the effects of this device, several studies demonstrate the potential benefits of meditation, neurofeedback, and HRV training for stress management.

Once you order your Sens.ai for $1500, you will receive a headset package with a GeniusPulse Controller™, power adapters, and a travel bag. The app is available for a free 60-day membership.

2. BATCH — best CBD oil product for relaxation


If you are seeking natural relaxation products, you might enjoy BATCH Original CBD tincture, which is praised for its potentially calming properties by the customers and the provider. For someone who is new to CBD oils, the slight hint of the mint flavor may make it more enjoyable to consume.

Although the scientific findings regarding CBD’s stress-reducing benefits are still mixed, available evidence shows that it may have some anxiolytic effects in some people.

BATCH Original is a full-spectrum CBD oil, meaning it contains terpenes, scarce amounts of THC (<0.3%), and other cannabinoids — inducing the famous “entourage effect” for suggested relaxation and relief.

The Original CBD oil is a flagship product in BATCH's portfolio, crafted from all-natural ingredients in the USA, specifically in Wisconsin. The CBD products are developed by in-house chemists, and the final manufacturing takes place in cGMP-certified facilities.

BATCH provides a range of CBD concentrations, including 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000 mg per 1 oz (30 ml) bottle. If you're new to CBD, the 500 mg option might be the ideal starting point, delivering 13 mg of CBD with each 1-dropper serving.

The one time-purchase of 500 mg BATCH Original CBD tincture is $44.99 ($0.74 per serving).

3. Puffy — best weighted blanket for stress relief in adults

Puffy Deluxe Weighted Blanket

Getting sustainable, restorative sleep may be one of the solutions when it comes to stress relief. Thus, choosing a Puffy Deluxe weighted blanket can be a step forward to a quality night's sleep for stress relief in adults.

There is emerging evidence supporting the therapeutic benefits of weighted blankets in reducing anxiety symptoms with the sensation of a gentle hug. The designers of the Puffy Deluxe blanket incorporated nano-ceramic beads to provide gentle pressure stimulation for calming the nervous system and improving sleep quality.

The Puffy Deluxe weighted blanket stands out as an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin because it is made with hypoallergenic materials. The blanket has a dual-sided design, offering a cotton side for a cooling effect and a plush micro mink side for warmth.

Currently, the provider offers 2 size selections with the following dimensions:

  • Twin — 48"W x 72"L (121.92 cm x 182.88 cm) and 15 lbs (6 kg)
  • Queen — 60"W x 80"L (52.4 cm x 203.2 cm) and 15 lbs (6 kg)

Depending on the chosen size, the Puffy Deluxe weighted blanket will cost $149 or $179, respectively.

4. Sensa — best mental health app to help manage stress

Sensa.Health app + desktop

Sensa is among the top-rated stress management apps, providing habit-forming strategies and exercises for assessing and improving mental health. In addition to meditation sessions and mood tracking, the app may support psychological well-being through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises.

A pilot cohort study on Sensa's effectiveness indicates that prolonged use of the app may lead to reduced anxiety and stress symptoms. While these benefits are likely linked to the integration of CBT techniques, further in-depth research is necessary to substantiate these claims.

The Sensa app is available for both Android and iOS users. The fact that the app does not contain interactive, video or audio educational materials may be a drawback for some people. Yet, individuals practicing journaling and planning their day ahead may enjoy the integrated features of the application. Among them, you can find quick relief exercises, including breathing and other mindfulness exercises.

The Sensa app offers 3 subscription plans with the following pricing:

  • 1-month plan — $29.99, billed monthly
  • 3-month plan — $59.97, billed every 3 months ($19.99 per month)
  • 6-month plan — $89.94, billed every 6 months ($14.99 per month)

5. Nurosym — best clinically validated device to help relieve stress

Nurosym device

Nurosym is a transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation (taVNS) device designed with a collaboration of world-leading research centers. It is studied for its potential effectiveness in stress, anxiety, and depression symptom reduction, as well as sleep quality improvement.

Nurosym is designed to stimulate the vagus nerve, the main nerve in the parasympathetic nervous system, playing an important role in stress and anxiety management. In the study where Nurosym was used, it was demonstrated to improve long-COVID symptoms, including fatigue, stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms.

If you order today, you will receive the pack with the Nurosym neuromodulation system, earpiece, charger, case, and quick-start guide. Additionally, you can order an extra earpiece, a charger, and a travel felt case.

Prior to using the device, consult your healthcare provider, especially if you have underlying medical conditions, to minimize potential side effects. While the stress management device incorporates safety features, it is crucial to read the instructions before use.

Nurosym costs €699, which is a reasonable price compared to other VNS devices. Also, considering that it went through multiple clinical trials and is a certified medical device, the price is justified.

6. Future Kind + — best plant-based supplement for stress management

Future Kind Super Plant Complex

Future Kind + Super Plant Complex comprises 9 medicinal herbs, some showing promise in stress relief. The brand highlights the synergistic effects of the Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha and Rhodiola rosea, known for their suggested anxiolytic and adaptogenic properties.

According to a review paper of studies, supplementation with Ashwagandha may show some anxiolytic and stress-reducing qualities, as evidenced by both animal and human studies. Additionally, data suggests that Rhodiola rosea may suppress some physical changes in the body, such as a rise in cortisol in response to stress.

The developers behind Future Kind + are committed to eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan supplement development. The supplements are free from major allergens and GMOs. The brand holds a Corp B Certificate for transparency and quality.

Future Kind + Super Plant Complex is said to be third-party tested and manufactured in FDA-approved cGMP manufacturing sites.

Select from 30, 90, and 180-day supplies, with one-time purchase prices set at $24.99, $74.97, and $149.94, respectively.

7. Apollo — best wearable for improving the body’s resilience to stress


Apollo is a wearable claimed to improve the body’s resilience to stress, as observed in a study with athletes. The mechanism of action is based on the soothing vibrations that are suggested to send specific signals to the body to relax.

You must use the free Apollo Neuro app to control the wearable’s vibration intensity, duration, and more. The app is accessible for Android and iOS users and is compatible with other devices and apps, such as Oura Ring or Apple Health.

Thanks to its design, Apollo may be a comfortable stress relief product for work, people leading active lifestyles, or those expecting to integrate it with health-tracking apps.

Apollo can be worn on the wrist or ankle and comes with a medium size band, while larger and smaller sizes are available for separate orders. The wearable is also available in 3 colors.

Order your Apollo today at $349.99, which includes access to the Apollo Neuro app, 1 medium band, 1 Apollo clip, and a Micro-USB charging cord.

8. NuLeaf — best CBD gummies for pain and stress relief

NuLeaf CBD Gummies

NuLeaf is yet another leading CBD brand on our list, this time offering the proposed cannabidiol benefits in the form of gummies. As supported by the customer reviews, this product may deliver some effects for not only stress but also pain relief.

CBD oil's earthy taste may not be palatable for many, and some individuals may find it challenging to swallow capsules or softgels. Therefore, NuLeaf's CBD gummies provide an alternative option with organic flavors — lemon, blueberry, orange, and strawberry.

Currently, this potentially stress-relieving product is available in two bottle sizes for 30 and 45 servings. While they come in concentrations of 900 mg and 1350 mg of cannabidiol, respectively, each serving of 2 gummies from NuLeaf provides a consistent 30 mg of CBD, regardless of the concentration.

NuLeaf gummies incorporate full-spectrum CBD derived from organically-grown hemp plants. The company utilizes supercritical CO2 extraction methods to obtain a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils.

Depending on the selected bottle size, the prices for NuLeaf CBD oil range from $49–$69.

9. Quiet Mind — best weighted pillow for relieving anxiety symptoms

Quiet Mind Original Weighted Pillow

Quiet Mind weighted pillow stands as a unique approach towards stress and anxiety management. As the provider states, “from your couch to your bed to your lap,” this huggable pillow may help you relax and calm your wandering mind.

Quiet Mind weighted pillows are filled with eco-friendly recycled glass beads for Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) — potentially relieving stress and anxiety symptoms and having some effects on sustained focus.

The outer cover of the pillow is machine-washable, made of hypoallergenic materials, and soft to the skin. For hot sleepers, the pillow’s cooling properties may become beneficial.

You can order your Quiet Mind weighted pillow in 3 available sizes and 4 colors. Depending on the size, the price for a one-time purchase ranges between $179 and $199.

10. Nature’s Craft — best price for a natural product for stress relief and better sleep

Nature's Craft Ashwagandha

Compared to similar Ashwagandha supplements in the market, Nature’s Craft offers one that is reasonably priced, balancing quality and formula. Additionally, considering the brand’s testing, manufacturing, and sourcing processes, the product becomes more cost-effective.

Nature’s Craft Ashwagandha contains black pepper extract used to potentially improve the absorption of the main active compound. Taking 2 capsules daily delivers 1300 mg of organic Ashwagandha powder.

This supplement may be suitable for people seeking a formula with minimal ingredients yet science-backed effects on stress management, sleep, and cognitive support. Besides including only 2 compounds, Nature’s Craft Ashwagandha contains no fillers, preservatives, or unnecessary additives.

Ashwagandha by Nature’s Craft is manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities in the USA and is said to be third-party tested.

The one-time purchase of a bottle containing 60 capsules for 30 servings is $14.55 ($0.48 per serving).

Comparison of stress relief products

BrandProduct typePricePrice per serving*Money-back guarantee***Main suggested benefits
Sens.aiBrain training neurofeedback device$1,500N/A30-day return policyEnhanced relaxation, clarity and calmness, improved mood and cognitive function
BATCHCBD oil$44.99**$0.7430-day return policyImproved relaxation and sleep, possible pain relief
PuffyWeighted blanket$127.00**N/A101-night sleep trialQuality sleep, stress and anxiety relief
SensaApplication1 month: $29.99,
3 months: $59.97,
6-months: $59.97
N/ANoneMood tracking, reduction of stress and anxiety symptoms
NurosymtaVNS device€699,00N/A30-day money-back guaranteeStress, anxiety, and depression symptom reduction, sleep quality improvement.
Future Kind +Supplement$24.99**$0.8330-day money-back guaranteeAnxiolytic effects and sleep improvement
ApolloWearable device$349.00N/A30-day money-back guaranteeImproved resilience to stress, stress relief through vibrations
NuLeafCBD gummies$49.00**$1.6330-day money-back guaranteePain reduction, better sleep, and stress management
Quiet MindWeighted pillow$179.00**N/A30-day return policyreduction of anxiety and stress symptoms, better sleep, prolonged focus
Nature’s CraftSupplement$14.55$0.4830-day return policyBetter sleep, stress relief

* — price per serving is specific for supplements.

** — prices vary depending on the product and serving size selections.

*** — the refund policy is applicable to unopened and unused products only.

Factors to consider when choosing stress relief products

The primary step is talking to your healthcare provider for more personalized help prior to buying stress relief devices, supplements, and more. After consultation, desiring to experience more benefits of relaxation items, consider the following factors:

  • Health status. Identify the possible underlying health concerns related to or triggered by stress to select the product that aligns with your health status.
  • Desired goals. Before buying items to relieve stress, assess stressors and choose a product that has scientific evidence to support the management of anxiety, sleep issues, or physical tension.
  • Ease of use. Select relaxation products that don't add stress during adjustment. Select user-friendly devices or apps, supplements with clear administration instructions, and bedding items that are both hypoallergenic and comforting.
  • Compatibility. If you are trying to combine stress management devices, supplements, or apps with physical therapy sessions or other relaxation activities, explore the compatibility of these approaches.

Exploring the mechanisms of stress relief products

Our list of top-rated products ranges from stress relief gadgets, mental therapy apps, and bedding to supplements. Let’s explore their mechanisms of action below.

  • Ashwagandha's mechanism of action is debated, yet recent meta-analyses link its effects to stress reduction. Limited scientific evidence suggests Ashwagandha supplements might contribute to better sleep, which is crucial for stress management.
  • CBD, renowned for self-reported stress relief, acts by inhibiting CB1 and CB2 receptors, potentially inducing anxiolytic effects. Still, study results are mixed. Moreover, varying formulations, THC amounts, and individual responses may yield different effects.
  • Devices for stress relief have diverse mechanisms, and their effects vary depending on several factors. Vagus nerve stimulation devices show promise in reducing stress and anxiety, influencing the autonomic nervous system, and enhancing heart rate variability (HRV) to help manage stress. Other gadgets may help promote focus and a calmer mind by utilizing neurofeedback and heart rate variability training.
  • Apps for stress management are often designed based on scientific evidence. They provide numerous tools, mindfulness, and relaxation exercises, as well as sessions with therapists to help tackle stress.
  • Weighted bedding is often used for therapeutic purposes, including improved emotional regulation. In a study focusing on stress during dental treatment, the use of weighted blankets showed the potential to calm participants. Yet, more quality studies are needed to define the underlying mechanisms of weighted bedding items for stress relief.

Seeking professional guidance for optimal stress relief

With the aim towards effective stress management, professional guidance is paramount. You should rely on the expertise of therapists and healthcare providers to help you understand the origins and nuanced aspects of stress.

Professional guidance ensures you get personalized recommendations based on possible health conditions and can assist in the selection of the best stress relief products.

Note that severe stress or anxiety symptoms should be addressed with a health practitioner, and someone with a medical history of mental disorders (e.g., generalized anxiety disorder) should be aware that these stress-relief items do not exchange regular treatment.

Concluding thoughts on selecting stress relief product

In conclusion, the process of selecting a stress relief product involves careful consideration of quality factors. While the market offers a wide range of relaxation items, from gadgets to supplements, the key is choosing the best options for one's specific needs and goals.

Professional guidance can provide valuable insights into identifying the intrinsic and extrinsic stressors for a more personalized approach. Therapists can also recommend the best products for stress management.

Other products reviewed for their suggested effects on stress relief

Check out our selection of the best CBD products in 2024 for stress.

Try Ashwagandha gummies for stress as an alternative to capsules.

Select your supplement for stress relief, ranging from magnesium to herbal formulas.

Read our review of the CBD gummies for stress and anxiety to pick your favorite.


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