A Dietician's Advice on the 'Sleepy Girl Mocktail'

TikTok users swear by the “sleepy girl mocktail,” a non-alcoholic beverage that supposedly acts as a sleep aid.

If you spend any time at all on TikTok, chances are good you’ve seen videos of women in their bathrobes drinking dark red elixirs from massive wine glasses. But it’s not red wine they’re drinking — it’s the “sleepy girl mocktail.”

The beverage, which consists of magnesium powder, tart cherry juice, and sparkling water, is said to be a natural sleep inducer. Thousands of TikToks have been made about the drink, and many now swear by it as a vital part of their nightly routine.


Sleepy girl (& boy) mocktail for your best nights sleep 😴

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How does the 'sleepy girl mocktail' work?

To make a "sleepy girl mocktail," you must use magnesium bisglycinate or glycinate powder. This helps to ignite the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of the nervous system that helps your body calm down and relax, according to registered dietician Taylor Grasso. Be careful not to use magnesium citrate, however, which can create a laxative effect.

Some users on TikTok have claimed that the beverage hurt their stomachs or gave them diarrhea, and Grasso says this is likely because they used magnesium citrate instead of bisglycinate or glycinate.

“Choosing the right magnesium, and specifically a high-quality third party-tested magnesium, is important,” she tells Healthnews.

Grasso, who creates educational content about nutrition online, made a TikTok explaining the benefits of the "sleepy girl mocktail" about a week ago. It has since garnered more than 8k views.

@simplyhealthyrd Why the sleepy girl mocktail is actually benefitting you from a dietitian - plus how to choose a magnesium that won’t make you 💩 your pants 😂 #sleepygirlmocktail #tartcherryjuice #drinkpoppi #magnesium #magnesiumbenefits #magnesiumglycinate #dietitian #dietitiansoftiktok #mocktails ♬ original sound - Taylor Grasso, RD

The next ingredient in the beverage is tart cherry juice, or tart cherry concentrate diluted in water, which contains melatonin — the natural hormone that tells our body it’s time to sleep.


“What's cool is it's not like a melatonin pill where your body becomes reliant on it for sleep,” Grasso says. “It helps your body produce more of its own melatonin, which can improve sleep quality.”

The final ingredient can be any (ideally healthy) sparkling beverage of your choice, such as a prebiotic soda or bubbly water, as this one is simply for taste. It’s the magnesium and cherry juice that make the magic happen.

“These two ingredients help the body calm down, unwind, and recover, with the bonus of melatonin production which is the body's primary sleep hormone,” Grasso says.

Is the 'sleepy girl mocktail' for everyone?

Many people will likely derive some benefit from the beverage and drink it without issue, but there are some people who should beware of consuming it, Grasso says. Those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other gastrointestinal sensitivities may struggle with the magnesium, she explains, as well as the specific sugars that are in the tart cherries.

Those with insulin resistance, type 1, or type 2 diabetes may be more susceptible to blood sugar spikes.

“I'd recommend going low and slow with magnesium powder to start,” she says. “The sugars in tart cherry juice are naturally occurring and lower glycemic index than other fruit juices, but it's important to monitor spikes in blood sugar before bed.”


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