Amazon Pharmacy Announces Instant Savings on Insulin

Amazon says customers can purchase a variety of insulin brands for prices starting at $35 a month with the company's new automatic coupon technology.

On Tuesday, August 15, Amazon announced that customers using Amazon Pharmacy no longer have to search for or manually enter manufacturers' coupons when purchasing diabetes care products such as insulin. Instead, the company says the coupon savings will be automatically deducted from the cost.

This automated savings could lower the cost of insulin to $35 per month for some people.


Coupons from over 15 insulin manufacturers, including Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, and Sanofi, will automatically apply to customers' purchases. Products like insulin vials, pens, and continuous glucose monitors are also part of the new automatic coupon program.

Amazon says that while most people are familiar with manufacturer coupons, many find searching for or using them challenging. Therefore, around 85% of these coupons go unused. However, the company's new automatic coupon redemption technology will solve this problem and allow more people to take advantage of the cost savings.

"Automatically applying coupons allows patients to better access medications that are effective and affordable, and this combination can improve adherence and support better care," says Vin Gupta, chief medical officer of Amazon Pharmacy.

In addition to diabetes care, manufacturer-sponsored coupons are available for other products that treat obesity, COPD, and other health conditions. These may include medications like Wegovy and epinephrine.

Amazon pharmacy also offers free shipping on every order and additional savings for Prime members, including RxPass. People who sign up for RxPass pay one monthly price of $5 for eligible medications.

Andrew Vo, a pharmacist with the company says, "It's exciting to know that patients will now have instant access to discounts on many of the most commonly prescribed insulin brands and diabetes care products available. Plus, we are offering a broad selection that will support the needs of a wide patient population."

Still, Amazon notes that manufacturers decide which medications or products will have coupons and how customers can redeem them. So, coupon availability can change at any time.

In addition, the company says people who receive benefits from Medicaid, Medicare, and other state or federal healthcare programs are not eligible for manufacturer-sponsored coupons, even if they pay out of pocket for prescriptions.



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