Android Apps for New Year’s Resolutions Skim on Privacy Protection

Research reveals that most Android apps for keeping track of different New Year’s resolutions are asking for dangerous permissions.

Researchers at data privacy agent Incogni looked at 344 New Year’s resolution apps on Google Play Store across 16 categories, Cybernews reports.

Researchers evaluated the apps’ privacy protection level, what type of permissions users need to provide apps with, and if users are required to give ‘dangerous permissions.’ The Incogni team then gave each category a privacy risk score.

The weight loss app category performed the worst receiving the most points for bad privacy practices, followed by decorating and renovating, exercising more, and spending less time on social media categories.

The Incogi research

According to the findings, the quitting smoking and reducing/stopping drinking resolution categories have the lowest privacy risk.

The research also reveals that 84% of all analyzed apps requested at least one dangerous permission, meaning they give access to private user data or even control over the device.


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