Australia’s Health Insurance Company Hit by Cyberattack

Medibank, one of Australia’s largest health insurance companies, has taken some of its systems offline after being targeted by a cyberattack.

Earlier this week, Medibank, a private health insurance company with almost four million users, recorded unusual activity on its network, according to

There is no evidence that customer data has been accessed, Medibank said in a statement released on Thursday, but it continues the investigation. In addition, the company has begun contacting its customers.

“We confirm we have successfully taken offline the ahm and international student policy systems and its data, and we are in the process of methodically and safely restarting the systems,” the statement says.

Medibank has spoken with the Australian Cyber Security Centre, APRA, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, Private Health Insurance Ombudsman, the Department of Health, and the Department of Home Affairs.

Over the last two months, two of the largest Australian telecom providers suffered cyber attacks resulting in data leaks, Cybernews reports. This pushed the Australian government to revisit the country’s privacy laws, with the aim of reducing the amount of private information companies hold on citizens.

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