Compass Medical Declares Unexpected Shutdown

Compass Medical sites have been shut down as of May 31, and both patients and staff are currently panicking over locating a new employment or primary care provider.

Compass Medical facilities have locations throughout the state of Massachusetts, including Braintree, East Bridgewater, Easton, Middleborough, Quincy, and Taunton. On May 31, staff members were advised during the morning meeting that all sites would close after the working day, according to a worker who answered the phone at the East Bridgewater location and spoke to NBC10 Boston.

The location in Quincy had a sign on the entrance stating that they were temporarily closed and that patients should make appointments at other places.


"We should have been given a heads up and patients should have been given a heads up, but I technically think this came down the pike so fast," says an anonymous Compass Medical employee.

The worker was an administrative assistant at Compass Medical in East Bridgewater and claims that leaving the facility after almost three years is distressing.

"Having the stability of getting up, going to work being with your friends and coworkers we were like a small little family," continues the Compass Medical employee.

Compass Medical posted an official statement on its website: "It is with our deepest regret and great sadness to inform you of our imminent plan to close our practices. After a steady stream of challenges, we were ultimately forced to make the devastating decision to close all offices of Compass Medical PC. effective immediately."

"There is no good way to share this news. We are heartbroken and truly sorry as we know the unprecedented impact on our valued patients."

The Compass Medical employee says the sudden closure is definitely "frustrating," but will take things one day at a time.

The urgent care and medical clinic group says to be aware of any future updates on their websites. As further details become available, they said they would update the page to reflect how patients can continue receiving treatment from their primary physician.

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